What is an espresso


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As espresso This is the name given to a form of preparation of coffee in which hot water is pressed through the very finely ground coffee powder at extremely high pressure. This type of preparation results in a very concentrated coffee on which a thick, light brown foam layer, the so-called crema, forms.

The same coffee beans are used to make espresso as any other coffee, but they will be roasted darker. If the beans weren't roasted as strongly and for as long, an espresso would taste extremely sour. Espresso made from the more expensive Arabica bean results in a stronger, more acidic coffee with less bitter substances and a lighter crema. Robusta beans make coffee that is less acidic, but a bit more bitter.

Espresso: preparation

The espresso machine was developed by a Neapolitan in collaboration with the engineer Luigi Bezzera. Bezzera first presented the prototype in 1855 at the World Exhibition in Paris. In 1901 the first machines appeared in Italian shops and from there conquered the world. To make a good espresso you need a special espresso machine. In the machine, hot water at 92 ° C is pressed through the ground coffee powder at an output pressure of 9.3 bar. The processing time should be exactly 25 seconds. If the process goes faster, the espresso becomes sour, if the process takes too long, the espresso becomes bitter. Correctly prepared espresso can be recognized by the so-called Island sample. The sugar sprinkled in the espresso must be on the crema island form and only gradually go under.

Espresso: quality

To make an excellent espresso, you need high quality and properly roasted beans. The espresso grinder should not only grind the beans particularly finely and with an evenly large grain size. Otherwise the taste of the espresso cannot fully develop. In addition, the quality of the espresso machine and the correct handling when pressing the coffee grounds play a major role.

Espresso variations

Not only in Italy but also in other countries has the original espresso adapted to its own taste and thus created a large number of espresso variations.

Summary and brief information

  • Espresso corretto and mocha glaze are prepared with espresso
  • Furan is found in espresso