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These roof systems meet the highest demands


MeinDach has looked around the market for you and selected the best roof systems 2020 for pitched and flat roofs. We have based ourselves on a wide variety of criteria. Because your house roof is just as individual as you are. After all, the roof is one of the most expensive investments in building a house from a cost perspective. This is an important reason to choose exactly the roof that perfectly suits your home and your personal requirements. MeinDach supports you in your decision.



Roof systems: from classic tiled roofs to high-performance flat roofs



Whether you are providing a private house with a roof, the barn needs a new roof in 2020 or the roof of your commercial property is getting on in years and the time has come for a roof renovation: The roofing materials 2020 convince in every respect with a wide variety of properties and adapt to them perfectly tailored to the individual requirements of property owners. Whether new construction or roof renovation: With MeinDach you will find the perfect roof and competent German master craftsmen to carry out all necessary work.


The experts from MeinDach and the roof specialists from over 2,000 master craftsmen took a closer look at various roof systems and made a selection of the 2020 roof systems based on various criteria such as costs, time and complexity of assembly, sustainability or durability.



What criteria does a roof system have to meet for your 2020 roof?



A roof system must reliably protect the house from the weather. This is the basic requirement for a roof. However, there are other influencing factors that affect the selection of the roof system. In the next step, this includes the shape of the roof. After all, a flat roof requires a completely different roof system than a pitched roof. But even with pitched roofs there are roofs for which a selected roof system is more suitable than other systems. If you are planning to install a solar system, the roof system must also meet certain requirements.


Ultimately, the personal aesthetic feeling plays an important role. Because the roofing itself has to match the architecture of the building. Here you already have an almost infinite selection of roof tiles. The classic double grooved interlocking tile is equally suitable for historical buildings as it is for traditional architecture. With the plain tile you can make a nostalgic journey back in time and diamond-shaped roof tiles are reminiscent of the traditional slate roofing in many regions.


Or you can opt for the light version of a metal roof, which not only impresses with its low weight, security and flexibility, but also meets high visual requirements.



High quality roof systems with extensive accessories




What use is the most beautiful roof covering if the substructure and insulation are not matched to it or important accessories for ventilation have to be obtained from another manufacturer. Roof systems 2020 offer an extensive range of accessories in addition to the basic components of roofing, substructure and insulation. In the ideal case, the roof system for your new roof 2020 consists exclusively of perfectly coordinated components, from the substructure to the insulation to the roof covering and solar system.


The accessories are just as important. Therefore, before deciding on your future roof system, pay attention to the availability of an extensive range of accessories; Whether it is the ventilation integrated in the roof tiles or roof tiles, the antenna passageway, different types of roof passageways or module supports integrated in the roof covering for the assembly of solar panels.


When reviewing the various roof systems, several manufacturers met these important criteria. However, in order to make the overview easier for you, we are introducing a selected manufacturer per category for your new roof 2020. In this way you know what to look out for when making a decision and still have a free choice.



Roof systems 2020 for pitched roofs in every variant




The BMI Braas offers a particularly large selection of roof tiles made of a wide variety of materials as well as an extensive range of system components. All components of the roof systems are coordinated with one another. This saves valuable time and thus costs for the new 2020 roof.


The roof system impresses with its high-quality roof materials: from roof tiles made from sustainably produced concrete to classic roof tiles in numerous variants or modern metal roofs. The nostalgic beaver tail is just as much part of the range as the classic double troughed interlocking tile. However, the metal roofing is also showing its best side. This roof system variant is available in several versions and impresses with its lightness and a visually appealing design.


The manufacturer combines insulation systems specially tailored to the roofing with innovative, diffusible insulation materials and insulation elements. The products were developed for use in new buildings and for energy-efficient renovation. System components matched to the roof systems complement the roofing materials 2020 contained in the portfolio.



Solar systems and roof systems from one manufacturer



If you are planning the installation of a solar system for your new building or as part of a roof renovation, BMI Braas is your competent partner who will supply you with the products you need. Whether solar thermal or photovoltaic: the solar systems from Braas were specially developed for installation on the innovative roof systems. The coordinated technology reduces the workload for assembly and thus also the installation costs for your new solar system.


The photovoltaic in-roof system is particularly visually appealing. With this product variant, the photovoltaic system is integrated into the roof and the original protective roof becomes a highly efficient usable roof, which you can use to produce electrical energy for your own consumption and thereby reduce energy costs.


Of course, the highly developed roof systems are also suitable for installing solar systems from other manufacturers. Conversely, it is easily possible to install a Braas solar system on an existing roof covering.



Roof systems: the flat roof for commercial properties


The flat roof is particularly prominent in the commercial sector. In 2020, several product variants and systems were able to convince us of the construction of flat roofs that reliably protect the building over many years.


If you value bitumen roof systems, BMI Vedag is a system that meets the highest requirements. Available from standard to star quality, the roof system offers coordinated components from the underlay to the vapor barrier to special membranes.


The roofing films from BMI Wolfin are our preferred choice, especially for large areas. The roofing foils for sealing flat roofs have an above-average resistance to bitumen. Other advantages include resistance to chemicals and resistance to microbes, red algae and other sticky deposits.


Since the flat roof film from BMI Wolfin is root-proof and resistant to humic acids, it is ideally suited as a sealing film for green flat roofs on private or commercial properties.




Complete flat roof system for high-performance roof structures


Would you like a complete system for high-performance roof structures for your flat roof? Then the BMI EverGuard roof system is one of your roofing materials 2020. The innovative system for your new 2020 roof is free of plasticizers and halogens and has been tried and tested over the long term. It withstands intensive mechanical loads as well as the harshest weather conditions and is extremely easy to use. Above all, the good weldability optimizes the manufacturing process. Free laying under gravel load is just as possible as laying with mechanical fastening.


The complete system from BMI EverGuard was specially developed for industrial roofs and large areas and presents itself in this area as an efficient solution with high profitability.



Greening systems for a piece of nature on the roof



More and more owners of homes or commercial properties with flat roofs are making an important contribution to environmental protection by greening their roofs, as green roofs have been proven to filter dust and pollutants from the air. In addition, you can bring back a piece of nature with a green roof.


The ICOFLOR system is one of the leading greening systems for flat roofs. Waterproofing membranes that are resistant to root penetration and filter and water storage plates ensure optimal green flat roofs. The manufacturer of innovative roof systems 2020 ensures with a well thought-out system structure that everything under the roof remains reliably dry and the plants can develop under optimal conditions.


Your individual roof system installed by the MeinDach partner company



MeinDach works with more than 2,000 German master craftsmen across Germany. Each partner company is a verified specialist company with an entry in the trade register. With these and other requirements, we ensure that you find exactly the competent roofing contractor in your area that you need for your new roof in 2020.


Use the convenient MeinDach quotation assistant to request your personal and free quotation. MeinDach selects a roofing company for you who has the qualifications required for your project and forwards the request.


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