What's your favorite British beer

English beer

Barley Wine? IPA? Stout? What types of British beer are there? Discover all English beer styles at a glance!

Great Britain is Europe's second largest beer percent, right after Germany. And yet English beer doesn't necessarily have the best reputation with us ... But times can change.

British beer styles are conquering the world

Because the most popular beer style of the Craft Beer Revolution is above all the India Pale Ale! Today not only IPAs but also pale ales, stouts and other English styles are being reinterpreted by brewers around the world.

Also in the German beer world: Welde brews an award-winning Craft IPA, Riedenburger has a porter, Maisel & Friends win with their Pale Ale Awards, just like CREW Republics Barley Wine R.I.P or Schoppes Vanilla Stout.

The most famous English beers

And English brewers are also gaining increasing popularity internationally. Popular English beers are available from these breweries, among others:

  1. BrewDog from Ellon, Scotland
  2. Wychwood from Witney, England
  3. Greene King from Bury St Edmunds, England
  4. Fuller's in London, England
  5. Innis & Gunn from Edinburgh, Scotland
  6. Belhaven from Dunbar, Scotland
  7. Samuel Smith from Tadcaster, England

English beers at a glance

In this article we introduce the most famous types of beer from Great Britain.