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Household dissolution

Household liquidation - what to do with the garbage

When a household is liquidated, for example when buying a house and before renovation, it is less rubble than furniture, clothing and household items that fall due as garbage. Depending on the type of waste, there are different options and regulations for disposal. Here, too, waste separation is a contribution to environmental protection and a way of saving disposal costs.

The bulky waste

Every household can usually order bulky waste free of charge once a year. The waste stacked on the street or in the bulky waste container is picked up by the waste disposal company at a specified time. Bulky waste includes the following items:

  • Furniture made of wood or plastic
  • Patio furniture
  • Child car seats
  • Curtain rods
  • Carpets or plastic floor coverings without adhesive residue
  • Mattresses
  • Feather beds
  • Bulky items with little metal content
  • Sports equipment

In general, car tires, batteries, electrical appliances, residual waste and construction waste such as masonry remains, old floors made of wood or cork as well as insulating materials and sanitary ceramics are not generally allowed in the bulky waste. Paper and cardboard are also not bulky waste.

Tip: The municipalities have stipulated in their respective statutes which types of waste are allowed to be thrown into the bulky waste. A call to the relevant authority, for example the waste management or environmental authority, usually provides clarity.

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Disposal of hazardous waste

When a household is liquidated, hazardous waste in the form of paints and varnishes, cleaning agents or used oils is often produced. These waste materials, like batteries and energy-saving lamps, do not belong in the residual waste under any circumstances. Smaller quantities can be collected at the municipal pollutant collection point. If you are dealing with large quantities with a volume of 1 m³ or more per type of waste, it is worth ordering a container. After filling, this is picked up by the disposal company, as is a construction waste container. If there is a lot of hazardous waste that is too much for the trunk but too little for the container, then the waste can be sorted by type and disposed of as a trailer.

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Dispose of old metals

Metal is far too good to throw away. In particular, metals without contaminants can be easily recycled. In addition to the recycling center, the contact person is the scrap yard. Depending on the amount and type of metal, the donation can even be remunerated. Possibly the household liquidation falls at a time of the scrap metal collection, then even the trip to the scrapyard is omitted and the metal is picked up from the construction site. The following also applies to the disposal of scrap metal: If large quantities arise, it may be worth ordering a container.

Tip: Light metals such as aluminum or tin cans do not belong in the junkyard. These are collected in the yellow sack and disposed of.

Old clothes and textiles

When a household is liquidated, textiles are usually also produced. While carpets can be disposed of in the bulky waste, clothes and fabrics belong in the used clothes collection. If the things are well sorted and clean, they can be given to a charitable association or the Red Cross. From there, the clothes are passed on to those in need.


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Too good to throw away?

Some items that arise when a household is liquidated may be too good to throw away. Cutlery and crockery, the old but functional bicycle, records and CDs or still functional electrical appliances can end up in a purchase or sale instead of in the garbage. A house flea market is also possible, where valuables are sold to interested parties directly in the house. This saves transport, is cost-neutral to organize and also increases the renovation budget - albeit probably only on a small scale.

Household dissolution by the professional

It is worth considering whether you can not let the budget dissolution be carried out by a service provider. Compared to the time required, because a household resolution and disposal is on your own, the professional is usually much more economical. Depending on the contract, the companies take over the complete evacuation of the building including waste separation and disposal.

In any case, some offers should be obtained for comparison. It is always important to compare the services in order to be able to make a realistic assessment of the prices of the individual service providers. Some offers include a credit for items from the household that can still be sold.

Serious providers create an offer based on an on-site appointment and realistically estimate the effort. If possible, a fixed price should always be agreed.

Tip: An agreement should be made with the service provider that documents, photos and similar personal items are collected separately and handed over to the client.

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