In what vile plays did Shakespeare appear

Forever Young

William Shakespeare,
Born probably on April 23rd, 1564, his baptism entry in the church register on April 26th, 1564 in Stratford on Avon, died on April 23rd, 1616.
The passages collected here are cited from the translation by August Wilhelm Schlegel, Dorothea Tieck and Wolf Graf Baudissin.

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The two Veronese

Covert fire burns with greater force.

Anyone who stays at home all the time has a joke for the house.

A poor sheep easily gets lost,
As soon as the shepherd left the flock.

Experience is gained through diligence and effort.

Oh, flatter me; love rejoices in praise.

O did you know the inner strength of love
You want to light a fire with snow anyway
Want to quench the glow of love with words.

A woman often rejects what makes her happy.
Spurn first awakens longing later.

The man who only has a tongue is not a man
Not every woman can win the word.

Faithfulness adorns itself with deeds and not with words.

A single song has no harmony.

The shepherd seeks the sheep, and not the sheep the shepherd.

Experience is gained through diligence and effort.

And devotion always found its reward.

Lack makes us devoted to every sin.

The Taming of the Shrew

The bag should be proud, the suit poor,
Because only the spirit makes our body rich.
And as the sun breaks out of the darkest clouds,
So honor shines out of the lowest garb.

O science! What a blessing you are!

Once better than never, and better late than never.

Where two furious fires meet
Devour what nourishes their anger.

What you do not do with pleasure does not prosper you.

Your father would be a fool!
Giving you everything and in the old days
Live by your grace

Wives kindness, not beautiful eyes,
My heart wins.

A woman will soon be made a fool,
If she doesn't have the courage to resist.

There isn't much choice among rotten apples.

Nobody can tell by their face who is master or who is a servant.

As the sun breaks through the darkest clouds
So honor shines out of the lowest garb.

The comedy of errors

Patience, never agitated, is easily practiced;
The one who is not saddened remains meek.

A man is master of his freedom
The time of the men mistress; as she does it,
Go and come.

Do not play a cruel game with my grief!

My 'Seel', he needs a long spoon to eat with the devil.

A girl says no because it is custom
And I wish the questioner would interpret it as yes.

The poisonous scream of the jealous woman
Looks deadlier than a great dog's tooth.

There is no being that is not bound.

Time is bankrupt and owes more to chance than it's worth.

Dear sorrow and lust

Fasting, studying, not seeing women -
Clear betrayal of the royalty of the youth.

Joke, born quickly, grows and wilts quickly.

Every pleasure is vain, especially when it comes to buying with difficulty
Nothing earns but toil.

Distress breaks steel.

A fat belly has a lean brain; the fatter
The ribs, the more bankrupt the ghosts.

Everyone has innate weaknesses
Only grace, not strength, can overcome.

Where beauty is lacking, flattering is vain doing.

A midsummer night's dream

So let patience teach us through the test
Because suffering is so suited to love
Like dreams, sighs, silent wishes, tears,
Retinue of poor sick passion.

Speaking the truth, reason and love don't hold much fellowship these days.
It's a shame that honest neighbors don't want to make them friends!

How can happiness switch so wondrously?

Lunatics, poets and lovers
Consist of imagination.

The worst thing in kind and in salary
Nevertheless, love lends prestige and form.

Cupid is full of mischief
Makes the poor woman great.
Hans takes his Gretchen,
Each his girl;
Every pot finds its lid
And everyone is after their head.

Half of the wish should be worth the wish.

Every thing must have time to mature.

The merchant of Venice

I do not know what makes me sad;
I'm fed up with it; you say you are too.
But how I got it, how it blows to me,
What kind of material it is made of,
I should find out first.
And sadness makes me feel like a fool
I know myself with great distress.

There are so people whose face
Covers itself like a standing swamp,
And who keep a stubborn silence
With the intention of dressing in a bill
Of wisdom, worthiness and deep meaning;
As if one were to say: I am Mr. Oracle;
If I open my mouth, don't move a mouse.
O my Antonio, I know them
Who are therefore only thought to be wise,
Because they don't say anything; if they spoke, they would bring
Damn the ears that heard them
Because they would scold the brothers for fools.

God created him, so let him apply to a man.

I want to trade and walk with you, stand and walk with you, and everything else like that; but I don't want to eat with you, drink with you, nor pray with you.

Dimensions none
To show an undeserved dignity.
O goods, rank and offices would not
Corruption attained and dignified honor
Purchased purely through the merit of the owner,
How many a man then covered his bare head!
How many a commanding then obeyed!
How much of the mob would be singled out
Seed out of pure honor! and how much honor
Read from the chaff, the robbery of time,
To shine again!

I'm a jew Doesn't a Jew have eyes? Doesn't a Jew have hands, limbs, tools, senses, inclinations, passions? Nourished with the same food, injured with the same weapons, subjected to the same diseases, cured with the same means, warmed and chilled by the winter and summer as a Christian? If you stab us, won't we bleed? When you tickle us, don't we laugh? If you poison us, won't we die? And if you offend us, shouldn't we take revenge? If we are like you in all things, then we will do the same to you in this as well. If a Jew offends a Christian, what is his humility? Revenge. If a Christian offends a Jew, what must be his patience, following the Christian example? Nu, revenge. I want to practice the wickedness you teach me, and it must be bad, or I will do it to my masters.

There are people who don't smack their lips
Can stand; some will be great
When they see a cat others can
When the bagpipe sings through the nose
Do not hold the urine with you; because the instincts
Master of passions, direct them
According to pleasure and aversion.

What judgment should I shy away from, am I not doing an injustice?

The kind of grace knows of no coercion.
It drips like the mild rain of the sky
To the earth beneath her; twice blessed:
She blesses those who give and those who take;
Most powerful in powers, she adorns
The prince on the throne more than the crown.
The scepter shows the worldly power,
The attribute of dignity and majesty,
In which sits the fear and dread of kings.
But grace is over this scepter power,
She is enthroned in the heart of the monarch,
It is an attribute of the deity itself,
And earthly power comes closest to divine,
When grace is with the right.

You take my house when you take the prop
What my house is based on; you take my life
If you take the means by which I live.

The man who doesn't have music in himself
Whom the harmony of sweet tones does not touch,
Capable of betrayal, robbery and malice;
The movement of his mind is dull as night
His attire as gloomy as the Erebus.
Don't trust anyone!

He who is well satisfied is well paid;
I am satisfied that I have set you free
And consider myself well paid by it;
My mind has never been more wage-addicted.

How far the little candle throws a shimmer!
Such is the good deed in a bad world.

No vice is so stupid as that of virtue
In outward doing, I would not accept signs.

He's a good preacher who obeys his own admonitions: I can teach twenty good things to do more easily than be one of the twenty and obey my own teachings.

Profit is a blessing if it is not stolen.

I don't like kindness with a malicious mind.

Insult is not immediately hatred.

How do you hope for mercy since you do not practice?
What judgment should I shy away from, am I not doing an injustice?

You called me dog before you had a reason:
If I am a dog, avoid my teeth!

O love, measure yourself in your bliss!
Stop, let your joys rain more gently;
I feel too strong, you have to bless me less
So that I don't go away.

It would be as easy to act as if you knew what to do, chapels would have become churches, and poor people would have huts in royal palaces.

Profit is a blessing if it is not stolen.

Truth has to come out.

How sweet the moonlight sleeps on the hill!

The crow sings as sweetly as the lark,
If you don't listen to any; and it seems to me
The nightingale, when it sang by day,
Where all the geese cackle, they were kept
For no better minstrel than the sparrow.
How much is brought about by its time
At a real price and to perfection!

The merry wives of Windsor

I hope that confidentiality will also bring disregard.

Hope is often a hunting dog without a trace.

Wherever there is money, all roads are open.

Friendship endures in all things
Only not in love of service and advertising.

Speak softly when you speak of love.

A lot of noise about nothing

A victory counts twice if the general brings home his full number.

A tender outpouring of tenderness. No faces are more real than they are washed in this way.

I'd rather hear my dog ​​bark at a crow than swear to a man that he loves me.

I wish my horse were as quick as your tongue.

... different times, different thoughts.

Friendship endures in all things
Only in the love of service and advertising not.
That's why a lover needs his own tongue,
Let every eye speak for itself
And nobody trusts the lawyer: beauty knows
To walk faithfully in blood through the arts of magic.

Do you want to make trust a sin?
Sin is with the stealer.

Silence is the best herald of joy. I wouldn't be happy if I could say how much it is me.

Doesn't sing ballads dull and pale,
In mourning melodies:
The men's deception was always the same.
Since then the swallows have been pulling.

Happy are those who find out what is being criticized in them and can improve on it.

Because until now there was no philosopher
Who could endure the toothache with patience.

Why is the bridge wider than the river?
Need is the best reason to grant.

How much better is it to cry over the joy
than to be happy about crying.

Anyone can cope with the pain except those who feel it.

... because that's how it happens
That what we have we do not care for its value,
As long as we enjoy it: is it lost,
Then we overestimate the price; then yes
Let us see the value that property has made us disregard.

You have no courage in a bad cause.

What a good thing a man is when he walks around in a doublet and pants and leaves his mind at home.

As you Like It

But love no man in all seriousness, even for fun, no further than that you can get away with an innocent blush in honor.

All the worse that fools can no longer say wisely what wise people do foolishly.

This is how you get smarter every day!

Beauty attracts thieves faster than gold.

We loyal lovers often get on strange leaps: just as everything is naturally mortal, so all mortally in love are naturally fools.

The fool thinks he is wise, but the wise knows that he is a fool.

The ugliest thing is ugliness in the mocker.

The whole world is a stage
And all women and men are mere gamblers.
You step on and off again
A person plays a number of roles throughout his life.
Through seven acts. First the child
that gushes and gushes in the waiter's arms;
The tearful boy, the one with the bundle
And a smooth morning face, like the snail,
Reluctant to crawl to school; then the lover
Who sighs like an oven with a song of woe
On his beloved brews; then the soldier
Full of a curse and bearded like a leopard,
Jealous of honor, quick to deal with,
Searching as far as the muzzle of the cannon
The soap bubble of fame. And then the judge
In a round belly, stuffed with a capon,
With a stern look and a real beard,
Full of wise sayings and the latest example
Play his part like that. The sixth age
Make the skinny pantalone,
Brill 'on the nose, pouch on the side;
The youthful trousers, well spared,
A world too wide for the shrunken loins;
The deep male voice, transformed
To the childish treble, whistles and squeaks
In a fine tone. The last act with the
The strangely changing story closes
Is second childhood, complete oblivion
Without eyes, without teeth, without taste and everything.

Indeed, shepherd, in and of itself, it is a good life; but considering that it is a shepherd's life, it is no good. Considering that it is lonely, I may suffer it, but considering that it is quiet, it is a very miserable life. Furthermore, considering that it is in the country, it is mine; but considering that it is not at court, it becomes boring. In so far as it is a moderate life, you see, it is my mind; but insofar as it is not more abundant, it is very much against my inclination. Do you understand philosophy, shepherd?

What are good morals at court are so ridiculous in the country as the country way of doing things is ridiculed at court. You told me that at court you don't bow, but kiss your hand. That would be a very unclean politeness if courtiers were shepherds.

I don't want to scold any living creature in the world but myself, whom I know most of the faults in.

Time travels in different steps with different people.

If a man's verses are not understood, and a man's wit is not supported by the skilled child's mind, it will strike a man harder than a big bill in a small room.

As the ox has its yoke, sir, the horse its chin chain and the falcon its bells, so man has his desires; and like pigeons beak themselves, so the marital status wants to nibble.

Having seen a lot and not owning anything comes down to rich eyes and poor hands.

Good speakers clear their throats when they get out of the text, and when lovers (God forbid!) Run out of material, the most decent expedient is to kiss.

The poor world is almost six thousand years old, and all this time no one has died in person, namely in love affairs.

Men are May when they are free and December when they are married.

O Lord, we argue as if in print, according to the book, just as one has a moral record. I will tell you the degrees.The first the polite answer; the second the fine stitch; the third the crude reply; the fourth the courageous clearance; the fifth, defiant contradiction; the sixth the lie on condition; the seventh the obvious lie. You can pull yourself out of all of these, except the obvious lie, and out of that even with a bare mistake. I've seen seven judges unable to settle a dispute, but how the parties came together only occurred to one of them if a; for example, “When you say so, I say so,” and they shook hands and made brotherhood. The if is the true peacemaker; tremendous power in the if.

We soon hate what often frightens us.

Even if old age doesn't protect me from foolishness,
But probably from being childish.

The silliness of fools is always the whetstone of the witty.

All the worse that fools can no longer say wisely what wise people do foolishly.

Since the young person does not want to listen, he may be cheeky at his own risk.

... everything is brave where youth sits on top and controls the reins.

So we are fed up with news.

As a walled city is more distinguished than a village, so the forehead of a married man is more honorable than the bare temples of a bachelor; And so much the better defense is than inability, so much more precious is a horn than none.

What you want

So choose a younger lover for you
Otherwise your love cannot possibly hold up.
Because girls are like roses: hardly unfolded,
Is their lovely blossom already out of date.

What the big ones do, the little ones like to babble.

Do you think, because you are virtuous, that there should be no more cakes or wine in the world?

We men can easily speak more, swear
But the will is inferior to the promise.
We are strong in vows, but weak in love.

Look at this age at me! A saying is just a leather glove for a witty head: how quickly you can turn the wrong side out!

That is certain; he who tinkers with words can quickly make them frivolous.

Troilus and Cressida

A loving girl knows nothing until she knows:
Only the unreached is in the price,
And so has never conceived another woman
Love as sweet as you grant desire.
Therefore I follow this saying of love custom:
Granting brings command, failure please;
And may my heart feel true love,
A look or a word should never proclaim it.

May she be what she is! If she is beautiful, the better for her; if she is not, she will already know how to help herself.

We must not show the goodness of every deed
Judgment on the outcome of the success ...

The elephant has joints, but none for courtesy; his legs are legs for him
Need not for the bow.

Newborn trinkets are unanimously
Even if he were only formed from the past,
And cherishes the dust, a little gilded,
Far more than gold, a little dusty.

But often happens to us what we did not want,
And often we are our own devils
If we try the weakness of the will ourselves,
Too proud of our changeable power.

Measure for measure

Thoughts are not actions; Resolutions just thoughts.

Mistakes are said to make the best people
Educated, are usually so much better,
Because they were a little bad beforehand.

Whom God trusts the sword of heaven,
Must be holy and earnestly proven;
Even a pattern to guide us
To stand firm as to proceed; *
Equal measure to the lack of strangers,
How to choose your own sacrilege.

O rank! O dignity!
How often by external scarf and form do you enforce
Awe of fools; attracts the better themselves
Through false appearances!

Any guilt is condemned even before the act.

There is no shortage of clients for good lawyers.

Who sins more? Is it the tempter
Is it the tempter?

The thief has a free right to robbery,
If only the judge steals.

Love for love, bitter hate for hate,
I pay like with like, measure for measure.

Do not measure your neighbor according to your own measure.

All's well that ends well

Let yourself be reprimanded for silence,
But never scold speeches.

To riches, no matter how bad,
Wisdom often serves as a servant, poor and naked.

Virginity breeds crickets like cheese maggots, empties itself to the rind and dies by feeding on its own entrails.

Often it’s your own spirit that creates salvation,
We look to heaven Our strength
He gives free space, and only to the weary,
He opposes the willless.

He who weighs carefully and renounces the goal,
Because he despairs of what has never seen,
Never achieve the greatest.

It is said that miracles no longer happen, and our philosophers are there to make the supernatural and unfathomable things commonplace and trivial. Hence it is that we joke with horrors and hide behind our supposed science where we should fear an unknown force.

You despise standing alone, because I do
Can increase. It's strange that our blood -
You mixed it up - in terms of color, warmth and heaviness
Denied the difference, and yet so powerful
Separates through prejudice.

The law asks for the core and essence,
Not according to the state. Young, beautiful, and without blame,
Nature gives her immediate nobility,
Honor bears witness to how honor damned
Who is famous that he came from her,
And doesn’t look like mother. The seed of honor
Thrives far less through the ancestral deed,
As your own value.

The fabric of our lives is made up of mixed yarn, good and bad mixed up. Our virtues would be proud if our faults did not castigate them, and our vices would despair if they were not encouraged by our virtues.

The king becomes a beggar after the game:
But the end is good and leads to the goal;
If you like it: what you do every day
May pay faithful striving to the stage.
Just give patience; if we missed, forgive;
Let our hand be, consecrated our hearts to you.

Pericles, Prince of Tire

Can what an old man like to sing
Bring pleasure as you wish,
If I wish for my life that I’m fine
Consumed for you like candlelight.

No man of virtue obeys such weak advice,
That, if he knows there is sin, death is near ...

Who writes in a book what kings do,
Lock it up more securely than he shows it;
The narrated truck drives like the wind,
Blows dust in other eyes, spreading;
But is it finally only too expensive when bought
The breath has gone, the sick eye sees more freely,
And shuns the air; the blind mole mounds
Heaven, complain that the earth is oppressed
From people, that's what the poor worm dies for.

Everyone who gives us food loves the body,
Granted that her head may love her tongue.

How politeness liked to cover up sin
Then the deed that happened is like the hypocrite,
The good has nothing but the appearance ...

Because one sin awakens the other too,
Murder is the neighbor of lust, like flame and smoke.
Poison and betrayal are probably the hands of sin,
Yes also shields to keep the shame off:
To get you in, my death serves you well,
So I flee the danger that threatens me.

He found the meaning, and that's why we're minded
To have his head.

Of course it is, the passion of the soul
Who at first gets pregnant with fears
Then get nourishment and life from worry;
First there is fear of what might well happen
Older now, worry it doesn't happen.

They only offend the king, those who flatter him
For flattery draws, a bellows, to sin;
That being flattered is just a spark
Only from the wind does it receive strength and glow;
But reproach, which is humbled,
Appropriate to the king, he is human, can be wrong,
Whom here Mr. Suss has blessed you with peace,
He only flatters, makes war on your life.

A prince must never be hostile to the blasphemer.
You, so sent to the council and prince servant,
The wisdom of you makes your prince a servant.

It's time to fear when tyrants kiss.

Who digs hills because they strive upwards,
Throws around the mountain to raise it higher.

We are not looking for adoration, but love ...

How good a decent joke is at work.

Every thing goes as it can, and what a man cannot produce, that is why he does not have to give a good word to the woman.

It is often wrong to think you know
The man as he appears on the outside.

A friendly word must often apply to impudence.

That is a gate that does not follow wisdom.

The winter fairy tale

A father, I think
Is a guest at the son's wedding feast,
Who decorates his table the most.

I wish there weren't any ages between ten and twenty-three, or the young people slept all the time: because in between there is nothing but create children for the prostitutes, annoy the old, steal, scuffle.

Where one cannot help
One shouldn't complain either.

The good deed that dies without praise
Chokes a thousand others that she could beget.

How often does nature betray its own folly
And tenderness, and makes a mockery
For harder souls!

Happiness alone is the true bond of love.


A deep fall often leads to greater happiness.

I fear those whom I adore:
The wise; I only laugh at fools
I am not afraid of them.

It cuts sharper than the sword; your mouth
Poisons more than anything nile worm:
Your word rides on the storm wind and lies
Every stretch of earth: emperors, queens,
Princes, matrons, virgins, yes in the grave
Secret digs the viper poison slander.

Are we not brothers?
That should always be man for man.

The courtier says that what is not at court is wild:
Experience, oh, you show a different picture!
The deepest sea shows monsters, however
The brook gives us some sweet fish to eat.

His clothes are rich, but he doesn't wear them pretty.

The men’s oaths are the women’s traitors!

A good servant does not do every service;
Only what is fair is duty.

Medicines prolong life, but it gathers
Death last the doctor too.

The storm

(In the translation after Christoph Martin Wieland)

... good parents can have bad children.

Hell is empty, (...) and all the devils are here.

Ugh, how the man wastes his tongue!

Sire, it is bad weather for all of us when Your Majesty is cloudy.

The institution of the common being ought to be the replay of all of ours for me; for I did not want to allow any kind of trade and change; Only the name should not be known to the authorities; One should know nothing of all sciences; No wealth, no poverty, no class distinction; nothing about purchases, inheritances, fairy tales, boundary stones, braach fields or vineyards; No use of metal, grain, wine or oil; No work, all the people idle, all of them, and the women too; but all in innocence. No supremacy - -

All things should be common; nature should produce everything of itself, without man's labor and sweat. No treachery, no evils, consequently no heavy duty, no spear, no knife, no rifle, in short, no need for any instrument; for nature should, of its own accord, produce in abundance everything that would be necessary for the maintenance of my innocent people.

There are games which are laborious, but it is precisely this labor that increases the pleasure one has there; there are low deals to which one can submit in a noble way, and the most disparaging means which lead to a very noble end.

He who dies pays all of his debts.

So be careful, as dear as it is to you that Hymen's torch shines on you.

the strongest oaths are but straw for the fire in our blood;

Spirits whom I have called here from their districts through my art to carry out my fantasies.

We are the stuff that dreams are made of, and our little life ends in sleep

Now my draft has come to maturity; my charms do not break; my spirits obey, and time goes upright with its charge; how much is it during the day?

Lots of horror, confusion, wonder and astonishment live here; may some heavenly power lead us out of this terrible land again!

How many fine creatures are here together! How beautiful is the human race! O brave new world that has such inhabitants!

Romeo and Juliet

To be brave, one must hold out.

For beauty that strictly abstains from lust
Bring the unborn world for its inheritance.

Those who start before time end early.

Women often gain weight with men.

Look for 'happy nights' on happy days, child!

Is love a tender thing? She is too rough
Too wild, too raging; and it stings like a thorn.

The light wings of love carried me;
No stone bulwark can defend love;
And love dares what any love can.

Such a love flared out of great hatred!
I saw too early that I recognize too late.
Oh, marvel! I felt driven
To love the worst enemy tenderly.

If love is blind, it certainly aims badly.

The scars laugh at those who never felt wounds.

What is a name What rose means to us,
Whatever it was said, it would smell lovely;
So Romeo, even if his name was different,
He would get the delicious salary
Preserve what being is untitled.

Whoever confesses riddles is released in riddles.

Whoever runs hastily falls: so just hurry because '!

The man who once sold the lion's skin
Since he was still alive, he died hunting.

Where two go for advice, don't let a third come.

So wild love comes to a wild end
And dies in the highest victory, like fire and powder
Consumed in a kiss. The sweet
The honey is repulsed by its excess,
And in the taste it stifles our lust.
Therefore love moderately; such love is true:
Too hasty and too lazy comes late.

Feeling richer in content than words,
Is proud of its worth, not jewelry.
Only beggars know the amount of their goods.
But my true love rose so high
That no estimate reaches its estimate.

The people have their eyes to gawk: Leave them alone!

If grace spares murderers, it commits murder!

Stands up! stands up! If you are a man, stand!

Do you want to go already? The day is still far away.
It was the nightingale, and not the lark,
Which just now penetrated your anxious ear;
At night she sings on the pomegranate tree there.
Believe me, dear: it was the nightingale.

One fire burns down the other;
One pain can lessen another's torment.
Turn yourself in dizziness, help yourself by turning again!
Feel other suffering, that will alleviate your suffering!

In black misfortune he will dream
Good advice does not know how to remove the reason.

Let us find out where his suffering comes from,
We loved to heal it when we saw it.

Lies young men love
Because only in the eyes, not in the urges of the heart.

I will be more loyal
Than they who are more adept at doing strange things.

Love is blind, darkness suits her.

Only thoughts are good messengers of love
That flees ten times faster than the rays of the sun
When they shoo the night from dark hills.

Julius Caesar

Let stout men be around me
With smooth heads and who sleep well at night:
The Cassius there has a hollow look;
He thinks too much: people are dangerous.

Beware of the Märzen Idus!

Oh, what a weak thing
The woman's heart is!

Whoever wants to make a mighty fire in a hurry,
Take weak straw first.

The size abuse is when of power
Your conscience separates.

Romans! Fellow citizens! Friends! Hear me leading my cause and be quiet so that you may hear! Believe me for my honor, and respect my honor, so that you may believe! Judge me according to your wisdom and awaken your senses in order to be able to judge all the better! If there is anyone in this assembly, any dear friend of Caesar, I say to him: Brutus's love for Caesar was no less than his. If that friend then asks why Brutus rose against Caesar, this is my answer: not because I loved Caesar less, but because I loved Rome more. Would you rather that Caesar lived and all of you died as slaves when Caesar was dead, so that you could all live like free men? Because Caesar loved me, I cry for him; because he was happy, I am happy; because he was brave, I honor him; but because he was domineering, I killed him. So tears for his love, joy for his happiness, honor for his bravery, and death for his lust for power. Who is so low-minded here that he would like to be a servant? Is it someone he is talking about, because I insulted him. Who's so raw here that they didn't wish to be a Roman? Is it someone he is talking about, because I insulted him. I pause to hear the answer.

Fellow citizens! Friends! Romans! Listen to me:
I will bury Caesar, not him.
Whatever evil people do, they survive,
The good is often buried with them.
So be it with Caesar too! The noble Brutus
Told you that he was full of domination;
And if he was, it was a serious offense,
And Caesar paid hard for it, too.
Here, with the will of Brutus and the others
(Because Brutus is an honorable man,
They are all, all honorable!)
I come to speak at Caesar's funeral.
He was my friend, was fair and loyal to me:
But Brutus says that he was full of domination,
And Brutus is an honorable man.
He brought many prisoners home to Rome
For what the ransom filled the treasure.
Was that like the lust for power on Caesar?
When arms cried out to him, Caesar wept:
The lust for power should consist of harder material.
But Brutus says that he was full of domination,
And Brutus is an honorable man.
You all saw how at the Lupercus Festival
I offered him the royal crown three times,
Which three times he refused. Was that domination?
But Brutus says that he was full of domination,
And is certainly an honorable man.
I don't want to refute what Brutus said
I am only speaking of what I know here.
You all loved him once not without reason:
What reason do you resist to mourn him?
O judgment, you fled to the stupid beast,
Man became unreasonable! - be patient!
My heart is in the coffin here with Caesar,
And I have to be silent until it comes back to me.

The fig dies many times before he dies,
The brave once only cost death.
Of all the miracles I've ever heard
It seems to me the greatest thing that people fear
Since you can see that death, the fate of everyone, comes when it is supposed to come.

Your wisdom goes under in confidence.

Carelessness gives way to the conspiracy.

Good reasons must give way to better reasons.



O melt this all too firm flesh,
Dissolves and dissolves into a dew!

Economy, Horatio! Economy! The baked
From the funeral there were cold wedding dishes.

Given his rank, his will does not belong to him!

Even without an enemy, youth have internal strife.

Don't give tongue to the thoughts you have
Another improper act!
Be affable, but by no means mean!

Lend your ear to everyone, let your voice;
Take advice from everyone, but save your judgment!

Be no borrower and neither be a lender:
You and your friend often lose the loan,
And borrowing dulls the top of the economy.

He was a man, take it all in all
I will never see his own kind.

How aptly his answers are sometimes! This is happiness that madness often has
with which reason and the sane sense could not succeed so well.

More content, less art!

There are more things in heaven and on earth
When your school wisdom dreams, Horatio.

He is then a heretic who stirs up the fire,
Not her who burns.

Because brevity is the soul of the joke,
Diffusion of the body and external ornamentation,
I'll keep it short

What is the human,
If his time is profit, his greatest good
Just sleep and eat is? A cattle, nothing more.

What lives must die
And acquire Ew'ges according to temporality.

... because nothing in itself is neither good nor bad, thinking makes it so.

What a masterpiece man is! How noble by reason! How unlimited in abilities! In shape and movement, how important and wonderful! Like an angel in action! In understanding how like a god! The adornment of the world! The example of the living! And yet what is this quintessence of dust to me?

To be or not to be, that is the question:
Whether it's nobler in mind, the arrow and slings
Endure the furious fate, or
Arming against a sea of ​​plagues,
By resistance they end. Die - sleep -
Nothing else! - and knowing that a sleep
The heartache and the thousand thrusts ends
The inheritance of our flesh - it's a goal
To wish most heartily. Die - sleep -
Sleep! Maybe dream too! - Yes, there it is:
What dreams may come in sleep
When we shake off the urge of the earthly,
That forces us to stand still. This is the consideration
The misery leads to old age.
For who can bear the ridicule and scourge of the times,
The mighty pressure, the proud mistreatment,
afflicted love, the postponement of justice,
The arrogance of the offices, and the shame,
Which proves unworthy of silent loss
If he could retire himself
Only with a needle! Who carried burdens
And moaning and sweating hard?
Except that the fear of something after death -
The undiscovered land, from the district
No wanderer returns - the will is wrong,
That we prefer the evils that we have
Endured as fleeing to unknowns.
So consciousness makes a coward out of us all;
The innate color of resolution
If the paleness of thought is offended;
And undertakings full of pith and force,
Distracted by this consideration,
So lose the plot name.

Could beauty be better associated with than with virtue?

Madness among the great must not go without a guard.

Wicked deeds,
If the earth also hides them, they must betray themselves.

So is man's bustle: to sprout today
Tender buds of hope, tomorrow they will bloom
And clothe him in dense flower arrangements:
And the day after tomorrow, fatally, there will be a frost,
And if he thinks the good, sure man,
The greatness ripe - it gnaws at the root
And falls him.

Whiteboard! I have to write it down
That one can smile, and always smile,
And yet be a villain.

Weakness, your name is woman!

The grain of bad draws the noble value
Salary down to its own shame.

It is as peculiar to us old people as it seems
To go beyond the goal with our opinion,
As often with the young people the shortage
Attention is to be paid.

... being honest means how it goes in this world to be a chosen one among tens of thousands.

... because nothing in itself is neither good nor bad, thinking makes it so.

Treats everyone according to their earnings, and who is safe from beatings?

Treat them according to your own honor and worthiness; the less they earn, the more merit your kindness has.

Sparse with questions, solely on our questions
Generous with the answer.

You experience it a lot - with devotional expressions
And we add sugar to pious beings
The devil himself.

... the power of beauty is more likely to transform virtue into a matchmaker than the power of virtue can make beauty alike.

... adjusts the gesture to the word, the word to the gesture; where you must be especially careful never to overstep the modesty of nature.

The hinge of the knee bends,
Where creeping brings profit.

What can a person do better than be funny?

Well, the healthy one hops and laughs,
The wound is denatured;
One sleeps, the other wakes,
This is the way of the world.

... when the disease
Desperate can be a desperate means
Only help or none.

We fatten all other creatures to fatten us; and we fatten ourselves for maggots. The fat king and the skinny beggar are but different dishes; two bowls, but for a table: that is the end of the song.

We know what we are, but not what we can become.

Nothing always persists in the same goodness:
Because goodness that becomes full-blooded dies
In my own too much. What you want to do
You should if you want; because this "want" changes.

There are no noblemen so old as gardeners, diggers and grave diggers: they propagate Adam's profession.

Stop worrying about it. The stupid donkey doesn't go any faster than you can beat him.

That is how it is used to be; the less a hand does, the more delicate it feels.

Knowing another man from the bottom would be knowing yourself.

Being ready is everything. Since no one knows what he is leaving, what is important to leave early? May it be.

The rest is silence.


I'm nothing if I'm not allowed to blaspheme.

Things light as air
Are proof of jealousy so strong
Like Bible sayings.

How poor are those who do not have patience! -

How did wounds heal other than little by little?

Human is human, the best is missing once.

The good name is a vain and most deceptive imagination,
often obtained without merit, and lost without guilt.

Malice is only fully formed through action.

To lament mischief, to no longer mend it,
This means all the more to increase the calamity.

It is the fault of men that women fall.

So if the man turned away from us faithlessly,
Was it his wickedness that taught us evil?

But word remains word - I've never read
That through the ear a sick heart could heal.

If nothing helps, you don't have to waste grief,
And whoever saw the worst, hope end;
To lament mischief, to no longer mend it,
This means all the more to increase the calamity.

What cannot be saved, leave to false luck,
And give him back patience for offense.
To smile at robbery is to steal from the thief,
But you rob yourself by uselessly torturing yourself.

It is up to us whether we are like this or different.

If you really want to go to hell
So do it in a more pleasant way than by drowning!

Much still rests in the lap of time
What wants to give birth.

Many a house has proudly welcomed a fall,
So put on your old smock.

King Lear

This is the greatest foolishness in this world: If our luck goes badly - often because we have gone too far in our way of life, we blame our disasters on the sun, moon and stars, as if we were villains by necessity, Fools through heavenly influence, rascals, thieves and traitors through the superiority of the spheres, drunkards, liars and adulterers through compelling dependence on planetary influence, and everything in which we are bad through divine offense. A wonderful escape for the slovenly to blame the stars for his heated nature!

My job is to be no less than I seem, to serve faithfully to those who want to try to do things with me, to love those who are honest, to associate with those who have understanding and speak little, to fear the last judgment to fight when I can't help it, and not to eat fish.

Truth is a dog that has to go into the hole and is whipped out, while Madame's lap dog, the loud-mouthed sneak, is allowed to stand by the fire and stink.

Woe to those who repent too late!

That is a slave to easily borrowed pride
In his reign resides fleeting grace.

O do not justify what is necessary! The worst beggar
Has plenty in the greatest need.
Give nature only what is necessary
So is the life of man like that of animals.

What cunning is hidden is brought to light
Those who make up mistakes will one day be laughed at with ridicule.

Man has to endure
His departure from the world, like his arrival:
Being mature is everything.

We see the greater bear our pain,
Our own suffering hardly touches our heart.
Those who tolerate lonely feel the deepest pain
Far from pleasure, he alone bears pain:
But can the heart overcome a lot of suffering
When comrades can be found in agony and need

But better to know that way and that you despise yourself
To be always despised and flattered.
When one is very miserable, the lowest
Beings completely cast out of happiness,
One lives in hope and not in fear.

It is the curse of time that mad lead the blind.

The young rise when the old fall.

You shouldn't have gotten old before you got smart.

Keep what you promise
Withhold what you know
Got more than you borrow
Always ride mostly
Be vigilant in the mind
Don't roll too boldly
Leave prostitutes and wine
And dance and shawms,
This is how you find the stone
The wise alone.

Love is not love
When mingled with consideration, those sideways
Turns from the true goal.

Honor demands straightness,
When kings get foolish.

Every election ends with the condition.

Give the tough one a mild parting word: you lose this here for a better there.

Let him who wants to lead himself.

Often it shows, lack
It becomes our salvation, and deprivation itself flourishes as an aid.


The wounds adorn you like your words;
And honor flows from both.
I have never seen a day so wild and beautiful.

Often to lure us into our own misery,
Tell the truth to us of the dark's minions,
Tempt only through innocent gimmicks to
Destroying to deceive us in the end.

The reminder from beyond nature
Can't be bad - can't be good. If bad
What will she give me a cash of success?
Truly beginning? I am Thane of Cawdor.
If good, why am I tempted?
Whose horrific image ruffles my hair,
So that my solid heart is quite unnatural
Hit my ribs. Experienced atrocities
Are weaker than the horror of imagination.

Come what may come;
The hour and time run through the roughest day.
Service and loyalty are worthwhile even in doing.

If it were done the way it was done, it would be good
it would be done quickly. If only the assassination
The consequences can be locked out of his network
And only succeeding from the depths,
That with the shock, once and forever, everything
Locked up here, only here
On this sandbank of our temporality,
So I put myself away about future life. -
But with such an act we always feel good
Retribution here: that as we have given it,
The bloody lessons, he, hardly learned,
Strikes back, punishing the inventor.
This right, with an undeniably firm hand,
Set our self-mixed, poisonous chalice
On our own lips.

I dare everything that is human;
Anyone who dares more is not one.

To show the reason for pain is an art
Which easily becomes the wrong one.

The thief is not punishable,
Who steals himself where he has no mercy.

To bed! - That self-made horror torments me,
Is fear of the novice who lacks practice.
Verily we are just too young.

Be bloody, bold and firm, laugh at all fools:
Nobody harms you whom a woman is born;
None of that offends Macbeth.

Be proud and daring as a lion; you mustn't shy away from anything,
Who rages, who grinds, and whether traitors threaten:
Macbeth is never defeated until once upon a time
The great Birnams forest to Dunsinan
Rises hostile.

O time, you hurry ahead of my dreadful deeds
The hasty resolution is never overtaken
Doesn't the deed go along with it. From now on
Always be the firstfruits of my heart too
Firstfruits of the hand. And the same thought
To crown, be it done, as intended.

For folly, wisely applied, is joke;
But what use is the wise man's folly?

What tastes sweet often becomes bitter when digested.

Grief that does not speak
Press the laden heart till it breaks.

Take heart; no night is that long
That the bright morning finally doesn't laugh.

Because, as you know, there was security
Man's hereditary enemy at all times.

There is no knowledge
To read the soul's education on the face.

Life is only a walking silhouette;
A poor comedian who spreads and grinds
His little hour on the stage, and then no more
It is heard: it is a fairy tale, told
From a fool full of sound and anger
That means nothing.

My hands
Are bloody; but I am ashamed
That my heart is so white

It still smells like blood here; all the fragrances of Arabia would not make this little hand fragrant.

This is the earthly world where evil is done
Often laudable, and doing good at times
Harmful folly is called.