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Satan Anunnaki

Hardly any other scene in this country seems to be as multifaceted as the German rapeseed scene. While it already seems almost impossible to know every single, established representative, the number of new, as yet unknown artists continues to grow exponentially. Keeping an overview is like a Herculean task: if you have memorized a face of the HipHop Hydra, at least two new ones will appear again. At the same time, it is extremely difficult for unknown, young talents to step out of the overwhelming mass of musicians and make a name for themselves.

Our Mic Check should help both sides. Give rappers, who have so far gone under in the depths of the underground, a platform on which they can present themselves briefly but concisely. And enable listeners and fans to get a quick overview of noteworthy artists who may not have even been on the screen before.


MZEE .com: You released rap tracks back in 2009 and can look back on a diverse discography of four EPs and various free tracks. With so much music, do you have a personal favorite track of your own?

Satan Anunnaki: Yes, in any case. It used to be the battle-heavy songs like "Mundraub". Today I put more emphasis on the message. Of the tracks released so far, my current favorites are "Maskenball (Eyes Wide Shut)" and "The 4th Dimension". But I also like my part on "Realities" very much.

MZEE .com: On the other hand, is there maybe an old track or a line of yours that you feel uncomfortable by now? If yes, which?

Satan Anunnaki: There are too. In the intro of my first album "Parabellum" there is a line that I would not do now. There I used the term "gay" as an insult. While the insult was not aimed at homosexuals, it is easy to misunderstand the line this way. Today I think my vocabulary is big enough to express my emotions differently. At that time, however, I was a whole decade younger and more ignorant than I am now and also in a difficult phase in my life. At the time I didn't care at all. Even today I can only shake my head about the song after the intro. Not because the song would be bad in itself, but in my personal human development today I'm just so far removed from what I gave back then in terms of content. But there are definitely some pearls on the album that I still like to hear, for example "Blood Brothers" or "Des Teufels Lied".

MZEE .com: What is your approach to a new track? Do you find a beat first and then write your lyrics or the other way around?

Satan Anunnaki: There is no fixed approach for me. Most of the time I get a beat first - usually from Denzel or Mütos - that inspires me, and then I write on it. Lately I've also been writing on instrumentals from rap classics and sometimes recording them. I only got the right, exclusive beat for the recording afterwards, so that I could exchange it for the instrumental during the session. Of course, that's always a little risky, because you might not find a suitable exclusive beat for the song after all, or you might just like the thing better on the beat on which it was recorded. In that case there is a new promo song to be heard on Soundcloud or YouTube.

MZEE .com: In your tracks you often address injustices in society and an inner anger - also at the rap scene. Is there a certain message that you want to convey with your music?

Satan Anunnaki: There are too many to list. But such messages are definitely included in many of my songs by now. In my opinion, the rapeseed scene is simply a good example of what is also going wrong on the whole. Be it that the intellectual level is continuously lowered by TV and mainstream music or the hypocrisy with regard to freedom of speech and expression. Or that most people only see their meaning in life in the consumption of unnecessary material goods that they can boast of in front of others, which in the long term destroys our livelihood. Until recently, I lived in the camper for six months and spent a lot of time in the nature of southern Europe. During this time I realized how little you really need. Of course there can and should be all kinds of content in rap. But I think that if rap music no longer sells the best people who propagate this capitalist lifestyle, but those who give us something to think about and research, that would be a good sign. But that doesn't mean rap should be made for academics. Rap comes from the street and has to show a certain harshness again and again in order to be regarded as such. For me the greatest artists in this genre can always combine both and demonstrate rap technical understanding and the necessary skills. "Make sure he a thug and intelligent too"- Nas.

MZEE .com: And finally, finish the following sentence: "My music is like a mixture of ..."

Satan Anunnaki: ... meditation and revolution!


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