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Online recruiting statistics

Published by Statista Research Department, November 20, 2019
The term online recruiting describes the recruiting by companies on the Internet. A study of the proportion of recruiting channels used in the new hires showed that the majority of employees at leading German companies are recruited via Internet job exchanges or the company websites. According to a survey of HR managers, the largest portion of the recruiting budget goes to job advertisements on the Internet. Social networks are also used to place job advertisements and actively search for candidates. For the active search for candidates, social networks with a focus on business contacts such as Xing or LinkedIn are preferred in Germany.
Anyone looking for jobs online therefore has a wide range of information to choose from. Computers or laptops are usually still used for the search. But the mobile job search is also on the advance and companies are embracing this trend. In addition to increasing their reach when addressing candidates, companies hope that mobile recruiting will increase their chances of finding candidates for vacancies. Although looking for a job from home on a computer / laptop is still the most widespread, the proportion of job seekers looking for jobs on their smartphones has risen sharply in recent years: In 2017, around 43 percent of those who were interested in a career said they were interested in a career When looking for jobs on their smartphones at home, this proportion was just under 59 percent a year later.