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The brand's success story Bazzar began in 1996 with the opening of our head office Bazzar Caffè and Shop in the venerable Wilhelm-Marx-Haus in the middle of the old town of Düsseldorf. Back then, today's widespread coffee culture was still in its infancy. Many Germans mostly drank filter coffee. The popular “little” espresso for in between was only available from the Italian restaurant around the corner. But that should change soon.

We recognized the great potential of coffee made in Italy at an early stage and developed various roastings with partner roasting companies, which we eventually renamed Bazzar expelled. In addition, we offered expert advice on espresso machines and selected Italian espresso coffee in our headquarters, which was unique in the Düsseldorf region at the time.

The concept of Bazzar Caffè and Shop initially only envisaged the implementation of the traditional Italian bar, where one quickly had a good espresso or cappuccino at high tables. But it quickly became apparent that the local audience was looking for convenience when it came to enjoying coffee. This resulted in the today inimitable ambience with individually designed benches, chairs and tables, which are framed by a unique collection of espresso machines. The main building is so popular for many coffee connoisseurs because it is reminiscent of a museum for espresso machines.

Due to the high status and the great quality of our coffee, the interest of other restaurants and delicatessen shops in the greater Düsseldorf area grew. From now on, these were not just with ours Bazzar Caffè but also received an individual repair and maintenance service for their Italian espresso machines.

The establishment of a new company headquarters in Neuss near Düsseldorf with its own roasting and packaging plant in 2013 has the history of Bazzar significantly changed. After 18 years of experience and expertise, we were able for the first time to offer our customers self-roasted coffee, made from carefully selected green coffee specialties using traditional drum roasting methods.

And that is also what is special about Bazzar Caffè today: We produce in the region for the region. That means: short distances for a fresh and unmistakable coffee taste in your cup.

Easily discover the world of Bazzar: online at, in the venerable head office in Düsseldorf or in our new roastery in Neuss.

We would be happy to advise you and look forward to seeing you ...