What is Chakra Healing in Autism

Asperger's Syndrome and Autism

What is the essence of an autistic person's behavior?
It's being overwhelmed. It's easy to see. All of his behaviors are ultimately just attempts to deal with this being overwhelmed. To understand autism, we have to look at where this overwhelming comes from. And there are mainly two possible causes, but mostly both are or were present:

  1. That are one concrete experiences where the person in question was completely overwhelmed. (These can also come from prenatal or previous life.)
    This energy is based on such experiences (or feeling) of being overwhelmed still deep inside him and dominates his thinking - and then at some point made him decide to simply want to control everything so that such an experience or event cannot repeat itself.
  2. Being overwhelmed every day
    Through projections, for example by the parents, who project their own wishes and goals onto the child, and thereby also shift responsibility for them to the child, an energetic stress arises in the child that is overwhelming.
    Later then also because parents or caregivers demand decisions from the child, which the parents should actually make themselves. Here, too, the responsibility of the parents is shifted to the child. Let me give you an example where this is always easily visible to strangers, namely in the supermarket on the shopping shelf whenever the child is asked what should be bought. In itself it would be the task and duty of the parents to find out which foods are healthy and good for the child. The supermarket example is ideally suited to make this visible. An unbelievable number of products in an average German supermarket are harmful and unhealthy for children. If parents do not fulfill their responsibility here, but simply pass it on to the child, the child is always overwhelmed, because the child has absolutely no way of knowing what to consider here. The pattern of the transfer of responsibility to an immature child becomes particularly well visible, but of course this also takes place in many other more covert ways, as already mentioned by the fact that unconscious thought patterns are present such that, for example, own unachieved things are passed on to the child. The mother and / or father thereby steal from responsibility for their own goals, but the child is overwhelmed with the energetic burden of responsibility. This is too much invisible stress, and when it withdraws within itself and creates a "controlled safe world" so to speak, then autism occurs. In this self-controlled world, there is no longer any need to be afraid of feeling overwhelmed.

The control mania

Controlling everything was therefore the consequence of this mishmash of emotions from being overwhelmed by one's feelings and the fear of them. The child experiences being overwhelmed that the only solution seems to be when it is in control (and thus also the responsibilities given by the parents) takes over.

Driven by the fear of having to control everything, all kinds of skills naturally develop in autism. Among other things, the ability to remember things exactly, to memorize them at a glance, because this is the prerequisite for being able to control them at all. In order to control something you have to be able to compare it to a state that you have to remember. That is why the ability to remember is very high in autistic people, while the ability to act creatively (= second chakra) goes to zero, because this would require trust, which would be the opposite of control mania.

Can Autism Be Cured?

Autism cannot be cured if this holistic unity is not recognized between the people around us and the autistic person. If there are thousands of people around every autistic who do not accept their responsibility for their own lives, then an enormous morphogenetic social field is built up. And then there comes an incarnate autistic (we can also call him a narcissist) and radiate this message "I save everyone, controlling everything, I take over all these responsibilities that nobody wants, that are not accepted by the thousands so blindly fly around the room. I create order. I do all of this so that you will love me, etc."

This is a natural process that someone always incarnates (= is attracted)if such a problem (Responsibilities are buzzing around unacceptably, broke, chaotically) prevails. Because the autistic for the people around them (initially apparently) is a convenient solution, they will not even release him from this role. The energies that keep the autistic trapped in it are overpowering, not least because he has agreed to the whole thing himself, which in turn has to do with a narcissistic past in previous lives, where he believes he has to make up for something, and this but because of the armor and blockages of the second chakra from earlier narcissistic lives, I can't do anything else.

So if you wanted to cure autism, it would mean helping the autistic to get out of his role. But this can only succeed if the thousands around him are brought back to accept the responsibilities they have given over to their own lives. Only this stopping of the projections of responsibility brings the necessary relief so that the autistic person can then free himself because he notices his role (sucking in all the foreign responsibilities) is no longer needed, or is no longer possible at all. A society in which there is a consensus that one should give up responsibility for one's own life (many even cast their votes in the polls ..), automatically generates all sorts of weird and abnormal behaviors, narcissism and autism are just a few.

The fact that it is more about the people around them making a change in themselves can also be seen from the fact that the autistic person usually represents a greater burden for those around him than for himself. Here, too, the ruthless patterns from his narcissistic past become visible again.

Finally, I would like to present the topic of autism in a more holistic and superordinate manner:
In our society there is a lack of divine order everywhere. Almost everything has fallen out of this divine order, and there is an enormous imbalance in this regard. An autistic or Asperger sufferer now reflects all these people, exactly what they have in them, namely an order that is not in the flow of the divine. An order where the divine flowing is missing.

It is not the order that is bad.

The only bad thing is the lack of flow, the blocked second chakra, the missing or suppressed feeling, the creative flexible that can adapt, in short the suppressed feminine, which is also the most formative of our society, namely the suppression of the feminine. The autistic child has this (energetically considered) Experienced early on that whenever his 2nd chakra was active, then these energies were stolen from him with the help of projections, to put it bluntly: Parents steal his creativity. He caused this through his own previous lives, where he himself lived at the expense of the feminine energy of others (e.g. as a narcissist).

Anyone who tinkers with autism is only tinkering with the symptom - an important cause that needs to be resolved would be the suppression of the feminine in his environment, yes in our society, or specifically the projections to the outside exercise of one's own creative life tasks.

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1. Heiko wrote on December 8th, 2019:

The Swede Greta Thunberg is a person who suffers from this disease. Could it be that your illness is the cause of your climate fundamentalism?
She wants to control a lot, as described in the article.

2. Andreas wrote on December 8th, 2019:

Hello Heiko,
yes, she is the absolutely perfect example indeed. With her you can also see how the parents want to power their own failed lives (unsuccessful actors) into the child with all their might. Everything she does is pure acting, even this speech that made her famous was just repeated by someone else. Your own creativity (2nd chakra) is almost zero.

It cannot save the world, but it symbolizes the disease of the old world, namely this absolute underfunction of the second chakra, i.e. the female energy.

lg from Andreas

3. mummy wrote on December 27, 2019:

Again and again I notice that I am different. I always fell on always. My mother is a narcissist.
My son stands out. Always and everywhere it offends. Is different. Like me.
However, we are both very creative.
Can it still be autism? Creativity is discussed in the text. However, we are just getting on there.
I'm still at the very beginning, we don't have the official diagnosis yet. I am afraid of the step. From negative consequences. Think in front of even more drawers. I just know where to start!

I am really happy about thoughts about it!

A mom of wonderful children in a world that sometimes burdens us a lot!

4. Andreas wrote on December 27, 2019:

However, we are both very creative.
It doesn't seem that far with the creativity, if not even a diagnosis can be bypassed ???

lg from Andreas

5. Marla wrote on February 22nd, 2020:

The other articles I have read are very consistent, but nothing fits here. The problem is that you have to deal with autistic people directly and on a daily basis in order to realize that these people are special, but not egomaniacal or narcissistic without empathy. On the contrary, we now know that autistic people feel too much and that it is very stressful for them. Autism is not a disease either, the brain just works differently. Then autistic people suffer a lot from the lack of understanding of their surroundings, they have to constantly adapt in order to be accepted. It always means everyone is accepted as they are, but that's not true. As soon as someone is different, they are marginalized.
Aspergers in particular can adapt so perfectly (with great effort) that they are not noticeable or only rarely, but the question is, why do we ask for this?
Personally, I am more in favor of accepting all people as they are and that everyone should try to respond to one another and not ask those who are in the minority to adapt to the majority. You don't have to talk sick to people who are different.
Autism is just a different operating system. Works differently, but not worse. And when it comes to being overwhelmed, we are all chronically overwhelmed, our society is fast moving and geared towards performance, there is a lack of structure everywhere. And I admire every autistic person who manages to assert himself in this society, even without going with the flow ...

6. Andreas wrote on February 22nd, 2020:

Hello Marla,
yes, you misunderstood something. Of course, an autistic person feels exactly as much as any other person. It can't be otherwise, because in the end he has the same body as everyone else. Therefore, when colloquially it is said that someone feels little, it always means that the person suppresses or represses their feelings. And this always leads to problems because feelings are energetic and healthy (mentally and physically) A person can only be when his energies are not dammed up in him and therefore flow freely.
I admire every autistic person who manages to assert himself in this society
In the end, it sounds like that to me as if you admire people who fight.

And now think about what an effect such a thought pattern will have on your life?

lg from Andreas

7. Kapa wrote on June 25th, 2020:

Thanks to all! Wonderful contributions and when we put all your thoughts together something divine happens ... Bravo! :-)

8. Marifé wrote on 7/20/2020:

As Asperger's Autist, you have no chance of an independent life and a job etc. in this world.

9. Concerned mother from ASPI wrote on 8/28/2020:

Hi Andreas,
my son is very likely an ASPI. It simply means that you cannot change that or bring about healing?
It is impossible for the world, as you write, to stop handing over responsibility to my child. We have no influence on that.
Now, as a mother, I definitely can't let go. I am not asking anything from my child, at least consciously. He can be a child, but I grew up in such a way that children have to adapt, they have to be good. I actually asked my child to do this, but not differently from what the other parents do: tidy the room, eat when the time comes. But also a bit of a control mania. My child slept with us for a long time. He is 6 and now sleeps alone, it worked great, only I got up a thousand times at night to check whether he was covered up, hadn't fallen out of bed, etc. Now he doesn't want to be alone again. I already reported about him to you last year, but we're not getting any further. Exactly 1 year later, shortly before his birthday, the same symptoms started: he doesn't get dressed, the clothes bothers him, they have to fit snugly, but then it's too tight. The shoes are so tightly laced or closed at the feet that the feet turn blue. Then he cannot go. May I understand the symbolism as follows: I am restricted? I dont get any further? If I do the right thing, how do I free him and myself from the thoughts of narrowness. I'm scared of letting go of my child, I don't know how to do that either?
Or am I wrong and my child can no longer be helped? The world won't change.

10. Andreas wrote on 8/28/2020:

yes, that is the only possibility to take everything as a mirror and work on it and dissolve it in oneself and then program it away from one's own life so that this field is no longer there and he can no longer use this field pattern.
Specifically, for example, with the tightly laced shoes, that would be the pattern to see the sexuality too closely (Shoes are a symbol of vagina). But of course it also goes beyond the topic of sexuality, because it is also about female energy in general, which is unnecessarily restricted (see article). You have to find the issues that are there in you and redeem them. After that, if necessary, also remove the pattern of the tight lacing (e.g. with the Phyllis Krystall method), but often this will no longer be necessary, at least when you have completely dissolved everything in yourself, because in such cases his behavior uses yours as the main source of energy (not his) Energy..

lg from Andreas

11. Concerned mother of Aspi wrote on 8/30/2020:

Thanks for the explanation, but how do I find out which pattern should be peeled off? And how is that meant by sexuality? I have no relation to that at all. I can't imagine anything underneath, and certainly not how it might affect a child.

12. Andreas wrote on 8/30/2020:

yes, beliefs about sexuality - you can of course fill entire books with them - just find all limiting beliefs. The child is the mirror.

lg from Andreas

13. Fanny wrote on 3/11/2021:

Interesting: shoes are a symbol of vagina ... women and shoes mean what? And every woman has way too many shoes

14. Andreas wrote on 3/11/2021:

Hello Fanny,
yes, in women this addiction to shoes is an unconscious attempt to find a better sexuality.

lg from Andreas

15. Hanna wrote on April 8th, 2021:

Hi Andreas,

I find the example with Greta Thunberg interesting. I have great respect for the great courage of this adolescent / young woman. She utters a great many truths which many mighty people in the world like to conceal and which are often simply accepted by very many adults without action and complaint. However, I would interpret it to mean that she probably only perceives it so strongly because she has experienced it herself, that is, was treated by her parents in the same way as the "world" is treated by some people. Therefore, she fights for it on behalf of it.
Strange that even though she criticizes it, she is still part of the problem. I find this point particularly exciting.So the "solution" would be a completely different approach, right? So instead of criticizing something and being completely "absorbed" in it, it would make much more sense to do what she would like, that is, to live the other. And this is where creativity begins. So the creative, the creation of something new. As long as she is caught in "denouncing" it is almost the same as what she criticizes. Is she satisfied with her life?
Regardless of that - could it also be that this project is simply her life's work, i.e. that she should show people how important climate protection is?
After all, the whole thing has a lot to do with the Corona problem, i.e. that humanity is in the process of destroying its own livelihood and thus also causing such pandemics, but does not want to admit this and then means completely haphazardly and obsessed with some silly vaccinations to be able to solve the problem like this.
What I haven't quite understood yet is whether this relates to the interpersonal climate or also / and still more to the handling of resources, animals and plants, i.e. our physical environment. Or that is somehow related, right?
When I imagine Greta like that, I notice that she seems to lack ease, fun and real joy. Here, however, I no longer understand the corona virus, for example, because it actually forces people to keep their distance, to keep their distance, to hide behind masks, not to live the carefree - this is exactly what it should do showing? That it was already like that anyway, only nobody noticed before? Very exciting topic ... I would be very interested in what you say about it.
Thank you and LG

16. Andreas wrote on April 9th, 2021:

Hello Hanna,
Joy and creativity are assigned to the second chakra, and yes, the striking thing is the lack of joy and creativity from her, as already mentioned in comment 2 above, not even the speech she was introduced to was created by herself. It is repeated by someone completely different who originally held it. And yes - that is exactly the problem of our time: These people without creativity (2nd chakra) are adored, for example, they already get good grades at school and with regard to conventional medicine, only those who do not think for themselves but can parrot well and learn by heart are allowed in anyway (with the help of the Numerus Clausus). That's why there are so few doctors who think for themselves and question / recognize the whole pandemic shit. They all still believe that there are viruses because Robert Koch said that 150 years ago and because everyone just parroted it for 150 years. As I said, the Pharmafia can only exist because they sort out all non-chatterers so consistently with the Numerus Clausus. The entire university structure is a single parrot (quoted there mentioned) because the creativity and with it the ability to create your own thoughts has run down so much. Therefore you have to limit yourself to quoting other professors all the time.
By the way, there is another area in which thinking for yourself is similarly severely restricted, that is the Christian and Islamic religions. If you have ever experienced a Jehovah's Witness, that is where you see it most clearly, only Bible quotes are quoted, there is no more thinking ...

lg from Andreas

17. Ginger wrote on April 11th, 2021:

Hi Andreas,

have dealt intensively with Asperger's and autism over the past few days. Funny that today I look at your site again and I wanted to search for the topic here and it was already displayed on the home page.

I found myself very strongly in the descriptions of Asperger's and HSP.

It is often said that vaccinations cause autism. What do you think about ?

LG, Ginger

18. Andreas wrote on April 11th, 2021:

yes, fears and control mania are certainly powerful causes of vaccination ..

lg from Andreas

19. Antiauti wrote on April 11th, 2021:

The thing with autism in general and Asperger's in particular is a phenomenon in itself. For a long time, almost no one knew what Asperger's Syndrome was, and now everyone is talking about it. There was a real hype about it and those affected were almost adored as if these miracle people were. But what for? There are many disabled people in the world, but none of them are lifted to heaven like them (Asperger's)Autistic! Just because there may be a few highly intelligent or gifted people among them, that's why they should be right away all Be geniuses or even wonder people ???
Among other things, I had already found articles with the bold headline on Google: "Are Autistic Better People?". Well, the question is quickly answered for me: No! Also, autistic people are not miracle people per se, there are enough people who have no special talent, are not even overly intelligent! And as for the others, who says that their intelligence / talent comes from autism at all? Who says they would be less intelligent or gifted without autism? People seem to seriously believe that it all comes automatically and inevitably from autism. As if those affected were only so intelligent, talented, etc., because they had this diagnosis. Could a wheelchair user e.g. B. especially good mental arithmetic, nobody would say: "Yes, that is because he is a wheelchair user!" Autistic people are also often portrayed as particularly polite and nice people. First of all, there are also many polite, friendly people among the non-autists. Second, I cannot confirm the generalization about autistic people from my own experience. On the contrary, autistic people are often brash and rude and anything but friendly, let alone sociable. Not infrequently, like toddlers, they literally go to the ceiling when something goes wrong! And that should really be the better people ???
In general, I think that autism is portrayed far too positively in public, almost nicely colored. On the other hand, there are hardly any reports on the downsides, e.g. that autistic people have an increased risk of suicide. Numerous studies have proven this. This should be at least 30%, while it should only be 7% for the physically handicapped, for example. This means that the risk of suicide in autistic people is more than four times higher than in the physically disabled.
In my life I have had a lot to do with disabled people of all kinds and have also seen a few documentaries on this topic. I noticed the following: Physically handicapped people and in some cases also mentally handicapped people often seem to be much more cheerful and happier than, for example, autistic people. It doesn't matter whether it's blind people, people with missing body parts, Siamese twins or people with Down syndrome. There are enough documentaries that you can watch and get your own picture.
I don't want to gloss over a disability here, even if I am of the opinion that this is what is currently happening with autism! I was confronted with this diagnosis myself and inevitably had contact with autistic people. Even if I largely rejected friendships with them, I wanted to be and remain autistic myself for a while. Even at the thought that autism could be cured, I was terrified! Today I wonder which sow actually rode me there. In the meantime I also know why so many of those affected do not want a cure. It is the fear of change and also of the supposedly unknown! Since autistic people reject change, they also want to hold on to autism. This has nothing to do with the fact that those affected, as is often assumed and claimed, actually feel comfortable in their autistic world. Because this is by no means the case no Autistic is really happy! So there is no need to ask whether this Greta "Tuna" is really happy by itself! You may tell yourself that you are happy, but you are by no means! You are kidding yourself, so to speak. I also did this for a while until my eyes finally opened. Once you've become really confident and happy, you don't need autism any more. The soul has never needed it anyway, for it autism is just ballast. After all, the soul wants to be free, only the mind believes that it cannot live without autism. Today I am sure that if it would be possible to heal all those affected overnight, in retrospect not a single one would cry a tear after the autism!

Well, now Asperger's Syndrome is finally known and on everyone's lips and suddenly, as already mentioned above, a huge hype is made about it. For example, there are enough climate activists who do not have Asperger's, but they are nowhere near as celebrated as Greta. On the other hand, those affected hardly get any support or help. There are many facilities for autistic people, but you practically never get any real help. Unfortunately, I speak from my own experience there too! Especially since there is a consensus in school psychology to this day that autism cannot be cured and those affected have to come to terms with it, "make friends" with it. You let the person concerned vegetate in his autistic world without a guilty conscience and probably still believe that you are doing him a favor. In truth, the person is simply left to their fate with no real help. I also think that it is more than questionable that only autistic people and thus fellow sufferers are brought together in such facilities.
Sayings like: "Autistic people are so nice people" or "I love autistic people" could make me throw up inside! It has absolutely nothing to do with sincere love! This is nothing but pseudo-love, pure hypocrisy!
I have often wondered why autism is being made such a huge thing these days. What do people find so great about autistic people that they "get excited" about it? Where does this autism "fetishism" come from? Do pity and / or mother complexes play a role? Why is autism so exaggeratedly positively portrayed and glossed over in public, while the negative aspects are often concealed?
Recently, however, I have increasingly had the feeling that the Asperger's hype has subsided a little since Corona. People are now more preoccupied with other things. Things also seem to have calmed down around the "Klima-Gretel". So it looks once again as if Corona also has its good sides.

20. Pinar wrote on April 27, 2021:

How is it dawning on me ... a toe reader once said to me that when I was with my mother in my stomach in the 5th month I took over a feeling that I should now find out and resolve. I asked my mother what had happened in the 5th month and my mother said that at that point she was simply overwhelmed with everything, really overwhelmed, everything was too much. And from several people (Toe loops, astrologers, ..) I've learned that my creativity is blocked and I should learn to bring creativity back into life. I show Asperger's behavior, even more as a child. In the meantime I have copied a lot from others (Facial expressions, gestures, how to behave when) and always learn new things. I read e.g. no novels, just non-fiction, attend courses and prefer to learn and read than meet people. I recognize patterns in everything, also in the color sequence of parked cars, e.g. ... I pay attention to details that otherwise hardly seem to attract attention, shopping overwhelms me, noise overwhelms me (e.g. everyday office life), I avoid social contacts and suffer from small talk, etc. Being overwhelmed and lacking creativity has just clicked! I'm so under my own control, I had to slip into the role of a parent for my parents so often, to maintain control over everything otherwise I would have collapsed like a house of cards.

21. Andreas wrote on April 27, 2021:

Hello, yes, maybe a note on why autistic people are so good at recognizing all kinds of patterns. This is actually not a talent, it just comes from having practiced it so much. Because everything you do a lot, you always get good at it! And if someone is constantly looking for patterns, then of course they will be good at recognizing patterns. This applies to everyone, not just to autistic people.

lg from Andreas

Before commenting, please check whether your question has already been answered in another comment - thank you very much.

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