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Career in harmony with personality: which job suits me?

If you're looking for the right career, you might be wondering if personality tests can help you with that. Already in school, you have probably (hopefully) started to reflect on yourself, to discover your passions and to grapple with which profession you would like to pursue one day.

Taking your personality into account is a crucial step when it comes to finding your calling. Many workers are overburdened because they work in an area they don't enjoy. According to Business Insider, the average person spends more than 90,000 hours his life at work. The time that is spent at work affects almost all areas of personal life.

Choosing the right job or industry can have a significant impact on your lifelong happiness, health, and satisfaction.

Whether you are introverted, extroverted, or ambivalent, it is crucial to understand who you are in the world and what you want to achieve. The place to spend your 90,000 hours should be one where you can thrive and grow, not just one where you get a paycheck. Here are some essential things that can help balance your personality with the right profession.

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Personality tests

When starting out in the workplace, it is crucial to question the validity of all personality tests. Personality exams can help you orientate yourself in different areas - especially if you have your Passions and interests discover.

Although these tests can be completely correct, they cannot replace experience in the real world of work. The Meyers-Briggs personality test, for example, can provide you with precise information about your personality type and the relevant professional field. However, the information you receive cannot give you any real insight into everyday job life. Even so, personality tests are important and should be part of your professional toolbox.

Volunteering and internships

If you're not at all sure about which career path to choose, consider volunteering or doing an internship. Volunteering enables you to Practical experience to collect in a wide variety of industries without you being under pressure. Plus, you don't have to make a serious commitment. You gain valuable knowledge and experience - and there is an opportunity to expand your network.

If volunteering or an internship doesn't suit you, you can always try something new.

Volunteering is one of the best ways Keeping depression and anxiety at bay. If you are helping people who are less fortunate than you, you will most likely be happy yourself to be able to help and learn from them. You also have the chance to make an important contribution to society.

Be open to new things

It is crucial to get different opinions and learn as much as you can before getting on your first job. In addition to personality tests and voluntary work, talking to a career counselor can be of great help. Lots Universities and career counselors can advise and support you in choosing the right career, and you can also find a mentor on LinkedIn, for example.

Keep the forecast labor market in the back of your mind and try to make decisions with both your head and your heart. For example, if you enjoy arts and computers, you should consider a career in graphic design or web development.

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self reflection

One of the smartest ways to choose the right career path is to take the time to getting to know yourself well. Figure out how to stand out from the crowd. What makes you different What skills do you bring with you when you compare yourself to other candidates? How do you stand out?

Gain new experiences, try your luck, spend time observing different industries, and work with a mentor to help you find the right career path.

Hobbies and networking

If you have time, you should invest it in hobbies that you enjoy, take classes, and participate in networking events. If you have a hobby, then it's much more likely that you will meet people from that particular field too, which can give you a lot of opportunities.

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Remember: 90,000 hours

While career or personality tests can be very useful, figuring out which career best suits your personality is just as important. Remember that 90,000 hours of your life are a long time.

You want to work where you can create the greatest added value and where you will thrive as a person who makes a contribution to society.

If you learn to understand your needs along with your personality, the chances are good that you will end up on the right career path.

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