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My first year in Germany - DAAD scholarship holders report

4/12 I like to study here


The building of the preparatory college of the Free University of Berlin is ideally suited for productive learning. The bright and comfortably furnished classrooms motivate me to be active in class, to concentrate and to listen to the lecturers.

Since I am preparing for university with the technology course at the preparatory college, everyday learning in the college is similar to that at school, although the level of our teaching is a bit higher. But that still means that all lessons take place in the same classroom, which has already become my second home.

For a more varied learning environment, I also like to visit the library on our campus. The calm atmosphere and the opportunity to deal with the content without disturbance make my learning easier and I am more productive there. Therefore, the preparatory college and the other buildings at the university represent a very positive learning space for me.

Juan Pablo

© Bauhaus-Universität Weimar, photo: Nathalie Mohadjer

In the last two months I have been preparing for the examination phase here in Weimar. My goal was to do at least one exercise every day, because I knew that I would deal with the main project of the semester later.

The first thing I wanted to do was do the exercises at home, because I thought I would have rest and study more there. However, in the end I decided against it. A study group with my fellow students formed spontaneously, and I immediately noticed that I was much more focused and motivated in the group.

We always used the seminar room as a place of learning, because we mostly worked on our projects in parallel. There was space for everyone, no matter how big the group was. I thought it was great to be able to learn as a group in a place where you can also be loud, because in the end we discussed a lot. In the library, for example, that would have been difficult.


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I am a person who keeps changing my favorite place to study to have different atmospheres. At the beginning of the first semester, of course, the first thing I was shown was the library and suggested for studying. And that's where my learning journey began.

The library at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) consists of three floors, which are completely filled with bookshelves, tables and chairs. I spent many hours there and consequently saw all floors. I've sat on each of them at least once. I found the study rooms on the third floor to be the most beautiful, as you can study there with friends and help each other without disturbing other fellow students.

Then I went to the study rooms of my faculty, economics. I didn't spend a lot of time there as it was usually very crowded and I didn't really like the atmosphere.
Then the Audimax came into play. This is the largest lecture hall at TUM. All my lectures take place there. This room is suitable for both lectures and learning. It has an upper floor, which is mostly empty and where you can study productively and with concentration. There is also the StuCafé. This is a café at the university, where you can eat and drink, meet friends, but also study.


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All of my lectures in the first semester take place in lecture hall 1. It is the largest lecture hall in the Theoretikum building, where pre-clinical students have their lectures.

There are also desks in front of the lecture hall, which are separated from one another by partitions. Because of this, they are one of my favorite places to study because I won't be distracted. In addition, the proximity to the lecture hall makes it a very practical place to learn before and after the lectures.

We are also allowed to study in the seminar rooms if they are unoccupied. Some anatomy seminar rooms are very well equipped, as relevant textbooks and models are also available there.

Two popular libraries for students at my faculty are in Neuenheimer Feld and in the old town. The library in Neuenheimer Feld is smaller than the one in the old town, but contains a greater variety of models of anatomical structures that are necessary to know and identify important structures. But I prefer to study in the old town library: It's very modern, cozy and also contains a whole collection of books.

If someone wants a place with a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, I would recommend going to Café Botanik. There you can discuss projects or lectures in groups or have a coffee while you study for yourself.