What kind of business jobs are there in Houston

Economy Houston

Houston is the fourth largest metropolis in the USA and one of the leading business locations in the USA. Around 5.5 million people live in the Houston metropolitan area. The Texan metropolis made the Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center (JSC) with the Mission Control Center world famous. The NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) facility employs around 14,000 people. Houston has three airports. One of the largest airports in the United States is the George Bush Intercontinental Airport. Around 25,000 people work here. The airport is the home airport of the American airline Continental Airlines. The airline employs around 40,000 people internationally and flies to the German metropolises of Berlin, Hamburg and Frankfurt via New York-Newark. The airline is one of the major US airlines with around 340 machines. Houston is a center of the US oil industry. There are numerous energy traders here, such as the pipeline operator Dynergy, the refinery company Marathon Oil or the energy trader El Paso. The oil industry is an important economic sector in the Texan metropolis that secures thousands of jobs. Houston is also home to the energy company Enron, which employs over 20,000 people. Houston is a leading IT and high-tech location on the US Gulf Coast. The computer company Compaq Computer Corporation, which was taken over by Hewlett Packard in 2002, is located in Houston.

The leading companies in Houston also include the chemical company Lyondell Products, the large waste management company with around 48,000 employees, and the large food company Sysco, which employs around 47,000 people. Houston also has Baker Hughes, one of the largest oil service companies in the USA with around 34,000 employees. The company had sales of nearly $ 10 billion in 2009. A large group in the nearby Woodlands in the field of energy industry is Anadarko Petroleum. The company sells oil and natural gas as a wholesaler and had 2007 sales of nearly $ 16 billion. Houston has continuously developed into a modern industrial and service metropolis over the past few decades. Houston has a fairly high unemployment rate of 8-9 percent despite the numerous corporations. The highest paying jobs in Houston are in the oil industry services segment. The city and private investors have put a lot into modernizing downtown Houston with the business district. Around 140,000 people are employed in the city center.

The Houston Central Business District with the skyscrapers is the largest business district in Texas and has been developed into one of the most modern business districts in Texas with around four billion dollars in investments. Many old buildings in this district have been converted into trendy loft apartments. Due to the many cultural and sporting events, Houston is firmly anchored in Texan tourism. In 2004, Houston made international attention with the Super Bowl final in American football. International tourism in particular is still a growth market in Houston that can create new jobs in the service sector.