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Pop / Rock - Music for Eternity: These are the 50 most important albums of the last 50 years

Music for the ages: These are the 50 most important albums of the last 50 years

The album has shaped pop and rock for 50 years. Now it seems to be losing its hegemony. An era is coming to an end, which we are celebrating once again here. With the most influential albums.

It began in 1966. Dylan's “Blonde on Blonde”, “Aftermath” by the Stones, “Revolver” by the Beatles and, above all, “Pet Sounds” by the Beach Boys were outstanding releases that year. Self-contained works conceived in recording studios that wanted to be more than a mere collection of potential hits for the charts.

They marked the birth of the concept album. At the latest with «Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band "The Beatles" the following year, the album took over the predominance of pop and rock. The album changed the pop world. It became a field of experimentation, a format of innovation in which countless genres and subgenres have been created over 50 years. Music history was written on the long player (LP), then on the CD.

This creative reign lasted half a century. Now it seems to be coming to an end. The technical revolution in streaming services calls into question the supremacy of the album. Spotify, Apple Music & Co. rely on streaming and tailor-made playlists. The single song is the focus there again and threatens to displace the album. An era comes to an end.

And here they are, the 50 most influential albums from 50 years of music history: