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Razer Nari Ultimate

The development of computer games is impressive: The graphics are becoming more and more realistic, with even more details and an even higher frame rate, and the input devices are now more versatile than ever before. Regardless of whether you play with a controller with built-in feedback, motion controllers, VR, touchscreen or a mouse and keyboard.

It's no different with the sound, because it doesn't have to hide from Hollywood productions: it is extremely spatial, is composed by well-known composers especially for gaming and headsets for gamers do not like to flatter the bass range for nothing if they prefer to play in silence the system's subwoofer is on standby.

But is there more?

Razer, probably the best-known supplier of gaming accessories, answers this question with HyperSense technology. HyperSense was developed together with the German company Lofelt. The aim was for players to be able to immerse themselves even deeper in the game and thus create a real immersive gaming experience. This is achieved or supported by haptic feedback. The Nari Reviewer's Guide therefore recommends action games such as Doom or Battlefield for the best possible performance.

Can have!

How convenient that I still had download codes for Battlefield V for the Xbox One from a bundle. On the Xbox, like on the Switch and other mobile devices, gaming is done by cable. A corresponding 3.5 mm cable for audio and microphone is included with the Nari. To activate HyperSense, the headset is switched on. The green logo with the three snakes starts to shine and your ears are already shaking in the prologue of the game! While you are thrown into different, short scenarios - sometimes as a foot soldier, sometimes at the wheel of a tank, sometimes as a fighter pilot - you are always immediately where the action is. And this is supported by the headset with timpani and trumpets. In contrast, the controller's usual rumble effect is almost timid. Apart from that, the feedback from the headphones kicks in much more often, which is due to the fact that Razer with HyperSense covers a larger frequency range in which the feedback starts. To be more precise, anything in the range from 20 to 200 Hz makes the ears flutter. In a game like Battlefield, which is constantly blasted with explosions, the headphones have a lot to do. In fact, this is a whole new gaming experience that you could otherwise only get with a thick subwoofer; but with the Nari Ultimate on your head, the whole thing looks extremely intense. If that's too much of an experience for you, you can simply switch off the headset when it is in use with a cable. Then it continues to work, just without HyperSense: The Nari Ultimate becomes a typically bass-heavy headset with which you can still have a lot of fun while gaming.

In contrast to wired use on the Xbox, the wireless connection also works on the Playstation 4. A 2.4 GHz receiver is included with the headset, or it is cleverly hidden in the right auricle. If this is plugged into one of the USB inputs of the PS4, the headset is recognized immediately. Interestingly, only then does the mute button for the microphone seem to work, which was constantly on on the Xbox and could only be changed via the console's settings.

The microphone itself is solid, speech comes across thin but just barely understandable. Some settings are still possible via software, but more on that in a moment. There is great praise for the microphone's positioning. It is built into the left earpiece and can be pulled out there, sensibly positioned in front of the mouth or, when not in use, simply pushed back in almost completely. So it disappears completely from view. A very good solution if you want to use the headset as pure headphones.

And a lot more is possible with software

The “Synapse” software can be installed on the computer, with which you can tweak the sound on one side and play with the headset's lighting on the other.

But let's start with a nice gimmick: The color of the logo can be changed in the Chroma Studio. 16.8 million colors are available here. There are also nice effects with which color changes can be configured, regardless of whether in a certain rhythm or through incoming audio signals. These effects can also be layered and so you can create your own color design. Anyone who owns other Chroma devices from Razer can put together a very impressive light show here.

At least as extensive are the possible audio settings that can be made in the software. "THX Spatial Audio" can be activated here to enjoy surround sound, and basic improvements can be set, such as bass boost or the intensity of the haptic feedback. In addition, there is a 10-band EQ with ready-made profiles, and user-defined settings can also be saved. In the last point the microphone can be configured. Here, too, there are some improvements that can be activated, such as ambient noise reduction. Those who like to hear themselves talk can activate "listening in" here. However, you should be careful with the improvements, as the voice quality quickly suffers from the added "improvements" if you go all out here. All settings can be saved in profiles and the current setting is saved on the headphones. If you then switch back from the PC to another system, you will keep the previously carefully set sound options. Just keep in mind that if HyperSense is deactivated, it is no longer active on the console and cannot be reactivated via the headset itself.

Attention four eyes, now there is something on the ears!

Sounds mean, but it is meant very nicely. Thanks to the hidden channels for glasses, the Nari is also very comfortable for people who wear glasses. When it comes to comfort, Razer has gone to great lengths. The headset adjusts itself automatically and adapts to every head shape. The inside of the ear cushions is provided with a layer of cooling gel so that you can keep a cool head even after long periods of play. Memory foam flatters the shape of the ear and head, synthetic leather rounds off the look. So you shouldn't work up a sweat and even if you do, the heat is quickly dissipated. It all sounds very good in theory, but also feels wonderful in practice. The almost 430 g heavy Nari Ultimate looks more like a lightweight when attached, it sits almost too loosely, but without the risk of slipping. But it is better not to look at the floor while playing. Small heads could have problems with the Nari and should try it first.

Switches, buttons, knobs

On the left is the 3.5 mm input, a USB port for charging the headset with the included cable, the on / off switch, a status LED, a button to mute the microphone and a wheel for game / Chat balance. The latter can be used to set the relationship between game sound and chat volume. The USB receiver and the volume wheel are hidden on the right side of the headset.

In the box

In addition to the Nari headphones, there are instructions, a few goodies such as stickers and the necessary cables in the box. You can get the software directly from Razer's website, but you have to create an account with Razer when you start the Synapse software for the first time.