Should I go to Stanford or UCLA?

How likely is Stanford?

How likely is Stanford?
I struggled with myself for a long time, but then thought asking doesn't cost anything.
As the title suggests, I wonder how likely Stanford is to me? I don't want to sound arrogant or anything like that, I just don't know what my future looks like and I don't want to screw it up with ignorance and clarify myself.

Why Stanford?
I honestly do not know. Probably because Stanford is just the best I can get from my understanding, it's a dream. I'm still happy that I'm going to school because I'm really scared of the future because I don't have a plan. But I can also judge myself so badly.

In terms of school, I will certainly finish my Abitur with around 1.5 at a special school, we are told an NC bonus of 0.2 to 0.5 compared to other high schools. That is certainly not Stanford worthy.
Above all, I can score with extracurricular activities. I am a school spokesman, successful programmer and scholarship holder for committed schoolchildren, young journalist and photographer, and Olympic driver. Does something appeal to you or is it relevant to an application?

Even if I had the slightest chance, the financial situation looks difficult. I will now ask my foundation and use their contacts, but are there special funding programs in Stanford or in general for cases like me?

I don't want to ask too many questions for now, but you can certainly imagine that I still have a lot, also about SAT and TOEFL and more.
I am happy about every answer, tips and suggestions help me, as you can certainly imagine, infinitely further.
P.S .: Please don't use alternative universities, UCLA / Berkeley might still be possible, but if that doesn't work out, I'll probably stay in Germany, maybe Jacobs University.
Maddi88  📅 06.05.2009 22:59:55
Re: How likely is Stanford?
Your German Abitur is worth a damn to the Americans ... you have to do the SAT.
Without that, you can knock Stanford out of your head, the only thing that counts in America is the American standard and that's the SAT. And they will also be interested in WHAT you did here in Germany or what school you went to, unless you are at an interview or similar.
For you just the SAT is important and I can tell you that you really have to learn a hell of a lot for it, certainly more than for Abi if you want to have a reasonable score.
So from 1800 points is really good and whoever manages more than 2000 is a real "superbrain", and to be taken at the top universities you need a score of 1900+ ...
The other possibility would be to get a sports scholarship in Amiland, but if you are not a fantastic soccer player you have never played "American Football" then it won't work.
Well all in all you have 0% chance of getting there, you took care of it way too late and shortly before 12 in an internet forum you ask how you can study in stanford. If it were really your dream to study there, or anywhere in the USA in general, then you would have known for a long time what you would have to do for it. Quite apart from the fact that studying there, regardless of where and what you are studying, costs a fortune.
Just * LOL *
Renate  📅 07.05.2009 02:38:46
Re: How likely is Stanford?
Well, leave the church in the village, the SAT is not that difficult either.
Re: How likely is Stanford?
@ Maddie88
Even if I am happy that you answered me, I am annoyed that there is so little constructive in your answer. I know that the Abitur is relatively light.
I expect almost 2000 for the SAT test. At the Toefel slightly over 90. As I said, everything is due to my relatively poor self-assessment.
Sports scholarships are always mentioned on this train, but they tend to be in the minority.
And as I said, not very constructive. If you had studied Stanford just a little, you would know that Stanford is often cheaper for students than normal colleges, as Stanford helps students with many financial aids.
The bigger problem will be before the admission, the application.
And personally I don't think I'm too late. I mean, I'm relatively late, but certainly not too. I have 6 months until early action and 7 months for the regular decision for the 2 tests, the essays and the application. To reproach with but inactivity without knowing me ...
I would be very happy to receive constructive answers, however, at the moment I see a need for advice on applying to Stanford. I'll have to do that with the essays?
You have no idea yourself  📅 08.05.2009 00:30:06
Re: How likely is Stanford?
SAT at least 2200 or ACT 32.
There will only be 2-3 SAT tests until November ... And then you also need SAT II (need the Internationals ??) for Stanford ... You have a lot of time ?? Well ...
Your Abitur is not that great ...
Extracurriculars are ok ... but what do you mean by successful? That is the question...
Good luck!
Maddi88  📅 08.05.2009 10:09:40
Re: How likely is Stanford?
I only tell you so much that you don't have to imagine a lot on your 1.5 Abi. That's okay, but not absolutely top notch. I also have a 1.5 Abitur and, as far as I know, went to a very good school (church as a private sponsor). But after high school nobody cares anymore

And NO, a sports scholarship is not a path for the minority, but rather for the majority. I already know 2 people from my circle of friends who make it there through sport (football and soccer players).

Regarding the TOEFL, I can only tell you that it cannot be seen as a criterion at all, because it is too easy. Had one in my level who had a permanent 5 in English because he was only interested in the language 0. Now he would need proof in English, so he learned hardcore for 1 month and got 85% out of the toefl. Although he even had problems with vocabulary and English sat construction before ...

You find my previous post not constructive enough?
The only constructive advice for you is to get a few books and learn the SAT and, as a precaution, register for the next exams.
Re: How likely is Stanford?
I have never said that my Abitur was good, on the contrary, it is disabling. Nor did I tell that I have a lot of time, but I don't see much too late or even 0% chance here.
I think I will take the SAT in September or October, the other application parts do not depend on it. I'm also lucky that you can do it just around the corner from me.
I will do the Sat Subject test in Math 2 and Chemistry. In that case, does Math 1 bring anything else and should I maybe do Physics? Toefl is of course a requirement of Stanford, no matter how easy it may be.
SAT Book has already been ordered and of course the summer holidays will be crammed.
I therefore mean that I have learned to program independently and that I have successfully placed an app for the iPhone in the Apple AppStore.
I hope that I can score points with extracurriculars like this.
A question about early action: Recommended or not?
Since I definitely want to go to Stanford, should I do it, shouldn't I?
Or is the competition even stronger then? But at least there is a 13% admission rate vs 8%
I really don't want to start a flamewar now, but I don't know what is constructive about 0% chance.
You have no idea yourself  📅 09.05.2009 04:21:37
Re: How likely is Stanford?
Shit ... I have to rewrite everything now ... I just deleted everything ... so I don't pay attention to the spelling
So ... I don't want to argue with you now and will answer your questions ...
Stanford doesn't necessarily want to, but if at least 2 SAT IIs ... Chemistry and Math 2 would be ok; Also taking Math 1 wouldn't make sense, but Physics definitely ... But try to get 2 800s rather than 3 650s ...
in september I think there will be no SAT (check again) ... that means that for early action you only have october and for regular decisions until december (3 test dates) ... if you decide for the SAT IIs , that means that you have a maximum of 2 attempts at SAT I anyway (but that's enough!) ...
for a SAT in 2008-2009 you are too late ... registration deadline for internationals who wanted to take the june sat was cinco de mayo
I can recommend Early Action to you ... but remember that you can only send one SAT and no SAT IIs (last acceptable SAT is the october SAT) ... with regular admission you would have more scores ... the competition will always be strong ... you can't exactly say something like that (go to forum ... there are more people like you than here ...)
Programming ... hmmm ... something is actually not that strong ... there will be enough applicants who have programmed similar things or even more incredible ... unless you have programmed pandora now ... having learned to program things by yourself will not itch either ...

What I can recommend to you: You seem to be more of the math science type than the language type ... Try taking the ACT as well ... There is not so much emphasis on vocabulary, which is the weak point of most internationals AND Americans is ... ACT is just as recognized as the SAT ... Stanford doesn't care ... some have higher scores on ACT than on SAT (the other way around) ... the main advantage of ACT is that you get the scores you want to send choose ... you have to send all SAT scores! I think there is even a September ACT and the registration deadline for the ACT in June may be a little later ... check the ACT page ... If you can take the ACT in June, I would open it do it in any case (even without learning if you don't have time) ... it doesn't matter whether you fail or not ... you can choose the scores yourself, as I said ...
I myself have a higher ACT than SAT score (36 ACT, 2380 SAT)