Does a Tesla have a cooler

Elon Musk - ingenious kid's head, cool computer with crypto visions, igniting troll or coach of the crypto community?

Tesla boss Elon Musk doesn't really have time for comedy and jokes. The man works extremely hard, is a brilliant visionary, a technological doer and he wants to make the world a better place in more ways than one - the moon and Mars too, by the way.

As founder, boss or driving force of companies like Tesla, SpaceX, Neuralink and Boring Company, he pursues ambitious goals. No wonder that he sometimes wants to let off steam on less serious and fun stages. He has no reservations about contact, Musk also plays the clown on a TV show like "Saturday Night Live" without looking really good. But that doesn't seem to scratch the all-rounder Musk - an indication that he deliberately wants to treat himself to the luxury of acting like a child again and again.

Elon Musk as the helmsman of the Roller Coaster

On Twitter, more than 55 million followers now follow his every move in order to put every word spoken on the gold scales. Or better: on the crypto balance. Sometimes one word is enough, sometimes it takes a whole coherent sentence to trigger a new earthquake on the crypto exchanges.

These earthquakes do not have an impact of one, two or three percentage points, the spikes go easily in the direction of ten or even twenty percent. Down or up, depending on the day, mood and statement from Zampano Musk. This usually applies to the key currency Bitcoin or the joke currency Dogecoin. In tow, there are also numerous altcoins that cannot escape the pull of the spoken message from Elon Musk.

One cannot blame Musk for the role of the igniting troll. The phenomenon of a small cause and immediately visible eruptive effect already has an appeal. However, it does not shed any light on the temporary Troll Musk, it does so on an immature community.

If announcements like the stop of Bitcoin as a means of payment for Tesla are enough to cause the Bitcoin exchange rate to crash dramatically, that is remarkable. If a single word such as a simple "indeed" is enough to send the Bitcoin rating even deeper, it is even more astonishing. Hievt Musk's statement that he is in conversation with Dogecoin developers and that this exchange could "possibly be very promising", the course of the fun currency to new heights, shows impressively who is currently at the control desk of the roller coaster.

Incidentally, the Roller Coaster helmsman receives the highest praise and broad approval, as well as verbal beatings and hateful comments - depending on which crypto rate he is currently sending up or down. Here, too, Elon Musk seems to act at a great distance from his followers, hymns of praise or hate speech have no influence on his Twitter communication strategy.

Is the crypto market now more mature than its community?

The crypto market is much more advanced and mature today than it was a few years ago. This is shown by the large number of service providers and also the growing number of private and institutional investors who invest in cryptocurrencies with care and calculation. More long-term, so a significant portion of these investors are likely to be largely immune to Elon Musk's troll tweets. They do what they have been doing with conviction for a long time: hold on. Maybe buy more too.

The current instability, far beyond the "normal volatility" of crypto currencies, is produced to a certain extent by the crypto community itself. From small investors, albeit in huge numbers, who sell - or buy - almost hysterically and in panic. Whenever a word, an announcement, a thumbs down or thumbs up from your guru promises new luck or even devastating misfortune in your contemplation. For one or the other cryptocurrency.

That is not healthy. Not too unhealthy, however, because it is unlikely to have any major impact on the long-term development of the crypto markets. Cryptocurrencies and markets are still evolving, but they are more stable in several ways, even if they haven't necessarily made that impression in recent days.

Elon Musk as the coach of a hysterical community?

Whether intentionally or by chance, Elon Musk has also been filling this role in the last few days. After all, he shows panicked, euphoric, desperate or even hysterical investors, using their own example, what they should not do under any circumstances.

For example, don't invest in assets you don't really know or understand. Or not to be guided by emotions, euphoria or panic just because your guru is coughing. It is well known that he does not cough in the same tone throughout - what he hyps today he will tear into the cellar tomorrow. With this he carries along his disciples from yesterday, who hang on his lips full of faith.

So whether Musk is also educational or just having fun trolling, it doesn't matter, the effect remains the same. At the latest after the third or fourth panic or euphoria attack due to a tweet, a learning effect should set in.

On the one hand: a single person, even if his name is Musk, is not enough to significantly influence crypto currencies in the long term through humorous tweets and contradicting actions. On the other hand: Cryptocurrencies are an asset class that can bring long-term harvests, perhaps. And thirdly: panicking selling and euphoric buying is a highly dangerous strategy, which will not only affect your own emotional state, the strategy can also lead to personal disaster financially.

Does Elon Musk have long term crypto goals?

As I said, the rhetorical question in the headline does not need to be answered, Mr Musk's psychogram remains his private matter.

Now that we have touched on the genius of the child, the fiery troll and the coach of the still somewhat immature crypto community, we do not want to ignore the possible role of the cool computer with crypto visions.

At Tesla, SpaceX, Neuralink and Boring Company, the visionary spirit and doer Elon Musk consistently does nails, in astonishing dimensions and with far-reaching effects.

It's hard to imagine that Musk won't include cryptocurrencies in its business models. Especially since, as the former co-founder and technical director of the PayPal payment service, he is clearly prejudiced when it comes to digital payments.

Rather likely, therefore, that Musk also remains good for at least one surprise in the field of cryptocurrencies. Not in his current role as a troll or puppet conductor, but rather as a formative maker. Whether his love for Bitcoin will blossom again or whether he will get the joke currency Dogecoin out of the fun corner by integrating Doge into a project remains to be seen. It is also conceivable that he will invent the ultimate cryptocurrency himself, which is supposed to overshadow everything, will serve as a means of payment on earth, the moon and also on Mars - SpaceX-Coin or something.

It is rather unlikely that Musk will just remain connected to the crypto market as an investor. Elon Musk is an inventor and a visionary doer, not a user.