Is it good to hear audio books?

13 really good audiobooks on Spotify

The other day, a friend told me over a glass of wine that she would watch the Instagram stories in the automatic cycle after work while cooking. This is the new television for her, she explained to me. I was shocked and thought that an evening after work could hardly be much more senseless and sad. After all, like me, she's been staring at the screen all day anyway. What else do you do when you are at home all by yourself? She asked me. I wonder if I also want to admit to myself that I'm on Instagram too much when I'm home alone. And yes, sure, I hang out on my cell phone too much, as probably almost every person reading this post is. Especially now. But I have some answers to my girlfriend's question, what else do you do when you're at home all by yourself. You can do a lot there. For example listening to good audiobooks on Spotify.

Audiobooks are, if you ask me, the better podcasts. At least when it comes to actually switching off after work or even on a long Sunday at home. Without the blue light from the screen of the laptop or cell phone shining in our face. The mostly shorter podcasts are either poorly recorded babbling or information material prepared in a documentary manner, which I really like, but which rarely leads to an honest switch-off.

Audiobooks are meditative. You fall into a beautifully read story and blissfully snip something. Splendid. And since so many of you seem to have no idea what really good audiobooks are on Spotify, I went looking for them - and I found what I was looking for!

I have collected the most diverse genres for you, so it is estimated that there will be something for everyone. For me it was anyway. We have collected really good audiobooks for you on Spotify that are guaranteed to relax you. You can find the whole collection here:

From the end of loneliness by Benedict Wells

Somehow I missed the time to read the classic novel by the celebrated author Benedict Wells from Munich. Shame on me. At least now, however, I can settle my mistake. The End of Loneliness is finally available as an audio book on Spotify - read by Robert Stadlober. He does such a good job with his soothing, warm voice that his words feel like a cozy blanket. I heard the audiobook in one go, I liked it that much.

Elephant by Martin Suter

Martin Suter's books are all somehow similar, but also similarly beautiful. Suter created his own genre. His novels are light-footed, elegant, and old school. They are like a glass of red wine. His most famous novel Elefant can be heard as an audio book on Spotify. Gert Heidenreich's voice is dark, calm and perfect for a classic suter like this.

Unorthodox by Deborah Feldman

Anyone who, like me, needs offline time can simply listen to the popular Netflix series Unorthodox as an audio book on Spotify. What I didn't know is that Unorthodox is a book adaptation. How lucky, because at the moment I hear love rather than look at something. Unorthodox is about a young woman who flees from her ultra-orthodox family from New York to Berlin in order to build her own life there. You get to know a strong protagonist who is looking for her own way. But also a lot from Judaism.

Mariana Trench by Jasmin Schreiber

Right now my reading list stretches immeasurably. I'm not a quick reader, so I'm all the happier with good audiobooks on Spotify. Mariana Trench by Jasmin Schreiber is one of those novels that is on my long list and that I really want to read. The book is about the protagonist Paula, who falls into a deep depression and her way back to life. It gives hope and lightness, despite the difficult subject.

Magic Cleaning by Marie Kondo

At least now there are no more excuses. Tidying up and mucking out can be topics that one likes to put off. But those who overcome themselves and tackle them will feel relieved and better. Marie Kondo's bestseller Magic Cleaning gives a nudge in the right direction. It is probably the perfect audio book for on the side - while you sort out your drawers and cupboards, tidy up or clean your apartment.

We fished missiles from Karen Koehler

I devoured the stories in the book We Fished Rockets Back then. They are so beautiful, warm-hearted, sad, dreamy, surreal. It is as if Karen Köhler had put her heart over the book and traced it, as if it were transparent paper. How happy I was that the story of the same name "We fished rockets" is now also available as an audio book on Spotify. Read by Karen Köhler herself.

Sophia, der Tod and I by Thees Uhlmann

What a debut novel! A founding member of the Hamburg band Tomte has just written a book and read it as an audio book on Spotify as if he had never done anything else. Suddenly death stands at the door of the protagonist who wants to take him away. But somehow it shouldn't work that well. Instead, the man goes for a beer with death and then goes on a road trip with him and his ex-girlfriend Sophia to his mother and son, whom he has not seen for seven years. A hilarious novel, heartwarming and funny written, about the meaning of life that answers small and big questions. And who makes you feel grateful that you are still alive.

Wiener Straße by Sven Regener

Anyone who has read the novel Herr Lehmann by Sven Regener will also love Wiener Straße. Because exactly this Mr. Lehmann moves in 1980 together with two artists and his niece Chrissie into a flat share above the Café Einfall in the Wiener Straße, in Berlin. The novel Wiener Straße takes place in almost the same place, with almost the same people and deals with almost the same topic, and is at least as entertaining as its predecessor, Mr. Lehmann. Sven Regener is one of the most important German authors of our time and proves it in all of his books. Fortunately, one of these is available as an audiobook on Spotify - and it's hilarious.

What you can see from here by Mariana Leky

The author Mariana Leky not only has the most relaxing and beautiful voice on earth, as she proves in her audio book, she is also one of the best contemporary authors in Germany. This, in turn, she shows in her novel What can be seen from here, a profound, soulful, heartbreaking and heartwarming masterpiece that pulls you into his small and tragically beautiful world like a maelstrom. What you can see from here is a portrait of a small village in which everything is somehow connected in a miraculous way. And it's a book about love, in all its facets. The audio book reminded me a bit of The fabulous world of Amélie in German.

Tschick by Wolfgang Herrndorf

Those who have not yet read the book or seen the film now have one more channel to get involved in the youth drama in road trip format. Tschick can now be found as a radio play on Spotify. Read by different people it almost feels like watching the film without seeing it, or reading the book without reading it.

It feels like Heinz Strunk has published all of his novels as audio books on Spotify. He reads them himself, which gives you a particularly good feel for the mostly dark worlds of shadowy figures in our society. Who can read a book better than the author himself? Jürgen von Heinz Strunk is next to Heinz in Africa, which is unfortunately not available on Spotify, my favorite from Strunk and so I'm all the more pleased that Jürgen has recently not only been seen on Netflix, but can also be heard on Spotify. Funny and tragic, in the usual Strunk manner.

Admittedly, with her provincial thrillers, which all take place in the same Bavarian village with the same characters, Rita Falk is not exactly the most demanding author, but she is definitely an entertaining one. Read by Christian Tramitz, who is now almost a character in her books, the audio books are no longer just exciting and entertaining, but surprisingly funny. If anyone is good at reading Bavarian village thrillers, then it is Mr. Tramitz. And the audiobooks on Spotify also satisfy my homesickness.

Old White Men by Sophie Passmann

The recently published debut novel by feminist Sophie Passmann is an offer for peace with old, white men. The book asks the question: Why exactly are the old, white men to blame for everything? And what exactly is so stupid about them? Passmann published her conversations with powerful men in her book Old White Men and reads it aloud on Spotify. Informative, clever and funny, as always a very clear Ms. Passmann.