Are there real clairvoyants online

Analysis shows: fortune tellers were clearly wrong in 2020 as well

  • Year after year, clairvoyants foresee the end of the world, catastrophe scenarios, happiness in love and pain in relationships.
  • In most cases, luckily, they are wrong.
  • According to a current analysis, the fortune tellers did not have a very high hit rate in 2020 either.

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US President Donald Trump wins the elections - then the world ends. A giant monkey in King Kong format is discovered on a desert island. A robot raids a bank and penguins harass people in a city. All of this was on the list of psychic predictions for 2020 as well as volcanic eruptions, forest fires and earthquakes - and the winners of the Olympic Games. However, they did not take place this year, the global corona pandemic prevented many sporting events. The Effects of the ubiquitous virus in 2020find each other however, according to the Society for the Scientific Investigation of Parasciences (GWUP) in RoƟdorf in southern Hesse in the prophecies not again.

"If representatives of this guild had mentioned key words like lockdown or mask requirement in their forecasts at the beginning of the year, they would have been laughed at at the beginning, but already in spring they would have been able to proudly refer to their forecast hits," says the GWUP. As every year would have Fortune tellers, astrologers and clairvoyants embarrassed all along the line.

Accusation: Clairvoyants reinterpret vague predictions - criticism from the Astrologers Association

According to the Mainz mathematician Michael Kunkel, some protagonists of the scene tried to to interpret their interpretations as an indication of Corona. A fortune teller predicted a "bad event" in January. "If you have to explain a forecast hit verbatim afterwards, then the forecast cannot have been great."

A Criticism that the German Astrologer Association in Heidelberg does not want to accept. It was predicted to be a "year of extremes" with "extreme measures and restrictions", says chairman Klemens Ludwig. The pandemic was, as it were, not explicitly addressed. "Pluto was in extreme connection with other planets," says Ludwig. "Everyone sees what we see in the sky, they just don't draw any conclusions from it." Pluto was very closely related to Saturn, Jupiter and Mars. "That doesn't necessarily mean a lot of good."

Ludwig sees the global peak of the pandemic passed last November. "There will be no drama like this year in the coming one. We can look ahead to the next year with more optimism."Conflicts between old and new would be massive in 2021." The topic is where new things make sense and what should one hold on to, "he said, referring to home office and digital teaching in schools, for example.

Mathematicians prefer bizarre predictions - there is more entertainment value

To the mathematician Kunkel Meanwhile, the bizarre forecasts are betterbecause they are more fun. Like last year, the giant monkey did not appear this year either. Neither the robotic bank robbery nor the bitchy penguins in a city have come true so far. In the boulevard there were again numerous predictions about love, health, career and royal offspring.

According to the GWUP, well over 100 prognostic texts from books, astrological almanacs, websites, videos, blogs or the press were evaluated in 2020. Many predictors sometimes put hundreds of forecasts online. In the evaluation, the prognoses are taken literally - as far as possible - and it is taken into account how likely it is that they will occur. "A real forecast should be clearly formulated, so it should contain what should happen when and where." This is rather rare.

Doomsday after Trump's election victory does not materialize - like Trump's election victory itself

"As far as I know, nobody predicted that Trump would challenge the result of the election in many states," says Kunkel. On the other hand, he stayed The end of the world after an election victory for Trump just like the victory itself. And contrary to other predictions, Joe Biden actually competed.

Astrologer Ludwig announced a mud fight in the run-up to the November election. In September the astrologer predicted that the Democratic team would win. Then it will be "incredibly dirty" and it will not come to an end quickly, he says in a post on YouTube. "In the end, Trump himself is finished too."

Kunkel also has a word of praise about Ludwig. For all false predictions by others, this one has a hit for 2020. Ludwig foresaw the DAX slipping below the 8,500 point mark. Kunkel: "Even if it was only for a few days and the astrological analysis was about long-term trends - the DAX was below 8,500 points and the forecast was therefore correct." In the corona pandemic, the share index fell to 8,441.71 points in March. (Oliver Pietschmann / dpa / mgb)