What can be used to treat pneumonia

Pneumonia: Therapy

Pneumonia, however, is a very serious illness that requires rapid treatment for patients. Most of the time it isbased on the clinical picture an antibiotic selected and treatment started. If the pathogen is identified in the further course of therapy, the treatment can be changed or supplemented if necessary.

The more precisely the pathogen is determined, the more targeted can antibiotics be used and theRisk of resistance build-up in the bacteria are minimized.

In the case of pneumonia, drugs from the group of so-called beta-lactam antibiotics are the first choice. This includes penicillin as well as amoxicillin, which is now preferred. Treatment takes about five to seven days.

For viral causes, so-called antiviral drugs are also available - drugs that work specifically against viruses. It is also common for pneumonia caused by viruses Antibiotics given to prevent additional bacterial infection.

If the pneumonia is severe, hospital treatment may be necessary. If an oxygen deficiency is found, the administration of additional oxygen can help.

In addition to medication, supportive measures are also important in the treatment of pneumonia. Patients should take care of themselves physically and keep strict bed rest. They should also drink a lot, especially if they are taking medication to dissolve mucus.

Scientific Advice:

Prof. Dr. med. Gernot Rohde, Frankfurt University Hospital and German Center for Lung Research


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Last updated: December 17, 2020