When do you feel most hated?

I think I never went through puberty. I've just always been exhausting. And I hated it when adults would say, “Oh yes, puberty”. But one question bothered me for a long time: What am I? Child or adult? I still don't have the answer.

It can’t be the case that suddenly one’s 18th birthday is no longer a child. And I also think it's stupid to determine adulthood according to certain criteria. A girl used to grow up when she got her day - and the boy with the first beard.

Now a boyfriend or a car are considered a sign of maturity. Somehow these seem to be tangible criteria that cannot be denied. Just take a look at the advertisements. In contrast, what is maturity and intelligence? It's actually bad when 12-year-old girls want to look as "old" as possible and come to school with shorter hotpants than I would ever dare.

For me, being an adult at the moment means being perceived as a fully fledged person, just talking to new people in the bar in the evening and not being asked when I have to go to bed. Finally not being told that I can't understand certain things anyway. To have certain freedom to go on vacation alone and to shape your own life.

And yet I sometimes feel small and very young when I am asked if I am doing my Abitur this year. Uh, no, next year ...
But in the end I came to the following decision: I am neither a child nor an adult, I am simply Helena. So.

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