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A personal assistant can be of use to your business in many ways, depending on your résumé and skills. Personal assistants keep your back free as an assistant, work on you or take responsibility for doing tasks to relieve you. A personal assistant supports you in day-to-day business or takes on tasks for you that are not part of your company's core business.

The field of activity of personal assistants is broad and depends on their qualifications and your needs as an assistant recipient. The personal assistants can work as consultants for you and your company if they have relevant specialist knowledge. You can also use them for light, repetitive tasks so that they take the pressure off you in everyday business.

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The best way to decide who is the right personal assistant for you as an assistant is to take a look at the potential candidate's résumé. You can also have work samples shown to you to determine whether the applicant can take on the tasks you have set to your satisfaction. will put you in touch with your personal assistant, without you having to worry about checking your résumé or skills yourself beforehand. We will do this for you and suggest one or more suitable personal assistants based on the requirements profile you have submitted. (Happens via this contact form)

As the assistant recipient, you interview the assistants selected by us either remotely or in our office in Georgia. If there is no cooperation, you will not incur any costs.

Since our German-speaking talents live in Georgia, the hourly wage is based on the average income in their home country. As a virtual employee, you can hire a personal assistant through our agency for as little as EUR 3.50 per hour.

When is a personal assistant worthwhile?

A personal assistant is always worthwhile for you if you want to outsource tasks that keep you from focusing on your core business. Handing over selected activities to a personal assistant can already be economical if you are overqualified for the work involved and want to invest your time in things that are more relevant to your company. Are you missing certain skills that you would have to familiarize yourself with for a long time? A personal assistant who has these skills can competently support you as a consultant.

Benefits of personal assistants

By the way, a personal assistant does not have to be physically present in your company, but can have his or her virtual workplace in the home office. If you as an assistant have different tasks to assign, you can hire several personal assistants without creating a capacity problem in your premises. Your new virtual employee, who you can find via, will either work from home or, if you wish, from our office in Tbilisi.

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With the scenario simulation, different wage costs and working hours can be compared with one another.

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We have been represented with our own office in Georgia since September 2017 and thus have optimal access to local German-speaking talents. We place German-speaking employees from € 3.50 / hour. Find virtual assistants now