How do Instagram and social panels work

Instagram: Live Rooms launched

In the course of the corona pandemic, many people looked for opportunities to network with others. Often, just written contact was not enough; instead, video tools such as zoom were used. But not only private individuals want to connect via video, there is also great potential for companies and creators. A new feature from Instagram could be helpful here. The recently announced live streams with several participants have now been officially launched. Instagram announced by email that the so-called Live Rooms are now officially available to all Instagram users.

With Live Rooms, up to four people can now go live on Instagram at the same time, which opens up new opportunities for exchange and shared experiences for everyone on Instagram, especially in times of Corona. Be it a meeting with friends, a spontaneous jam session or formats such as talk shows, panels or Q & As - there are no limits to the creativity of the community,

it says in the announcement. As was already possible before, the resulting videos can be saved as IGTV and thus made available to the rest of the community.

Extra security for a good experience in live rooms

To ensure the safety and well-being of all participants, Instagram has put in place some mechanisms. Blocked users cannot enter the sessions, even if only one of the guests in the live room has blocked them. In addition, users who previously disregarded the Community Guidelines in Live should not be able to enter a Live Room.

The new Live Rooms also mean further monetization options. Creators can use the recently released badges in them. These give followers the opportunity to financially support their favorite creators in live streams. The live feature is a great way to connect with your own audience or to reach new target groups. After all, the followers of four creators are potentially interested in the live stream.