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With the help of element manipulation (性質 変 化, Seishitsuheka, dt. About "nature change"), many Jutsu, especially those at an advanced level, are created, i.e. with a chakra that takes on elementary properties. There are five main elements, whereby the affinity of a shinobi to an element can be determined very easily with the help of special paper, which reacts differently to the chakra depending on the affinity. Only trees that have been supplied with chakra over a long period of time are used to make the paper. [1] Each of the elements has special properties that make it ideal for certain applications.

Each element is superior to another element, but at the same time loses out to another. If you now go counter-clockwise for an element in the picture on the right, the element against which it is weak is there. The opposite is the clockwise direction of the element that it is superior to. [2]

Some Shinobi have a Kekkei Genkai with which they can combine two of the five main elements into a new mixed element. [3] With these elemental compounds, jutsu are possible at a very high level. It is not clear whether and where the element connections are to be classified in the order of the mutual superiority and inferiority of the five main elements.

The elemental chakra can be used in jutsu in two different ways. It can be released directly and used, for example, as an elementary projectile against the opponent, or the user can use it to influence the corresponding accumulations of elements in nature and thus create a vortex in the water, for example. Elementary techniques at a high level apparently even require the corresponding element in the environment, since the ninja probably cannot provide enough chakra.

The five main elements
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The five main elements


Katon (火 遁, literally "fire-releasing") is the fire element. The Katon: Gōkakyū no Jutsu, in which a giant ball of fire is created, is one of the most famous fire jutsu. The katon stands above the fūton and below the suiton, making it effective against windjutsu but vulnerable to waterjutsu. The special property of the fire element is not known.

Fūton (風 遁, literally "releasing wind") is the wind element. The affinity to the wind element is very rare, which is why there are comparatively few windjutsu. The Fūton: Mugen Sajin Daitoppa is an example of such a jutsu. The fūton stands above the raiton and below the katon, making it effective against lightning jutsu but vulnerable to fire jutsu. The special property of the wind element is to have blade-like and extremely sharp properties when the element manipulation is carried out correctly. Windjutsu can drastically increase the cutting power of a blade, or downright dismember an opponent, such as the Fūton: Turf Shuriken from Naruto. This has to do with the fact that the wind blades are a few atoms wide and therefore extremely sharp.

Raiton (雷 遁, lit. "lightning release") is the lightning element. Probably the most famous Blitzjutsu in the world of Naruto is the Chidori. The raiton stands above the doton and below the fūton, making it effective against earth jutsu but susceptible to windjutsu. The special property of the lightning element is not known, although Sasuke's techniques appear to have the ability to paralyze the opponent [4].

Doton (土遁, literally "releasing earth") is the earth element. The Doton Kekkai: Dorō Dōmu is one of the many Erdjutsu. The doton stands above the suiton and below the raiton, which makes it effective against water jutsu but vulnerable to lightning jutsu. The special property of the earth element is not known, but Kakuzu can harden his body parts by means of the earth chakra.

Suiton (水 遁, literally "releasing water") is the water element. The Suiton: Baku Suishōha is a very powerful water jutsu in which the user controls a very large amount of water. The suiton stands above the katon and below the doton, making it effective against fire jutsu but vulnerable to earth jutsu.

Katon: Gōkakyū no Jutsu
Doton Kekkai: Dorō Dōmu
Suiton: Baku Suishōha
Element connections
Yamato makes wood
Mokuton Hijutsu: Jukai Kōtan

Mokuton (木 遁, literally "releasing wood") is the wood element, which is the combination of Doton and Suiton, which only ninja with the eponymous Kekkei Genkai can create. Water and earth chakra are created at the same time and then connected to a wooden chakra. The Mokuton Hijutsu: Jukai Kōtan is one of the most impressive wooden jutsu.
The First Hokage was the first known bearer of this ability, which established his power and enabled him to establish Konohagakure. Through Orochimaru's experiments with his DNA, Yamato is able to use the mokuton.
Danzo also has the DNA of the first Hokage from Orochimaru and therefore masters the mokuton.

The special property of the mokuton is not known. However, it looks like wood techniques are very durable, like Moku Bunshin no Jutsu.
Haku manipulates ice
Hijutsu: Makyō Hyōshō

Hyōton (氷 遁, literally "releasing ice") is the ice element, which is the connection between Fūton and Suiton, which only ninja with the eponymous Kekkei Genkai can create. Wind and water chakra are created at the same time and then combined to form egg chakra. The most famous ice jutsu is Hakus Hijutsu: Makyō Hyōshō.

The only known owners of this Kekkei Genkai so far are Haku and his mother. It allows the ice to be strengthened through chakras, thus rendering most of the normally effective methods of melting ice, such as the use of fire, ineffective.

This section of the article contains information from the first Naruto movie.

In the first Naruto film, several of the Yukigakure ninja are able to use Hyōton-based jutsu. However, Haku's Kekkei Genkai cannot be the reason for this, otherwise Kakashi Hatake would not be able to copy this jutsu with his Sharingan. Another difference is that Haku can create the ice cream he used himself. The Hyōton jutsu used in the film only allow users to use existing ice for their techniques.

* Fubuki Kakuyoku
* Mizore
* Nadare Rōga

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The Yōton in action

Yōton (熔 遁) is the ability to control lava or magma. The Yōton is probably a combination of Doton and Katon and thus a further compound of elements.

The only known owner of this element so far is Rōshi, which is a skill of his Bijū.
The only known owners of this element so far are Mei Terumii and Rōshi. The Yōton of the Fifth is one of their two Kekkei Genkai, with Roshi being a transferred ability of his Bijū.

The Futton in action

Futton (沸 遁, "hiding place") is the ability to control or create hot water vapor. The Futton itself is probably a combination of Suiton and Katon and thus a further combination of elements. The only known jutsu of this type is the Futton: Kōmo no Jutsu, a caustic vapor.

The only known owner of this Kekkei Genkai so far is Mei Terumii and it is one of her two Kekkei Genkai.
The Ranton in action

Ranton (嵐 遁, "storm release") is the ability to control or create storms. The only known jutsu of this type is Ranton: Laser Circus.

The only known owner of this Kekkei Genkai so far is Darui.
The Jinton in action

Jinton (塵 遁, "dust release") is the ability to control dust and shape it into objects. The only known Jutsu so far is Jinton: Genkai Hakuri no Jutsu and is used by Oonoki.