How can we attach documents in the iPhone

Adding attachments in Gmail for iPhone

While email is still an incredibly popular form, communication isn't always a part of everyday life. If you want to send a document, picture, or other file using Gmail, you need to know how to attach it.

It may seem trivial to explain, especially for someone who spends a lot of time emailing. But frankly, it can seem a bit daunting to the population who don't. The good news is that sending attachments is actually pretty straightforward. Let us begin.

Note: This post is going to explain how to attach files in Gmail for iOS. For Android here. If you want to know how to attach files in the default email app, click here.

Often times all you need to attach will have to be downloaded first. The main exception here is when you actually need to get a picture of something. In this case, the easiest way is to attach the file directly in Gmail.

How to attach a picture or document in Gmail

This is probably the most common scenario where you need to attach a file. Fortunately, this is also the easiest.

If you need to attach a picture, launch Gmail and start a new email by tapping the pen button in the lower right corner.

In the new email message, tap the small paperclip icon in the upper right corner. Select the picture you want to add. Everything should appear in the camera roll, whether it's a screenshot, camera image, or downloaded image.

Note: If you need to download the file first, you can do so by long-pressing the image on the web and selecting "Save Image".

The same goes for documents, even if it can be one little more devoured. Since Gmail is a Google product, it can be integrated directly with Google Drive. This is the easiest way to attach documents to your email.

So first you need to make sure that you want to have the file attached is stored in Drive. In most cases, the attached document is likely from another email. The best thing to do is to open the attachment in Gmail and tap the "Drive +" icon in the top right to save the file in Drive. You can then edit it in the appropriate Google Drive app: documents, sheets or slides.

From there, restart Gmail, press the pencil icon, then tap the paper clip. Select "My Drive" and find your file. Dead easy.

If the file to be attached is not from another email, you can easily upload it using the upload function of the Google Drive app. Just tap the "+" icon in the lower corner and then select the "Upload" option. You can then easily attach this file to your email.

Download and attach files that are not pictures or documents

Due to the limited nature of iOS, downloading and attaching files, especially documents or pictures, can be a challenge. If you want to attach an executable, zip file, or any other type of file, it takes a bit of work.

The simplest solution is to save the file directly to Gmail.

When you download the file, Safari defaults to the Open In ... box. Here, tap the "More" button and then select the "Gmail" option.

Note: If Gmail isn't an option here, scroll to the end of the first line and select the "More" option. Slide the switch next to Gmail to add it to your sharing sheet.

When you save a file to Gmail using the Share Sheet, Gmail automatically creates a new message with the file already attached and ready to be sent.