Company jobs are saturated

This is what the IT job market will look like in 2021

The so-called 4th industrial revolution - after mechanization, mass production and automation - has long since become part of everyday life. Individual industries are digitizing more slowly than others. The Health industry is understandably more conservative due to the sensitivity of the data, with the medical informatics more and more areas of application such as database-supported Telemedicine and E-Health to win. Technological developments in particular are revolutionizing the work of doctors, for example in surgical interventions. The Real estate industry makes use of algorithms to make statements about the future value of buildings and land. The development of the car as a masterpiece of engineering towards a fully networked (self-) driving computer that is set on a gear train is forcing the automotive industry to rethink. This year, a large automobile manufacturer is therefore starting a training program to meet its own needs for software developers.

IT security will remain a central theme in 2021. Challenges such as high await here Data security - in the cloud. IT security consultants are particularly in demand in finance. You mediate on the different levels and create an understanding of potential risks and efficient solution approaches. As Ethical hackers you can help here to identify and fix weak points in systems.

Every year we are faced with the fait accompli technological developments that shape our lives in the context of digitization and thus also set the course for the next trends on the IT job market. TheComputer ethics asks about the progress in the field Machine learning, who is ultimately responsible: the now self-learning algorithm or the developer who wrote it?