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The more apps you install on your iPhone, the more confusing your home screen becomes. Some apps you want to have on the first home screen page or in a more prominent place because you use them frequently. Therefore we show you here how to do it very easily Move iPhone apps can. That goes with both individual as well as with multiple apps at the same time.

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Move individual iPhone apps

If you just want to move individual iPhone apps to another place on the home screen or to another screen page, proceed as follows:

1. Is typing on any App (in our example it is the YouTube app) that you want to move and hold it pressed. A small context menu now appears. Swipe your finger across the screen to make the menu disappear.

2. Emotional Simply move the app to the preferred location on the home screen and let go. Since you are still in "wobble" mode and all app icons wobble accordingly, you press the once Home button (up to iPhone 8) or press in the upper right corner "Finished" (from iPhone X).

3. To bring the app to another page, wipes (while holding the app down) with the other hand screen to left or right. Alternatively, you move the app to a Screen edgeto skip to the next page. Then let go of the app at any point.

4. To end the "wobble" mode, presses you also here on the Home button (up to iPhone 8) or wipes from the bottom up on the screen (from iPhone X).

Move multiple iPhone apps at the same time

If you want to move several apps on the iPhone, is typing her first on a App icon on the home screen until the context menu appears. Keep your finger on the icon pressed and moves it across the screen so that the menu disappears. Now you can - while you keep the icon pressed - with your second finger the Tap appsthat you want to move together.

The iPhone now superimposes the icons and shows a blue license plate counter in the upper right corner of the app, how many apps you have already combined.

To the app stack to another side to move, you still hold it down and wipes at the same time with the other hand Screen left or right. As soon as you let go of your finger with the stack of apps, the apps will split up again on your desired page. This method is a little more convenient than - as usual - moving the app group to the edge of the screen in order to bring it to another page. You end the "wobble" mode by pressing the Home button presses (up to iPhone 8) or from the bottom up about the Display wipes (from iPhone X).

Of course, you can also use the app stack into a folder lay. Pulls simply put this in an existing folder and let go. The apps then automatically position themselves within the folder.

tip: In another article we will show you how you can easily group apps into folders.

short version

  1. App icon hold until the context menu appears.
  2. Drag the app icon across the screen so that the menu disappears, while still holding it down.
  3. Apps that you want to move with the other hand tap.
  4. App stacks still hold and with the other hand the Swipe the screen left or right.
  5. App stack on preferred home screen page or folder again let go.
  6. "Wobble" mode with one press of the Home button (up to iPhone 8) or one Swipe up from the bottom via the screen (from iPhone X).

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