Should we access our subconscious

Subconscious: Understanding, influencing and programming (plus exercise with aha effect)

The subconscious is a tremendously powerful part of our psyche that has a significant influence on our mindset, i.e. our way of thinking. Thus, the subconscious also shapes our decisions and our behavior - and thus our life.

We follow the assumption here that we have a consciousness on the one hand and a subconscious on the other. By using methods from mental coaching, you can use, influence and change the power of your subconscious.

So that you can use this power as optimally as possible, it is helpful to first learn something about the subconscious.

Subconscious vs. subconscious

A distinction is often made between the subconscious - also called pre-consciousness - and the unconscious. The difference is that we have almost no access to our unconscious at will.

Many of our vital functions are completely unconscious. For example, you do not think about your blood circulation or your digestion - it works by itself. But also in your psyche there are some areas in the depths of your unconscious. As a rule, we can only reach and change these depth psychological levels with coaching, hypnosis, meditation or mental training.

In the following, the main focus will be on the subconscious.

What is the subconscious?

The subconscious is the sum of all ideas, memories, impressions, motives, attitudes and willingness to act that are stored in us, but are currently not consciously active.

We are aware of everything that is active at the moment. Subconsciously, however, all the inactive elements of our psyche play into our daily thoughts and actions.

When the subconscious drives your car

Without the subconscious, we humans would have great problems coping with our everyday lives. You can notice this particularly clearly if you are not yet able to carry out complex activities with your subconscious - as in this situation, for example:

The traffic light in the left-turn lane turns green. The driver of the car accelerates ... and the engine stalls ... let the clutch come too quickly. When the engine is running again, the driver carefully releases the clutch ... and is startled: Why is the car not moving? The driving instructor next to him is on the brakes and grins: “Set the indicators, look over the shoulder and then drive off. But not now, the traffic light is red again! "

Anyone who got a driver's license can probably remember similar scenes. At the beginning of the driving lessons it is hard to believe that it will all happen automatically at some point. Today, as a seasoned driver, your subconscious has taken control of all those confusing actionsthat you as a novice driver have completely overwhelmed you.

So that you don't go nuts

Our subconscious also has the important function of perceiving the things that we cannot all consciously absorb. Think about how many impressions you get in every moment - visual and acoustic stimuli such as colors, shapes, images, tones, noises and voices, but also sensitive stimuli such as touch, a cold or warm draft of air, pain, etc.

Also think of smells, moods and the most diverse other of your perceptions and impressions. But how much of it do you normally actually perceive? A tiny fraction. And that's a good thing, otherwise we'd all go crazy, completely overwhelmed.

Exercise for the subconscious

You can easily determine how powerful your subconscious is with just a little practice:

  1. Sit quietly for a moment.
  2. Set a timer for three minutes.
  3. Now try to concentrate fully on everything around you - everything that you can see, hear, feel, smell and taste.
    This can be furniture, walls, smells, light and shadow or noises.
    But also the feeling that the surface you are sitting on gives you.
  4. Find out for yourself how many things you can perceive at the same time and register once how much you normally do not perceive at all.

You will have found that while your conscious mind can visualize all sorts of things one at a time, only a few at a time.

Your subconscious, however, can playfully process all this information side by side, analyze it and compare it with your memories, activate appropriate feelings and also control your posture, facial expressions, gestures and many other bodily functions - a tremendous processing power that by far exceeds the conscious processing of information.

Only a few people consciously use the “data breadth” of their internal information system, although there is constant communication between the conscious and the subconscious

If you repeat this exercise more often, you will notice how you can perceive more consciously each time.

However, much more is possible with the unconscious. You can also actively influence and even reprogram it. However, this requires more intensive training.

Mental training as a bridge to the inner world

Mental training can show you effective ways to change your subconscious so that you can more easily achieve your goals and recognize and develop your potential.

Mental training makes use of a kind of internal communication to support people in change and decision-making processes. On the one hand, the subconscious continually supplies important information and impulses for action, while on the other hand it constantly receives information from the conscious mind that influences its functions.

Many people get stuck in habits and reaction patterns that stand in the way of their self-realization - and this is where mental training can effectively support you to live more consciously and freely and to achieve your goals.

→ Link tip: Mental training: source of strength for more success!

Release blockages in the subconscious

Mental coaching also starts with the subconscious, because the waking consciousness with which you go through everyday life only makes up a small part of your psyche, as you have just experienced.

A far larger part of your brain is occupied with analyzing your environment and your situation, comparing it with previous experiences and providing you with information so that you can behave appropriately.

All the information you have gathered about yourself and the world is stored in the subconscious

This includes many experiences that influence your actions unnoticed: A lack of self-confidence or low self-esteem, for example, almost always comes from previous experiences of discouragement, shame or failure.

Such experiences are programmed to create patterns of thought and feelings that produce the same behaviors and reactions over and over again when faced with a challenge. You could feel differently and react differently, but the old programming is practically automatic - always in the same way as a computer program.

Growing personally with mental coaching

If you want to change your mindset, professional support can make sense.

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Such automatisms are very useful when it comes to movement patterns such as walking, driving a car or the like, but they can also have negative consequences for many areas of life. This is especially the case when negative emotional programming such as fear, discouragement, or disappointment influences important decisions.

Mental coaching therefore speaks to your subconscious in order to change old programming and to open up new possibilities for acting and experiencing - your potential. Coaching can support you in choosing and implementing your goals more consciously and freely.

Through contact inwards, skills and possibilities can be developed that remain undiscovered in a purely automatic communication between consciousness and subconscious.

Reprogram the subconscious and get through everyday life more relaxed

As described above, coaching is a powerful tool for coping with stress, also in everyday business life. Stress is mainly triggered by subconscious processing and evaluation processes. These can be specifically identified and processed using suitable methods.

A good example of this are the so-called "inner drivers": They originally represent parental demands that one internalized as a child and that often continue to have an effect in adult life:

  • "Make it quick!"
  • "Give your best!"
  • "Be perfect!"

Such demands can act as unconscious drives in professional and private life and cause considerable pressure to perform or make recovery more difficult.

In coaching you can not only learn to recognize and switch off such drivers:

You can also develop calmness and inner strength with the help of mental training, which will help you deal with challenges with less stress

Instead of reacting to a demanding task with fear of failure, you can learn to expect positive results, to motivate yourself more and thus to mobilize internal performance reserves - an invaluable advantage in your job.

Because of its versatile applicability, coaching, in combination with different methods, is one of the most powerful tools in change processes. This is one of the reasons why it has long been a normal case where top performance is required:

  • In competitive sports
  • In top management
  • In show business
  • In exam situations
  • When performing

Working with the subconscious is a common method of developing potential, focusing energy on important goals and permanently performing at a high level.

Whatever goals you want to achieve in your life: With inner work you have an effective method at your disposal to develop your potential and to bundle your strengths!

Subconscious: access to the depths of your psyche

Good resolutions and decisions often fail because the conscious and subconscious go their separate ways because they work in different systems of the brain. This makes it so difficult to break old habits and reaction patterns, because the processes in the subconscious cannot be permanently changed by a pure act of will.

Mental coaching or guided meditations can help you

  • recognize the unconscious motives behind your decisions,
  • old, automated programming that repeatedly makes it difficult for you to discover
  • to replace old learned behavior and reaction patterns with new ones,
  • To develop resources such as self-confidence, self-confidence, inner strength and serenity,
  • To keep what you have learned better and to access it more easily

and much more. Whether you break new ground professionally or privately and want to develop yourself - the inner work opens up new perspectives for you and releases your inner potential by working with the deeper parts of your psyche in which your programming is stored.

Decide correctly with the subconscious

Because our subconscious absorbs a lot more than we consciously register, it can, for example, show us the way in crucial moments. We then call this intuition. Then our subconscious makes itself noticeable through a voice in the head or through a strange feeling in the stomach.

Every now and then, when a decision is pending, we feel what we have to decide on without being able to explain it rationally.

Or we instinctively sense an impending danger. Sometimes feelings suddenly arise in us and we have to cry or laugh for no apparent reason. Or we feel very attracted to a stranger we barely know for no apparent reason. In all of these situations, our subconscious takes the lead for brief moments.

Sometimes the mind and gut - conscious and subconscious - come to different conclusions.

This can cause great uncertainty when it comes to important decisions. Here, mental training creates more awareness by converting “gut feeling” into self-knowledge. In this way, you learn more about the background to your decisions and can act and plan more consciously instead of being guided by unconscious feelings and reaction patterns.

Use your subconscious

We can harness the knowledge and power of our subconscious mind when we learn to understand what it is telling us and how the subconscious mind works. On the one hand, we have to perceive the impulses of our subconscious in order to be able to consciously decide whether to follow this impulse or not.

On the other hand, we can convey messages to our subconscious ourselves. If you need support here, just get in touch. Have fun experimenting!

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