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  • My shop: Over 8 million products on your mobile device

  • My info: Extensive detail pages, reading samples and trailers as well as everything you need to know about your favorite books

  • My search: Enter title, keyword, author or genre and find your desired product directly

  • My notepad: Scan or write down everything you like in the clearly arranged notepad

  • My order: Have your books and other products sent to your store or conveniently straight to your home

Let yourself be inspired - by the Orell Füssli BOOK COMPASS!

Our booksellers have read an infinite number of books, rated them and put them together in a meaningful way. You know exactly which books go particularly well together. True to the motto: "Who reads A will love B!" Recommendations are compiled for you, based not on lifeless algorithms, but on people who value books as much as you do.

Enter your current favorite book in the search field and be inspired by the wealth of personal recommendations. If you don't want to search yourself, simply click on the book - you can already browse through many suitable titles.

Your very own personal app

With the Orell Füssli app, you can now easily determine what is displayed on the home page. Tap the heart symbol and choose your favorite categories. The selected categories are displayed directly on the home page.

Create and share wishlist

You don't want to forget titles or products or keep them for a later date? No problem! With the practical memo, you can conveniently save everything you like in the Orell Füssli app. Of course, you can also scan products and thus integrate them on the notepad.

And with the new share function, you can easily send your notepad, for example as a wish list for gift ideas.

Ordering in your favorite branch is child's play

It has never been easier than with the new Orell Füssli app. Order your desired products conveniently on the go or at home in the app and have them simply sent to the nearest branch or directly to your home. With just a few taps of the finger, your desired products will land with you.

Do you have a favorite branch? Select your favorite branch in the Orell Füssli app and information such as availability will then be automatically displayed for your branch.

Follow booksellers and never miss a rating again

Do you have a favorite bookseller? Tap the heart symbol to always see the latest recommendations from your favorite bookseller directly on the start page.