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Shrink breasts without surgery

Reducing the breast without surgery - is that possible? Many women, but also men who are dissatisfied with the size of their bust size, but shy away from an operation, ask themselves this question. Surgical adjustment (breast reduction) should only be considered if breast reduction is not possible without surgery. But what options are there to reduce the size of the breast naturally and without surgery? In the following we present some alternatives.

The anatomy of the breast (mom)

To understand how a breast reduction can be achieved without surgery, a look at the anatomy of the breast (mamma) helps. The large pectoral muscle (pectoralis major muscle) is located under the fat and glandular tissue. It covers the entire anterior rib area.

The adipose tissue (textus adiposus) is mainly located in the upper area of ​​the breast. It encloses the mammary gland (glandula mammaria) and the glandular tissue, both of which are located in the area around the nipple. As the elasticity of the connective tissue and the glandular part of the breast decreases with age or after breastfeeding, the breasts sink more and more (ptosis). [1]

Breast reduction without surgery through sport

Breast reduction through exercise is possible to a certain extent. Endurance training and weight training stimulate fat burning throughout the body. This also reduces the proportion of fat in the breast tissue. However, this process cannot be restricted to a desired area of ​​the body. With specific exercises you can at least promote fat loss in the breast.

Exercise makes the breast smaller, especially in the upper area, where the fatty tissue dominates. If you exercise the pectoralis major, it has little effect on the size or shape of the chest. However, you can thereby tighten the skin in the cleavage area and stabilize the breast as a whole.

However, after a significant weight loss, the skin does not completely regress through exercise alone. Because pectoral muscles and skin are not directly connected to each other, but are separated by glandular and fatty tissue. This can lead to excessive excess skin, which can only be completely removed surgically.

Shrink breasts by losing weight

Breast reduction through weight loss is best combined with exercise and a healthy diet. Therefore, the following also applies here: If the total body fat percentage is reduced, the breast also loses volume and weight.

A major disadvantage of breast reduction without surgery: After removing the weight, the skin does not recede to the same extent that fat was previously broken down. This can lead to unwanted sagging breasts. With massages, creams and other alternative methods, the skin only partially regresses.

The excess skin can be surgically removed. The advantage of a breast lift compared to a breast reduction: The procedure is less complicated, as only skin and no fatty tissue is removed. Since the breast lift - from a surgical point of view - is simpler, it usually costs a little less. Depending on the doctor and clinic, the costs are between 4,000 euros and 7,000 euros.

Breast reduction with a minimizer bra

Breast reduction without surgery can also be achieved, at least visually and temporarily, using a minimizer bra. With this special bra it is possible that the breast tissue is distributed more favorably so that it appears smaller. However, patients can only use this method occasionally. Long-term wearing of the minimizer bra can, for example, lead to deformation of the breasts.

Breast reduction without surgery: chances of success

A breast reduction without surgery is often not enough to effectively reduce the symptoms. If the methods listed do not lead to the desired result, there is the option of surgical breast reduction. Depending on the anatomy of the breast and the wishes of the patient, surgeons use different cutting techniques. The operation is carried out in an inclined position because the natural shape of the breast is preserved. The aim of the operation is to make the smallest and inconspicuous cuts possible so that the resulting scars heal quickly and easily.

Breast reduction with Breast

If a breast reduction without surgery is not an option for you, as well as if you are interested in a surgical procedure to reduce your breast, we will help you find a specialist. With us you will find authentic testimonials from people who have already had contact with doctors and / or who have received treatment.

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[1] Heckmann A. (2011) Anatomy and examination of the breast. In: Practice of plastic surgery. Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg.