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For professional astrologers and those interested in astrology, ASTROPORTAL offers a wide range of ways to get to the bottom of the most important questions in life. Get answers about your zodiac sign, daily insights or use your subconscious to answer questions with tarot or dream interpretation. ASTROPORTAL wants to be your source and your helper to decode the cosmos.

Daily a free horoscope for every birthday of a zodiac sign

Astroportal offers free daily, monthly, annual and partner horoscopes and much more. We would like to help you through horoscopes to perceive directional decisions in order to direct and actively shape your life yourself.

The chief astrologer is star astrologer Erich Bauer. He is probably the best-known astrologer and horoscope writer in Germany, and in addition to Astroportal also writes daily, monthly and annual horoscopes for Cosmopolitan, Joy, Shape and Friday, among others. As the chief astrologer of the world's largest astro newspaper, Astrowoche, and through his regular appearances on television and radio, he is known to a wide audience.
Erich Bauer is not a "problem astrologer", but tries like no other astrologer not to focus on difficulties and problems, but rather to convey and inspire suggestions for resolving conflicts and removing restrictions.

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Your personal daily horoscope, partner horoscope and financial horoscope: Free every day in three dimensions - here you can find everything you need to know about horoscopes at a glance. Find out clearly what your stars say and how they can influence your life (as well as that of your fellow human beings). This service is 100% free for you. For all those who would like to get even more in-depth, even more personal and precise information with even more expressiveness - for themselves or for others - there are paid services in the own astro shop of star astrologer Erich Bauer.

The horoscope gives new perspectives:

Your horoscope for free at Astroportal

Do you also follow your horoscope every day? In your horoscope you can find out more about your surroundings and potential opportunities. No matter whether your life is turbulent, loving or stressful: The horoscope should support you to be better prepared especially for difficult and challenging life situations. Your horoscope alone cannot solve any problems, but it can give you alternative paths and perspectives and train your sensitivity for them. We wish you a lot of fun and aha experiences while browsing your horoscopes!

360 degree horoscopes as support

Your horoscope as a companion and friend

Our horoscopes should accompany you through your everyday life, highlight opportunities and serve as a red thread for beautiful but also hard tests in life. Of course you can also read a horoscope a day later. This will give you a better understanding of what happened that day from an additional perspective.

Do not be put off if your horoscope turns out to be negative or if you are scared: firstly, not everything has to happen, and secondly, it can be meant differently than interpreted at first glance ...
Our horoscope offers you a small but pleasant help in life and is intended to inspire, prepare and motivate you.

A bird's eye view of horoscopes:

What is the power of horoscopes?

Astrology and horoscopes have always fascinated people, kings and great thinkers are among them: Galileo Galilei, Johannes Kepler, Carl Gustaf Jung, Augustinus von Hippo, Catarina de Medici, Tycho Brahe etc. Their contempt is just as widespread: Nothing but a children's fairy tale. Astrology moves on both sides, providing brilliant insights and often just nonsense.

Basically, horoscopes and astrology are fascinating for two reasons:

1) Here's a look back: Is it possible that at the time of my birth the stars reveal something about me, who I am, my strengths and weaknesses, who suits me?

In fact, horoscopes do a great job here. There is no better way to get to know yourself. No psychological method, however sophisticated, can keep up. In addition to well-founded insights into the human psyche, astrology creates a feeling of finding one's reflection in heaven. That is comforting and creates confidence in life.

2) Looking to the future is the other side. Who doesn't want to know what's coming tomorrow? Because this look is so popular, dodgy traders have always made use of it. A lot of nonsense is produced there. Still, just trusting cosmic forces when thinking about the future is a win.
However, anyone who is really intensively involved with astrological predictions and horoscopes knows why the myth of astrology has been unbroken for many thousands of years. Of course, all astrological predictions cannot be taken one-to-one. But if you take the interpretations as a beacon and add your personal knowledge and experience, you can only be amazed again and again.
Of course, the stars are not easy advisors. They don't give a recipe for how everything gets better. Whoever engages in the stars and horoscopes enters a world full of wonders. What one learns cannot be taken over one-to-one, but it is impulses, signposts, hints, assumptions, advice - anything but unambiguous answers. Those who expect clear information are initially disappointed. But to reject astrology out of hand for this is just stupid. What comes from the stars isn't perfect, but it's better than anything else in this world.
But you shouldn't expect a master plan or instructions for use. You have to be ready to get involved. That is the best thing about horoscopes: they are a friend, an advisor, something that accompanies you. You are no longer alone in making important decisions.

We wish you a lot of fun and new knowledge with our information offer!