Arabs eat a lot of seafood

Prepare a seafood paella with us

When you think of Spain and its gastronomy, the most famous dish comes to mind: paella. She is not only known worldwide, but also a real culinary symbol.

Many of you have already tried them, while others might see them as "too typical" or "only for tourists". Indeed, there are huge differences in quality. So don't go to the restaurants where you don't see a local eatingbut rather share authentic, traditional and absolutely delicious seafood paella ... made with lots of love, seasonal ingredients and the best local produce.
Discover (again) this delicious culinary classic !!

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The origin of paella, as in almost all dishes in every traditional and popular cuisine, can be found in the combination of elements and ingredients that people have grown in their environment. The region where this famous rice dish originally comes from (even if it is eaten all over Spain today) is Valencia, on the Mediterranean east coast of Spain.

A landscape rich in vegetable gardens, salt water lagoons (“Albuferas”) and with access to the coast.

This explains why the most popular paella is the seafood paella is because these are the freshest and finest ingredients on the coast.

In the interior of this zone, however, there are plenty of vegetables that are added to “this version of paella”, along with chicken and rabbit, which are also common ingredients there. It is even said that the “original” paella was made with eel, snails and green beans and was already a special treat in the 18th century. As you can imagine, there are many recipes that are all authentic and based on an old recipe.

In addition, the proximity of the “Albuferas”, which is a very characteristic landscape, makes the existence of the rice fields possible and thus offers the perfect conditions for the preparation of this dish (there are not many areas where rice can be cultivated). Because it is the rice that the Arabs introduced to Europe in the 8th century that is the key to a good paella. As with sushi, it needs to have the perfect consistency to reveal its best taste and texture. It may sound simple, but it's the pillar on which everything is built.

The name “paella” doesn't actually describe the food itself, but the pan in which it is cooked!

But there are more authentic and special ingredients like the “garrofón” or lima beans, apart from spices like bay leaves, thyme, rosemary or saffron. But basically you can add anything you want to the paella: artichokes, green beans, all kinds of meat, fish, Serrano ham, ñoras, vegetables like eggplant, zucchini, mushrooms etc. whatever your heart desires ...

Another curiosity is that the name “paella” doesn't actually refer to the food itself, but to the pan in which it is cooked! Just like the fact that in the past it was the typical dish that men cooked for family celebrations or larger events - a tradition that is still maintained in many cases.

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And one last insider tip: the most delicious part of paella is the crispy base that is stuck to the pan - the best way to get it when you're in company is to elegantly distract and then scrape everything out with a wooden spatula and just enjoy it !!