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FC Herdecke-Ende e.V.

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For information to all members and friends of FC Herdecke-Ende

Even if the surrounding cities open the sports facilities for individual sport, this applies to the

FC Herdecke-Ende and team sports are not.

Paragraph 9 of the ordinance prohibits recreational and amateur sports activities on and in all public and private sports facilities and the use of ancillary rooms such as showers etc .:

“Sports alone, in pairs or exclusively with people from your own household on outdoor sports facilities, including sports training in individual lessons, are exempt from the ban. A minimum distance of 5 meters must be maintained between different people or groups of people who play sports in the open air at the same time. "

The State Sports Association of North Rhine-Westphalia (LSB NRW) defines as follows:

If a football club deduces from this that larger numbers of players complete pass training or similar in non-alternating pairs without being instructed by a trainer and if there is a distance of 5 meters between the pairs is complied with, then that still corresponds to the wording of the regulation, but not to its spirit. As far as the LSB NRW is aware, the State Chancellery and the Ministry of Health expressly do not want a sporting activity in the sense of guided training. (Quote from FLVW)

The FC Herdecke-Ende expressly points out that the sports facilities on the

The site remains closed for the time being.

It is forbidden to climb over the fences, this is trespassing and

we do not shy away from informing the public order office or the police.

Anke Meckler


Dear players, coaches, members and parents!

What became apparent due to the still high number of infections across Germany

and also in our circle, there is now certainty:

Game operations will be suspended until December 31, 2020. This applies to all compulsory and friendly matches.

Due to the current situation, no training will be allowed on our facility until December 31, 2020. Should the situation change or the district make a different recommendation, we will of course react to this at short notice.

We don't need to emphasize that we all see these decisions with two hearts. But as much as we want an active life on the sports field for you and for us, reason has to prevail at the moment.

For the health of all of us.

We wish for nothing more than that we can all see each other again in the new year, safe and sound, on the pitch and start the football year 2021 stronger than before. Until then, take care of you and your families and stay loyal to us - it will continue on the grounds of FC Herdecke-Ende - we just need patience?

With sporty greetings
for the board of directors of FC Herdecke-Ende e. V.

1. Chairman

Dear members, players, coaches and friends of FC Herdecke-Ende!

Unfortunately, we have to inform you late in the evening that, according to the FLVW's order from tonight, the game will start on October 29th. 2020 will be interrupted until the end of the validity of the new Corona Protection Ordinance and training will be discontinued from tomorrow.

Together with a good concept during the difficult times, we managed to ensure that our senior and youth teams could play football safely and with great success. And for that I would like to thank you all again today?

Unfortunately this is over for now and we have to accept it with a heavy heart. For the health of all of us?

The places will be closed for games and training from tomorrow. As soon as there is new information, we will inform you immediately.

Until then - "Cheer up", stay healthy and do not lose faith in a better time for all of us.

It goes on with 100% passion - definitely. ?

Take good care of yourself, your families and fellow human beings?

Uwe Hölterhoff
1. Chairman

Dear members, players, coaches and friends!

According to the general decree of the Ennepe-Ruhr district from October 15. 2020 to protect the population from infections according to §15a CoronaSchutzVO applies again with immediate effect
#Mandatory to wear a mouth and nose cover on the entire sports grounds of FC Herdecke-Ende for all persons.‼ ️

The masks may only be removed by the players involved on the field during training and games. Substitute players please keep the masks on if the minimum distance of 1.50m cannot be maintained. ?

Please adhere to the already known rules so that we can get through this time healthy together?

Uwe Hölterhoff
1. Chairman
FC Herdecke-Ende e.V


On Sunday we start with the first test matches "Am Kalkheck".

Spectators are also allowed again in compliance with the applicable hygiene guidelines ????

Here are the most important points so that we can all enjoy the games SAFE and DISTANCE?

⚠️ every spectator has to register on an attendance list.

Mouth and nose protection must be worn if the minimum distance of 1.5m cannot be maintained.

⚠️At least 45 minutes before the game, spectators are allowed onto the sports facility.

⚠️Please use the signposted entrance and exit.

⚠️Hygiene dispensers are available.

Our 2nd team will start on Sunday at 1:00 p.m. against the Witten team from TuS Stockum and arrive at 3:00 p.m.

it is then the first test match of our 1st team against the team from BV Langendreer from Bochum.

We wish all players, coaches, supervisors and spectators a great first Sunday of football under Corona hygiene guidelines ???

Dear club members, friends and sponsors of FC Herdecke-Ende!

I am looking forward to my new task of leading the association as 1st chairman together with my team.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Norbert Ramm and his fellow board members for their great work. Thanks to Norbert, we are taking over a very well-positioned club, which has been the basis for a positive development over the past 12 years with the construction of two artificial turf pitches and the sporting climax, the promotion of the 1st team to the District League and the 3rd team to the District League B. Future has laid.

In terms of sport, we would like our senior teams to play a good role in their leagues in the new season and keep the classes.

It is important to work closely with the newly formed youth board so that we can consistently fill all youth teams again.

If "Corona" allows it again, we would like to push the solidarity in the club even further and show ourselves with many activities that it is more than worthwhile to find your way to our FC as a child, adolescent and senior player.

So we planned that z. For example, on the first weekend before the start of the season, all the teams from FC Herdecke-Ende will be presented and an internal tournament played in which the players and fans will compete in mixed teams. Afterwards there will be a big "Players Night".

A big promotion celebration as well as other events are already being planned. But first we have to hope together with some distance that we will survive the Corona period well and healthily.

The board is broader than in the past and has strengthened itself with young and committed members of the association. Not everything can and will not change overnight. But TOGETHER we will lead our FC into an exciting and sportingly successful future.

I am personally looking forward to a great time with young and old and thank you on behalf of everyone

Board colleagues for your trust.

We would like to start a new season, a new time and a new togetherness with you. Let's do it together ...

Your Uwe Hölterhoff

1st chairman of the

FC Herdecke-Ende e.V

Board info

Dear members and players!

The wait is over - from today our places for training are cleared again with a distance and the rules of the training concept?

Our youth leader and hygiene officer Thomas Stein has prepared the places for the training and equipped them with everything necessary to adhere to the concept. Thomas - thank you very much for that.

We wish you all a good and safe training time on the courses, which will certainly be very different from what you have known as a training unit so far. But we as a football community will also be able to take a lot with us from this time ... Even if it currently has to take place at a distance.

Thanks go to our coaches, who will provide the players with all the information and ensure that the rules are adhered to in order to protect the health of all of us. This will require a lot of empathy from them, especially in the youth sector, from the younger ones.

Thank you for being there with so much enthusiasm and ideas. ?

We would like to express our greatest thanks and respect to you, our players, parents and members. Thank you for your patience and the confidence that we can do it all together. For being loyal to us and for having survived this difficult time together so well. ☺️

We are very happy that today a little football normality is coming back for all of us - but we have to continue to be careful together so that we can continue to enjoy the freedoms.

In this sense - stay healthy and let the balls roll again ⚽

The board of the

FC Herdecke-Ende e.V

U-11 Rewe-Symalla Cup 2020

Postponed to 2021