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What can you do on Saturday evening? + Corona tips

Last Updated on: 27th October 2020, 09:55 am

You suffer from Saturday Night Fever, but you don't know what to do on Saturday, respectivelyDo it on Saturday night should you? No problem, because we deliver to you 11 excellent tips for your Saturday planning. Some of them can also be carried out in times of Corona.

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What can you do on a Saturday?

Do you ask yourself this question at regular intervals? No wonder, because the year has 52 (sometimes even 53) Saturdays and with a time span of just 6 days, the time for reflection is relatively short. Saturdays have so much potential because most of our fellow human beings don't have to work the next day and can therefore turn night into day. But you can also spend an exciting Saturday alone. Therefore, here are 11 great tips for the design of your Saturday (evening) s.

Tips for the current corona phase

1. Contactless sport

Depending on Weather on Saturday, is exercising outdoors a hot tip. If you are actually one of the few completely hobbyless people on this planet, then you might be inspired by our 44 ideas for a new hobby. I would particularly like to recommend the new trend sport padel to you. Padel is super easy to learn, looks incredibly spectacular and is a lot of fun. I don't know anyone who wasn't under the spell after the first attempt. If you don't believe me, the following video might convince you.

annotation: Outdoor sports are currently limited to 12 people and indoor to 6 people. Since you only need 4 players for padel, you are currently (!) Allowed to practice this sport.

You can play padel indoors, for example, in the City & Country Club on Wienerberg.

2. Karaoke

Karaoke! Yeah right. What was already a pleasure for Bill Murray and Scarlett Johansson in Tokyo could do for you too provide an unforgettable Saturday evening. Because karaoke bars are currently not allowed to be visited, you have to come with them Sing star take it at home. The main thing is that you and your audience are well entertained.

annotation: Karaoke can be great fun on your own!

3. Drive-in theater

Speaking of Scarlett Johansson: movie theater always works, of course. Of course, also on Saturday evening during the corona pandemic. If you want to be on the safe side, you don't go to a conventional cinema, but to a drive-in cinema. Because tickets are sold online (i.e. completely contactless) and are then scanned through the closed car window using a QR code. Thanks to its own radio frequency, the sound of the film shown can be heard on your own car radio. Unfortunately, Austria's only drive-in cinema goes into winter break on November 1st.

Contact:Drive-in cinema Vienna, 2301 Gross-Enzersdorf

Tips for the post-corona period

4. Go out for a romantic meal

Whether a date with an unknown Tinder acquaintance or a romantic dinner with your significant other, going out to eat in a romantic restaurant is always a successful idea. A Saturday evening is ideal for this endeavor. If you don't know any romantic restaurants, we have a small but fine selection of romantic restaurants in Vienna for you. The best restaurants with a view in Vienna and especially in summer the most beautiful and best restaurants on the water are also suitable for an unforgettable Saturday evening.

5. Swimming, thermal baths, wellness

In summer there are numerous outdoor pools available on Saturdays. But please don't get it wrong, "free" does not mean that they are free in this case. If you are getting tired of your regular outdoor pool and are longing for a change, we can recommend the Krapfenwaldbad, Laaerbergbad or Höpflerbad.

For the winter, is a Wellness day in a thermal bath maybe the better alternative. Some thermal baths in Austria even offer swimming in the moonlight. You can find useful information about the thermal baths nearby in another blog post by Eveline Stopfer.

6. Cabaret

Laughter is healthy and makes you happy. If you don't go down to the basement to laugh, you could too on a Saturday eveninggo to cabaret. My regular cabaret has been CasaNova in the 1st district for some time. There step from Omar Sarsam above Viktor Gernot up to Alex Kristanall my favorite cabaret artists (apart from Nia) regularly. If you prefer a different cabaret, you can find a list of cabarets in Vienna here.

7. Games night on Saturday

Hardly a week goes by without me and my loved ones not on Fridays or A game night on Saturdays do. Most of the time, my brother and my friend's brother play Super Smash Bros. on the Nintendo Wii or play Risk and Scotland Yard. But sometimes we also try other board games such as Isle of Skye, Santa Cruz, Tikal or El Grande. To make the game evening even sweeter, we sometimes organize a liter of ice cream from Tichy or Gavaz beforehand (in summer).

Tip: In these two articles we will tell you where the best ice cream parlors are in Vienna & Linz.

8. Cooking evening or barbecue party

As an old saying goes, people come together when they eat. However, not only eating the meal is a lot of fun, but also preparing it under certain conditions. So what is better than a common one Cooking evening or one BBQ party to organize with friends? Often these can also be combined with tip # 7.

9. Dancing

Discos, night clubs and dance halls are among the classics for Saturday evening. At least for teenagers and young adults in their 20s who are looking forward to a full five days of Friday and Saturday evenings. Admittedly, I'm not an expert in this field, so I recommend you read up on the best clubs in Vienna here. As an additional aid to decision-making, you will find Vienna's discos with the best ratings here.

10. Watch sports in a sports bar

King football rules the world. In almost all football leagues in Europe, league games take place on weekends. Most of the games nowadays no longer run on free TV, but almost exclusively on pay TV. If you are not in the stadium yourself and do not want to afford your own access to SKY, DAZN or the like, you can go to a sports bar with friends on Saturday evening. In addition to various Irish pubs, which usually also show sports broadcasts, the Pointers Vienna Sportsbar, among others, is the The Red Lions or to recommend the Billabong. Many of these sports bars not only show football, but also football, ice hockey & tennis.

11. Planetarium

For the Sheldon Coopers among you - or those who want to become one - a trip to the planetarium might be worth considering. In my childhood I went to the planetarium with my father almost every week and I really enjoyed the time there. In the planetarium, an artificial but nevertheless dreamlike starry sky is created, as one otherwise only sees it on completely cloudy nights outside of Vienna (due to the enormous light pollution). In addition, one experiences the most important news from the world of space travel as well as the latest discoveries in astronomy. Planetariums are scattered all over Austria, including one in Vienna, Schwaz, Klagenfurt and Judenburg.

Tip:If you didn't find anything among these 11 suggestions, these 10-15 tips against boredom in Vienna might help.

Dominik Knapp