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Translation of "Thin? Thick" in Spanish

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Thin? Thick? -I do not know it anymore.

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In contrast to? Thin, thick or little.
When you lose a lot of weight, the brain reacts as if you were starving, regardless of whether you did before thin or thick your brain's response is exactly the same.
Si pierdes mucho peso, tu cerebro interpreta que estás sufriendo de hambruna y sin importar si iniciaste gordo O flaco la respuesta cerebral es la misma.
Let's go ahead and look for a big, small, thin, thick dark man who may or may not carry a sword.
Empecemos buscando a un hombre alto bajo, gordo, flaco que es oscuro que puede o no portar una espada.
Men, women, old, young, thin, thick.
Tokyo Tatsukawa is through with Tamao thick and thin went.
Tokyo Tatsukawa ha vivido mucho con Serizawa y es su mano derecha.
Thick or thin... the man cannot act.
Man, this car is through with him thick and thin went.
By Thick and Thin Chet was the only one who always stood by me.
En todo este tiempo, Chet es el único amigo que siempre ha estado a mi lado.
It is long and can vary depending on the diameter of the intestine thin or thicker be.
Thick or thin... the man cannot act.
Por lo que es una pena que ambos tengamos que trabajar hasta tarde.
I went through with Ching Thick and Thin, he even risked his life for me.
Tú no puedes entender lo que había entre Shing y yo.
We're through together thick and thin went.
Whatever you want, big, small, thick, thin.
Puedes tenerla del tipo que desees: alta, baja, gorda, delgada.
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