Why did you choose to cook?



What profession are you learning?
I am learning to cook in the first year of my apprenticeship.

What do you learn in this job?
Cooking - of course! The first year of the apprenticeship is about basic knowledge of my job. I am learning how to handle it
with food, get to know spices. Honestly, I've never heard some of them before. I learn where coffee and where tea is grown. How is breakfast prepared in a hotel, how is a menu planned, how is a buffet calculated? - Yes, as a cook you also have to be able to calculate. The block tuition in the vocational school gives you theoretical knowledge of the job. Hygiene and occupational safety naturally play a major role in my job - right from the start.

Why did you choose this job?
Even as a child, I stood next to my mom's stove and watched her cook. I just like preparing food for people. Cooking is fun for me.

What skills should you bring with you when you want to pursue this career?
As a cook you should be physically resilient and stress-resistant, but above all have a great interest in cooking. Anyone who does not have the passion and creativity in cooking can quickly lose heart. Cooks have to be flexible, if only because of the working hours, especially on weekends and public holidays. And in the kitchen it only works in a team, so a chef has to be able to work in a team and want to work with others.

How did you find your training company?
My friend's brother works as a chef here and approached me directly about it. After a one-month internship to “get a taste”, I decided to do a cooking apprenticeship here.

How long do you learn?
The apprenticeship as a chef lasts three years.

What tips would you give future trainees in your training occupation?
Bring interest and be prepared for flexible working hours. Find out about the job on the Internet beforehand, do internships beforehand, preferably in various restaurants. Get an overview. You have to want to become a chef. Keep yourself physically fit - the job is good for your feet, there are 6 to 7 kilometers a day.

How should your professional career continue after your apprenticeship?
Since I'm already a father, I would like to work in the kitchen of a care facility later because of the regular working hours.