What if Daenerys had never found her dragons

"Game of Thrones" Season 8: 13 things that bothered in the finale

The series finale of "Game of Thrones" divides the mind. Not all got the ending they wanted. We have put together 13 things that are not well received by the fans and that spoiled the fun of the finale.

Caution: spoilers for 8x06!

"Game of Thrones" is over and the battle for the Iron Throne has come to an end. For eight seasons we followed how in Westeros the struggle for rule over all royal lands was waged with battles and intrigues, while an overpowering enemy rose up in the north. For six episodes, David Benioff and D.B. Weiss Time to tell the last chapter of the "A Song of Ice and Fire" film adaptation - too little, find many fans who are anything but happy with the 8th season of "Game of Thrones". Criticism has grown louder and louder in recent weeks. The finale should have poured even more fuel into the fire of the critics. We've put together 13 things that fans (justifiably) get upset about after graduation.

1. Jon's origin didn't matter

For years there have been theories about the origins of Jon Snow. "R + L = J" occupied George R. R. Martins' readers for many years before the TV series began. It was there that the true origin of Ned's supposed bastard was ultimately revealed long before Martin could officially confirm it in his novels. A highlight for many fans to finally have certainty and even to catch a glimpse of Jon's parents - Prince Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark - in a flashback scene. That Jon is actually half Targaryen was the Revelation par excellence. But in the end she did not play a decisive role in the 8th season "Game of Thrones". It was only used as another means of making Daenerys the "Mad Queen". Varys died because he was telling the truth to the world. But the letters for which he found the cruel death by fire were not discussed any further. Nobody seems to care that Jon has a claim to the (no longer existing) throne. Not a single word is said about it. Not even at the council meeting when the noble houses are on the lookout for a new king.

2. Daenerys' unspectacular demise

It was announced last week that Daenerys would have its 8th season "Game of Thrones" won't survive and it has to be Jon who puts an end to her life. So it wasn't too much of a surprise when he stabbed her after a kiss and freed Westeros from a tyrant. Just kind of ... That moment didn't really affect you either, right? In direct comparison, the scene in which Ygritte dies in Jon's arms looks much better staged and more dramatic than Daenerys's death. She was one of the most important characters in the TV series and got a similarly unspectacular ending as Cersei Lannister did in the previous week. A lot more could have been done with Dany in that final moment. Just imagine an acapella version of "Jenny of Oldstone" by Florence Welch playing in the background while Jon and Daenerys exchange a sentence or two before Dany dies in his arms. A distant, tragic one And she never wanted to leave, never wanted to leavethat joins Jon's crying. It could have been so beautiful.

3. Drogon's behavior

Jon stabs Daenerys and shortly afterwards Drogon shows up in the throne room and - hello "The Lion King" flashbacks! - finds his mother dead. The dragon is beside himself with grief and anger. But instead of killing the man who has his mother on his conscience, Drogon destroys the Iron Throne. Drogon didn't kill Jon because he's a Targaryen too, some fans justify his behavior. Anyone who has taken a brief look at the history of the Targaryen knows, however, that the dragons did not shy away from killing members of House Targaryen and that they could very well be killed by fire. A few other fans cite an older dialogue from the series that mentions that dragons can outperform humans when it comes to intelligence. Accordingly, Drogon should have realized at that moment that the throne is to blame for Dany's death. Had it never existed, she would never have come to Westeros and the small, unusual family - single mother with three dragon children - could have lived happily ever after on a distant island. If the dragon thought that far, it would be real quite smart. It is a shame that such intelligence has not shown itself in the last eight years ...

4. Cersei and Jaime could have survived

One of the most emotional moments in the finale is the scene in which Tyrion finds the bodies of his siblings who did not escape the palace in time. Only when you take a closer look at this whole scene do you get the feeling that the two could have survived without any problems. How? By simply taking a step aside. Not only that: The two are only buried under a very thin layer of rubble, which somehow contradicts the dramatic collapse from the fifth episode, where it looked as if they were buried under two meters of rock at least.

5. Bran as the new king

He should have become the Lord of Winterfell, but Bran refused. He was neither a child, nor a man, nor Lord von Winterfell, but only the three-eyed raven, he told his family several times. So so. As soon as Bran is offered the crown, he seems to have forgotten it. He accepts them proudly and overjoyed and thus becomes the new ruler of the Six Kingdoms. As a viewer you almost get the feeling that he has perfidiously engineered everything in the last few years in order to end up on the throne himself. Bran as king makes for a lot of conversation among fans. Probably no audience saw the decision of the council and no one is really happy about it. The fans would have indulged other characters, including Arya Stark, who freed Westeros from the Night King. A little bit it feels like Bran did next to nothing but was rewarded with the grand prize. Like the type of classmate who does not take part in the group presentation, but is still given the top grade in the end because everyone in the team gets the same grade, fans find out in funny memes.

6. Bronn gets a seat on the council

... have we all forgotten that he came to Winterfell just a few episodes ago to kill Tyrion and Jaime? And this man not only gets a place in the Small Council, but also becomes a master of the coin and will be responsible for finances in the future? It doesn't make sense no matter how you twist and turn it. Bronn has proven himself to be a traitor several times in recent years. He is not a character to be appointed and promoted to an adviser to the king. Head of new brothels in Königsmund? Yes. Master of the Coin? No.

7. Samwell, girl for everything

The showrunners seem to have disagreed on how to go on with Sawmwell. He once joined the Night Watch, swearing an oath for life and renouncing marriage, family and property. That was thrown overboard when Sam started dating Gilly. It stands to reason that after the war he followed in his father's footsteps and became the new lord of House Tarly. So far so good. At the meeting of the small council, however, Samwell suddenly appears in the cloak of a maester. How can that be? There is no way Sam could have completed his education and joined the Scholars of Westeros so quickly. Not only that: Maesters live in celibacy, discard their family names and are not allowed to own any land. Are we really supposed to believe that Sam gave up his little family with Gilly to become a maester?

8. The Iron Islands do not want independence

The Seven Kingdoms are history. Bran defeated the throne and Westeros is now divided into six kingdoms. The north - at the insistence of Sansa Stark - is from now on independent. The home of the Starks is ruled by Sansa, the new queen in the north. The talks on this were discussed in front of the great houses of the rest of the kingdom. Some fans wonder why they seem to have no interest in their independence, even though they have seen that it is potentially possible. Especially with one candidate, the reluctance seems anything but understandable: Yara Graufreud (Greyjoy) once only joined Daenerys because it guaranteed the independence of the Iron Islands. She - or rather the showrunners - seems to have forgotten that, because suddenly she no longer cares.

9. Master of Whisperers

Some positions remain vacant in the Small Council, the advisers to the king. Bran particularly highlights the missing master of the Whisperers, who has not yet been found. Some fans have justifiably asked themselves why this post is needed any longer. After all, Bran knows everything.

10. Jon's banishment

Jon was banished to appease Daenerys' remaining forces. Only they leave in the final under the direction of Grauer Wurm and leave Westeros. It seems unlikely that they will ever return. The Starks just had to wait for the ships to disappear on the horizon and Jon's ban could have been lifted with a wink. Gray worm and his people are gone. After what Daenerys did in King's Landing, not a single soul in Westeros will hold a grudge against the Queen's killer and insist that he be punished.

11. Sense of the night watch

Jon has to leave King's Landing and joins the Night's Watch one more time. But what is the purpose of the Night Watch now? Its members originally had to defend the wall and protect the Seven Kingdoms from the dangers in the north. But the Night King and the White Walkers are defeated, peace has been made with the wildlings and then there is also the huge hole in the wall. At the moment, the night watch seems to be of little use and only functions as a prison in the north. The next few centuries may be spent plugging the hole and rebuilding the wall. After that, they only have expeditions to the deep north until the other side of the wall has also fully opened up.

12. Plastic bottles in Westeros

First a coffee mug in Winterfell, now a plastic bottle in King's Landing. Fans did not miss that right away two Bottles have sneaked into the scene when the noble houses vote on a new king. Obviously, HBO didn't learn from the embarrassing glitch with the Starbucks mug. We had expected that those responsible would sift through the remaining episodes very carefully after the faux pas in order to eradicate such errors - thought wrong.

13. Screen time for the wrong things

"Game of Thrones" ended the series with just six episodes in season 8. Every minute of screen time is therefore important and precious. The frustration of the fans is all the greater that the showrunners waste minutes on absolutely unimportant scenes. This includes not only the white horse in the penultimate episode, but also Tyrion's moving around with the chairs of the Little Council in the final. Wasted time for an unimportant moment that could have been better used to introduce the characters at the council meeting - after all, there were some unfamiliar faces - or to show Jon admits to having killed Dany. Instead, they opted for a time jump and comedy moments that would not necessarily have been needed in the finale.

The finale of the 8th season "Game of Thrones" runs tonight at 8:15 pm on Sky Atlantic HD and is already available on Sky.