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Dallas Love Field Airport (DAL) car hire

  • Additional drivers must meet the same rental conditions as the renter, with the exception of spouses or domestic partners. Additional drivers must present themselves at the counter together with the main vehicle renter. Each additional driver (excluding spouse or domestic partner) is subject to an additional charge of USD 10 per day, unless otherwise agreed. Only one additional driver can be registered per rental agreement. A spouse or domestic partner is the only additional driver allowed in the event of a deposit that is not provided by credit card. Additional drivers must be at least 21 years old.

  • Most locations do not accept cash as a deposit at the time of rental. If necessary, the final payment can be made in cash when the vehicle is returned. The branch's cash payment conditions apply. In branches that accept cash, vehicle selection may be restricted due to branch policies. Please read the following guidelines:

    % u2022 The vehicle renter must comply with the cash payment conditions of the branch.
    % u2022 A security deposit equal to the calculated rental fee and an additional security deposit is required.
    % u2022 Cash is accepted for final payment upon vehicle return.

  • Please see the guidelines on renter age requirements and young driver fees.

  • US rentals: Most vehicles rented in the US are allowed to travel in the US and Canada. Driving to Mexico is prohibited at most stations. To travel to Mexico, you must purchase additional insurance to cover the vehicle while you are in Mexico. Please contact the station directly to inquire about restrictions and availability.

  • If not yet included in the booked package, fully comprehensive insurance (CDW) is offered at the time the contract is concluded for an additional fee.

    If the renter opts for fully comprehensive insurance, Alamo waives any liability claims for loss or damage to the vehicle in accordance with the provisions of the rental agreement and the applicable laws. The fully comprehensive insurance does not apply to damage that occurs in Mexico.

    Comprehensive insurance is not an insurance. Completion of fully comprehensive insurance (CDW) is optional and not required for renting a vehicle. The coverage provided by fully comprehensive insurance can overlap with the tenant's existing insurance coverage. Alamo cannot determine whether the renter's existing insurance coverage is adequate. The renter should check his credit card contracts, vehicle insurance and other relevant contracts to see whether the coverage offered by the fully comprehensive insurance already exists elsewhere.

    For California rentals, the Limited Liability (CDW) cost ranges from $ 10.99 to $ 500.00 per day, depending on the class of vehicle being rented.

  • The following applies to private rentals that are only covered with extended protection as part of the rental costs (with the exception of liability protection or insurance benefits under a commercial contract):

    Extended Protection (EP) (if available): The owner provides the renter or other Authorized Drivers (AAD) with liability protection equal to the minimum financial liability applicable to the vehicle (the primary protection). EP also offers additional liability protection through a policy that excludes the deductible. This policy limits the difference between primary protection and a combined upper limit in individual cases to USD 1 million per accident in the event of injury and / or damage to third party property resulting from the use or operation of the rental vehicle by the renter or an authorized driver (terms and conditions of Policy apply). If required by law for property damage, EP includes UM / UIM coverage for personal injury and property damage to the amount of the minimum financial liability applicable to the vehicle (the primary protection) as well as additional coverage through a policy to exclude excess with restrictions the difference between the minimum legal limit and $ 100,000 per accident (for rentals in New York, UM / UIM limits are $ 100,000 per person / $ 300,000 per accident; for rentals in Hawaii, UM / UIM limits are at USD 1,000,000 per individual case) or the state-imposed UM / UIM restriction, whichever is greater. THE HOLDERS AND RENTERS DISCLAIM ANY OTHER RE / UIM COVERAGE, TO THE EXTENT PERMITTED BY LAW. EP, including UM / UIM services, are only provided if the renter or an AAD drives the vehicle. UM / UIM claims cannot be asserted if the driver is at fault. EP is only valid if another additional authorized driver or renter is driving the vehicle in the US or Canada. The protection does not apply in Mexico. FURTHER EXCLUSIONS FROM THE POLICY ARE: (A) INJURY OR DEATH OF THE RENTER, AN AAD, BLOOD RELATIVE, OR FAMILY MEMBER OF THE RENTER'S FAMILY OR AN ADDITIONAL AUTHORIZED DRIVER, IF THESE FAMILIES ARE HAVING A MEMBER OF THE RENTER; (B) PROPERTY DAMAGE TO THE RENTAL VEHICLE; (C) FINE, PENALTY, PENALTY DAMAGES; (D) INJURY, DEATH, OR PROPERTY DAMAGE EXPECTED OR INTENDED FROM THE POSITION OF THE INSURED; (E) ANY OBLIGATION FOR WHICH THE INSURED OR THE INSURER OF THE INSURED MAY BE LIABLE UNDER EMPLOYEE COMPENSATION, DISABILITY, UNEMPLOYMENT COMPENSATION LAW OR SIMILAR LAW; (F) INJURY OR PROPERTY DAMAGE EXPECTED OR INTENDED FROM THE LOCATION OF THE RENTER OR ADD. Note: All UM / UIM services are included in the combined, limited EP coverage in the individual case in the amount of one million USD. The above sum cannot be exceeded. This insurance coverage is signed by ACE American Insurance Company. File Supplementary Liability Protection (SLP) claims: Sedgwick CMS, P.O. Box 94950 Cleveland, OH 44101-4950, Phone: 1-888-515-3132, Fax: 1-216-617-2928.

  • Option 1 - Prepay Fuel - This option allows the renter to pay for a full tank of fuel when renting and to return the car with an empty tank. The price is based on an estimate of current fuel prices and the average size of the tanks in the vehicle class received. Unused fuel is non-refundable.
    Option 2 - Refill by us - With this option, the renter can instruct Alamo to compensate for the used - but not replaced - fuel after the return. In this case, the fuel price is higher than the local fuel price.
    Option 3 - Refill by you - This option allows the renter to return the vehicle with a full tank and avoid additional fuel costs.

  • Customers residing in the United States, United States Territories, or Canada
    Customers residing in the United States, United States Territories, or Canada must present a valid government-issued driver's license with a photo of the customer. Digital ID cards are not accepted. The driver's license must be valid for the entire rental period.
    Members of the United States Armed Forces who are on active military service may present an expired permit if:
    • You also submit an active military service card, and
    • You meet the requirements for the extension of military service of the state that issued the permit. These regulations vary depending on the state and customer and should be checked with the relevant road traffic authority for more information.
    Entrants to the United States or Canada from other countries
    It is important that customers check with the appropriate road traffic authority in the state or province they plan to travel to to ensure they are complying with the various licensing laws. The following checks are carried out to ensure that the customer presented a valid driver's license at the time of rental:
    In the United States and Canada, travelers from other countries must show:

    • Your valid, unexpired driving license from the country of origin with photo and
    • If the driver's license from the country of origin is not in English (or French, for rentals in Canada) but is in Latin letters (ie German, Spanish, etc.), an international driver's license is required for translation purposes in addition to the driver's license from the country of origin recommended, but not mandatory.
    • If the driver's license is not in English and it is not in Latin letters (i.e. a language such as Russian, Japanese, Arabic, etc.), an international driver's license is required.
    • If an international driver's license could not be obtained in the country of origin, another type-typed translation can serve as a substitute. In any case, a driver's license from the country of origin must be presented.
    • An international driver's license alone is not sufficient for a rental. The international driving license is a translation of the respective driving license from the country of origin and is neither a permit nor a valid driving license.
    • Additional valid government documents may be required in some locations, such as Arizona, California, Georgia, New Mexico, Nevada, Texas, and others.

    • In some US stations, customers who do not have a US driver's license may be asked to provide additional documents. For example, a valid passport or in certain states (AZ, CA, NM, TX) a valid Mexican voter registration card and / or travel document for round-trip travel.
    • At some Canadian locations, customers who do not have a Canadian driver's license may be asked to provide additional valid government-issued documents. For example a valid passport.
    Other requirements
    • Photocopies of driving licenses are not accepted.
    • Driver's licenses for novice drivers are not accepted.
    • A permit that restricts the owner to the use and operation of a vehicle equipped with some form of breathalyzer will not be accepted.
    • Temporary driver's licenses could be refused if the customer's identity cannot be otherwise verified at the rental location or the authenticity of the temporary permit can be confirmed. Additional government identification or identity checks may be required.

  • The following payment methods are accepted at the end of the tenancy.
    American Express®
    Discover Network®
    Debit card
    Travelers check
    Prepaid gift card
    Money order

    Further authorizations from your account are required to cover rental costs. Alamo are not responsible for any overdraft fees incurred.


    Todos los arrendatarios y conductores adicionales deben ser de 21 años o más. Todos los arrendatarios deben tener una licencia de conducir válida y una tarjeta de crédito o débito principal a su nombre. Las personas con permisos de aprendiz or de instrucción no pueden alquilar. Esto it solo un resumen. Para obtener more information, consulta la Política de information sobre licencias de conducir.


    A todos los conductores de entre 21 y 24 años se les cobrará un recargo para menores de $ 25 per day. Los arrendatarios de entre 21 y 24 años de edad pueden alquilar las siguientes clases de vehículos: cars de económicos a grandes, vehículos de carga y minivanes, camionetas pickup y vehículos utilitarios deportivos (SUV) hasta estándar.


    En las oficinas de aeropuertos solo se aceptan depósitos con tarjeta de débito en el momento del alquiler si se acompañan de un itinerario del viaje de regreso con boleto. El nombre y la dirección que aparecen en la licencia de conducir del arrendatario deben coincidir con su dirección actual. The personal militar de servicio activo está exento de los requisitos de dirección.

    Además del cónyuge o la pareja de hecho del arrendatario, no se permiten otros conductores adicionales.

    At the moment del alquiler, los cargos se cobrarán a la tarjeta de débito, lo que reducirá los fondos available en la cuenta asociada con la tarjeta utilizada. El arrendatario es responsable de cualquier gasto por sobregiro. Consulte la sección Autorización de alquiler y monto de depósito para obtener más detalles.


    A los pasajeros que desembarquen se les solicitará que proporcionen una tarjeta de crédito o débito con fondos para cubrir el costo del alquiler. Los arrendatarios que no tengan un itinerario de viaje de regreso con boleto tendrán que proporcionar una tarjeta de crédito con fondos suficientes para cubrir el costo del alquiler más $ 300. Solo se aceptan tarjetas de débito en el momento del alquiler si se acompañan de un itinerario del viaje de regreso con boleto.

    No se aceptan giros postales ni tarjetas prepagadas para el pago del depósito de seguridad, pero se pueden utilizar para pagar cualquier saldo pendiente al final del alquiler. No se acepta efectivo.

  • Supplementary Liability Protection (SLP) is available at the time of rental for an additional daily fee. The Supplementary Liability Protection (SLP) offers the renter and authorized drivers a combined individual upper limit of up to USD 300,000.00 for third party liability claims. If the renter acquires the Supplementary Liability Protection (SLP), Alamo offers third party liability protection up to the applicable minimum financial liability limit. Zurich American Insurance Company offers liability insurance coverage from the applicable minimum financial liability limit up to USD 300,000.00. This is just a summary. Supplementary Liability Protection (SLP) is subject to the terms, conditions, rules, restrictions, and exclusions of the Supplementary Liability Insurance Policy concluded with Zurich American Insurance Company. The acquisition of additional liability protection (SLP) is optional and not a prerequisite for renting a vehicle. The coverage by the additional liability protection (SLP) possibly overlaps with the benefits of the existing insurance of the tenant. Alamo is unable to assess the adequacy of the insurance coverage in place. Therefore, the tenant must independently check existing private insurance policies or other insurance benefits that may overlap with the additional liability cover.

  • Our TollPass program is a program for electronic toll collection with which our tenants drive through the lanes used for the toll collection can without stopping. The tolls are debited electronically. Some toll stations work purely electronically and do not offer the option of cash payments.

    The TollPass program is offered in different ways depending on where you rent. Please see the websites below for more information.

    • Northeast d. United States (including regions in the Midwest):

    • Chicago Metropolitan Area:

    • Golden Gate Bridge and Northern California Bay Area:

    • Southern California:

    • CO, FL, TX, NC, GA, WA, PR, and Ontario (Canada):

    • Louisville, Kentucky:

    For our full coverage map, go to and click on “Coverage Map”.

    TollPass products that are not available in all stations or stations operated by a licensee. Please contact your rental office to determine the availability of TollPass programs.