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English lessons (ESL) with TEFL qualified tutor Carol - speak it like a native speaker


Private German Lessons - No matter where you are, you'll be speaking German in no time

Do you speak German? - Yeah, sure. (Do you speak German? - Yes, of course.) You have already learned your first sentence in German. Many people say that learning German is difficult. That does not have to be that way. I am here to help. You probably have some goals in mind or a reason why you want to learn German? In our first hour of evidence we will discuss them and create our plan accordingly - be it for a test (A1, A2, B1, B2) or if you just want to impress your German in-laws :) I will support you as best I can and give you tips and tricks show you how you can integrate German into your everyday life. If you'd like, we can add homework so you can practice on your own too. During our lessons we can work on: You speak and listen to pronunciation Your reading and writing We call via Zoom or GoogleHangout, whichever works best for you. Let's begin. - I hear myself getting to know you.


English lessons for business, school or travel. Speak quickly and effectively with confidence!

Highly effective English-language courses via webcam / Skype simply from home for everyone who wants to learn quickly and effectively! With my experience in learning and teaching languages, I can teach you to speak and write with confidence. Successful progress is made with conversations, stories, audios, worksheets, flashcards and joint conversations! My classes focus on writing, speaking, listening and understanding. They are bespoke and can be specialized in travel, business or school. I have been giving language lessons on Skype on the Internet since May 2020 and I am looking forward to our English lessons! Enjoyable English course on the Internet with webcam simply from home for all the contacts and learn quickly and effectively at the same time! With my experience in learning and teaching languages, I can confidently teach you to speak and write English. My lessons include writing, speaking, listening and understanding rights. With reading stories, worksheets, audios, flash cards, and regulatory advances are safely and successfully treated. I have been giving language courses on the Internet with Skype since May 2020 and lost myself in our own English lessons!


CONSULTATION SESSION: Identifying Your Learning Needs

This session is aimed primarily at adult and professional learners and is used to identify your needs as a first-time English learner. It includes an English assessment exam to determine your level and diagnose your current grammar / speaking weaknesses. What better way to understand your language needs than through the ears of a native English speaker and trainer ?! Find out your weaknesses and strengths so that you can make a plan for yourself. If you are an INDIVIDUAL for private courses, we can meet in a cafe or a bakery. If you are a BUSINESS PROFESSIONAL or a GROUP for Career English courses, we can meet at: -Your office within the city limits.


Discover the world of a multilingual translator with a passion for languages ​​and cultures :)

My teaching method is based on interactivity and games. I add a dash of creativity as well as good humor, laughter and imagination. Translation, language courses, grammar support, memory playback, etc ... everything is possible! Of course, I can also adapt to the teaching preferences of my students. I have been teaching language courses for more than 8 years and am also responsible for more academic methods. I am a multilingual translator (I speak 8 languages: Luxembourgish, French, German, English, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Chinese (basic) and am currently learning Arabic), graduated from ISTI. All language combinations are possible. I have worked in associations around the world and am currently an advisor to the European Commission (no, I am not an official!). Languages ​​and cultures are my passion. I've always believed that languages ​​open all doors :)


Enjoy learning languages, private lessons.

This course is aimed at all language students. Teacher graduate in pedagogy and extensive international experience. My goal is to learn with joy and good progress! I use a lot of beautiful and clear exercises. I explain the grammar with patience. Learning with joy brings the best results!


English courses for all levels and for all ages

I am an engineering student and have an advanced level of English. I even got my English degree IELTS BRITISH COUNCIL with level C1 (advanced) and I have experience with 3 years of teaching .J I also taught English abroad in Germany for 3 months. Motivated and dynamic, your progress is guaranteed. The method I use is not a classic method. I use an interactive method that encourages the student to invest and be more attentive and motivated. Please contact me at Apprentice if you are interested


English tuition for all levels

Offering sessions for different levels, from beginners to professionals. Whether you want to familiarize yourself with English conversation, pronunciation, writing, grammar, a higher level of sophistication or just a relaxed coffee, I am here for you. * Contact me to get started. * We can of course speak in German from time to time - I'll be there too. Experience I am a musician with degrees in music and science from Germany and New Zealand (where I grew up). During my studies, I not only received several top-class awards, but also marked some tasks in Statistics 101 - which turned out to be more of an English writing task than many would expect. From then on, I was a total fan of better communication. I have a diverse group of friends here from all over the world and have enjoyed helping them improve their English. My aim is to see their confidence in the ability to converse and express themselves in English increase and enjoy their progress. I now teach privately and I look forward to helping more people communicate in this twisted but wonderful language.


DivertiAMOci imparando l'ITALIANO. Do you love it

Ciao! My name is Maria, I am a native Italian speaker and I teach Italian as a second language online with interactive material that I personally create for my students. I started teaching in 2014 after my master's degree in foreign languages ​​in 2010 and in linguistics, literature and Italian civilization in 2013. During these 6 years I have gained experience in individual tuition or in small groups at all levels (beginner, intermediate, advanced) and for Italian enthusiasts of all ages. I am a full-time teacher and offer interactive one-to-one lessons tailored to your needs and interests. Correction, concentration on small mistakes, learning or Italian gestures; at least medium level). Do not hesitate to write to me for more information! I look forward to hearing from you! :) :) Maria



Would you like your children / young people to immerse themselves in the German language? German classes are usually taught in English in small groups (but can also be taught in French if the student does not know the English language). Private lessons can also be organized in both German (beginners) and English (all levels). Children should learn quickly; Through the interactive activities, they will strive to learn the language, remember what they have learned and apply their language skills in a real context. Why learn German? German has the largest number of native speakers in the European Union. German is one of the ten most widely spoken languages ​​in the world. It is always a great advantage to know the German language when working in Europe and even in non-European countries. Most often, employers take care of employees who can speak many languages, especially German. Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any further questions. It would be a great pleasure for me to integrate your child / teenager into one of my classes. :-)


Online language lessons in German, English and Spanish

Dear language friends, My name is Lisa, I am 21 years old from Germany and a student. Due to our current situation, I not only have a lot of free time, but I would also like to help ensure that the students do not fall behind with their school supplies. Apart from that, everyone is of course welcome in my classes! I teach the following languages ​​in personal tuition at these levels: a) Spanish A1 - A2 b) English A1 - B2 c) German A1 - C2 I am open to special requests in order to focus on a specific topic or topic that you like can choose. I look forward to all of your messages and our future lessons together, stay healthy and best regards! Lisa


Private lessons in French, English and German - distance / visio or individual lessons in Monaco Monte-Carlo

20 years of experience in training, teaching, coaching and consulting. Graduated teachers (MAsters in the subjects taught) offer correspondence courses (video conference) or face-to-face courses (at home), or to train in suitable locations, with individualized pedagogy ( Help with exam and homework preparation, choice of intensity, motivational and fun methodology, progress reports). Together we will define your learning objective. We move forward at your own pace. Guaranteed results. I find creative ways to teach. Learning has to be fun. We will define and achieve your goal together. At your own pace!