The fax becomes out of date

Does a fax machine still make sense today?

For a long time, the fax machine was one of the indispensable devices in the office of a self-employed person.

And even today you can still find it in many places.

But do you still need a fax as a self-employed person today? What are the advantages and disadvantages and what are the alternatives?

Another fax today?


Fax technology was introduced in 1979 and has been around for more than 30 years.

In Germany in particular, it benefited from the introduction of ISDN and thus occupied the second connection.

It can now also be easily integrated into a telephone system.

But today it seems to be a relic of the old days.

advantages and disadvantages

Fax still offers advantages today. So you can send documents directly by fax without any detours and the other person has it printed out immediately. This bypasses the somewhat more complex method of scanning in and then sending it by email.

Especially with business documents, such as offers, terminations, etc., the fax has the advantage that it is recognized as a written form and can therefore often be used as evidence even in court.

In addition, the transmission report and the protocol offer additional verification options.

However, the advantages are already exhausted. The fax has some disadvantages that you don't really have to do anymore today.

Sending is tedious and sometimes time-consuming if a large number of documents have to be faxed. In addition, the quality of the fax printout is not exactly great and often enough small text is no longer legible, not to mention the quality of the graphics.

There is also spam that is sent via fax and regularly consumes a lot of paper and toner. And that's not only annoying, it also costs a lot of money.

If you need a received fax document on the computer, it must first be scanned.

It depends on the self-employed person and their activities whether a fax still makes sense. For most of them, however, not really.

Alternative 1: fax software

Software solutions for your own computer are an alternative. With it you can send faxes to “real” fax machines as well as receive faxes.

That makes it more convenient, faster and you save money.

However, this means that the written form is no longer available and the documents received in this way are no longer necessarily legally recognized.

Alternative 2: multifunction devices

Modern multifunctional devices offer another option.

These enable faxes to be sent by simply using the device's scanner.

But reception is also possible and you then simply receive a PDF with the fax pages.

The advantage of this solution is that you can fax paper documents without any problems, but when you receive them you can only print out a fax if you wish. So you can delete all the spam faxes with one click.

And since such multifunctional devices can also print, copy and scan, you don't have to buy an additional device.

However, a multifunction device is usually more expensive than a fax machine. So it's only worth it if you also need the other functions. Otherwise a classic fax machine is cheaper.


For many self-employed people, a classic fax machine is no longer necessary. The rare cases that you have to send or receive a fax can also be dealt with with the help of software or a multifunctional device.

Many other self-employed people, such as myself, no longer need a fax at all.

However, there are certain industries where faxing is still commonplace and where you cannot or would not want to do without a classic fax machine.

But this group will certainly get smaller in the future.


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