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Rust wants to do a lot of things better: developers program close to the system like in C and C ++, but the language prevents many typical errors, for example in memory management. At the same time, applications should be significantly more powerful. In the new iX 5/2021, developers can find out how this should work and what Rust does differently and better.

On the one hand, Georg Nold explains the obstacles Rust removes that C and C ++ have so far failed to overcome. This is how the language gets by without a garbage collector: the compiler takes care of memory security during the translation without any loss of speed during runtime. The basis for this is a well-considered ownership concept, the three rules of which are described in detail in the article.

Get started with the iX tutorial

Jens Breitbart and Stefan Lankes help with the practical introduction to Rust programming in the new iX tutorial. The syntax is similar to that of C and C ++, but also differs from it, for example when declaring variables. A web server example introduces this as well as the ownership concept and asynchronous programming.

Another practical article by Rainer Stropek shows that Rust is not only suitable for system-level programming, but also for web applications. In combination with the Rocket framework, powerful web APIs can be created. Other topics of the new iX include the GDPR-compliant anonymization of data, Linux systems for containers and Active Directory security.


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