Oxandrolone increases body size

Does testosterone affect body growth?

Question: Our son (14 years) is very small in relation to his fellow students of the same age. Its growth has always been steady, but slow. Because of my height (172 cm) and that of my wife (157 cm), he will probably never become a "giant". Over time, however, I notice that his small size (school, friends, tennis) puts a lot of strain on him. I have now read in a sports newspaper that the administration of testosterone should also influence body growth (not just muscle building). Please let me know if there is any experience in this regard.

Answer: With testosterone, boys grow in length by triggering puberty - but this does not significantly affect their final height. The growth in size just happens earlier and faster!
Body size is largely genetically determined.

You can use the following formula to calculate how tall your son is likely to get: height of father plus height of mother divided by two plus 6.5 centimeters.

The formula is of course not one hundred percent, sometimes children follow suit with grandparents or other close relatives. The best thing to do is to clarify whether a treatment for your son is possible with a specialist in paediatrics. At larger hospitals there are special outpatient departments in the respective children's departments that can advise you!
(28. 07. 2000)

Dr. Astrid Drobetz, general practitioner

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