How do I know if turmeric is adulterated?

Saffron counterfeits and substitutes

The fact that saffron is in part as expensive as gold has always encouraged people to bring counterfeits onto the market. In order to get really good and above all high quality, real saffron, you should exercise caution when shopping!

Therefore, it is best to buy saffron only in threads, because this is the only way you can see whether it is really the threads of the real crocus. Ground "saffron" can be turmeric, which also turns yellow, but does not contain any typical saffron aroma. Or it consists of an inferior mixture of portions of real saffron that have also been stretched with turmeric.

When shopping, take a very close look at the threads - are they really threads or rather rolled up leaves? The latter points to the "false saffron" - the petals of the safflower, the Carthamus tinctorius. This is not saffron! This fake also turns yellow, but also does not have the beautiful aroma of saffron.

In bazaars you can believe the trader if he does a test with baking soda and water - real saffron turns yellow, a fake, on the other hand, turns the water a cloudy red!

Another method of counterfeiting saffron is what is known as counterfeiting of origin. For example, "Iranian saffron" is often declared as "Spanish saffron". This is done primarily for cost reasons, as Iranian saffron costs only half as much as "real" Spanish saffron due to the low production costs.

How do I recognize a good quality saffron?


Aromatic and numbing


Spicy and bitter


Deep red to brown-red threads widening in the shape of a funnel towards the top.


The threads should swell in a warm glass of water and turn the water yellow. Old threads do not swell or rub off.

Chemical proof:

Mix saffron in caustic soda. If the solution remains yellow, it is real saffron. If the solution becomes cloudy or red, the saffron powder contains turmeric.

Our saffron threads and powders are all carefully checked for counterfeiting! Upon request, we will send you laboratory reports from our suppliers!