What is the EasyJets business model

PodcastFlightright founder: "The best paying airline is Easyjet"

When thousands of flights were canceled all of a sudden and the passengers' tickets became meaningless, the big hour struck: Passenger portals like Flightright were stormed by customers who wanted their money back from the airlines. Because their payment behavior had decreased massively in the crisis.

Within ten weeks, almost 50,000 cases came up at Flightright, which was founded ten years ago - many of which were quickly brought to court. The model of the portal and other comparable providers is simple: If you want to have your ticket reimbursed but do not want to take care of it yourself, you can enter your data on the respective website. If there is a claim, the portal takes care of it and, if successful, collects a commission.

"They used the passengers as a kind of compulsory lender," says Philipp Kadelbach, founder of Flightright, in the podcast "Die Null" (Capital, Stern, n-tv) about the airlines. Although the customer's claim is legally undisputed, many tickets have still not been reimbursed.

No understanding for Lufthansa entry

From the attorney's point of view, it is astonishing that the airlines proceed very differently. "The best paying airline is Easyjet," says Kadelbach. Large, high-priced providers such as Lufthansa, Air France or KLM, on the other hand, have "still not met the demands".

Even the state's involvement with Lufthansa did little to change this situation, and there was no pressure from politics. “From the point of view of the consumer platform, I have no understanding of this,” says Kadelbach.

From Kadelbach's point of view, his own business is likely to become more difficult in the future. The Flightright founder expects a permanent decline in air traffic and thus also a smaller market for passenger portals. However, it is to be expected that the airlines will be less accommodating in the future and will avoid reimbursing tickets or even paying compensation - which in turn would be good for his business model.

You can hear directly whether Philipp Kadelbach got his ticket costs back himself and in which areas his company would like to expand in the new episode of “The Zero Hour”Audio NowApple orSpotify or viaGoogle.