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Internet of Things (IoT)

"And I thought it would be enough if we had all of this in mind," says Heinrich to his business partner and friend Thomas. Both are sitting in a small, cheap apartment in the Berlin district of Charlottenburg. You've been thinking for weeks about why it went wrong. "It all looked good," replies Thomas. "The beta phase was successful. We were represented in all media and had over 400,000 people on the waiting list. Even Sascha Lobo reported on us." "Do you remember the freshman who was always annoying with the fact that there is no transparency about how which data flows?" Thomas remembers wistfully.

Start-up romance through taxi usury

Twelve months earlier, the two business informatics students had a brilliant idea: The mobility revolution is their goal, the integration of all mobility offers in one app - whether public transport, train, long-distance bus, car rental, car sharing, taxi or bike rental. The user should be able to plan his trip from start to finish and book it in one place. The idea was born on a cold winter day in 2014. Heinrich and Thomas wait in vain for the taxi at Cologne Central Station and try to find out which car sharing provider is represented here. In freezing temperatures and light rain, it is not that easy to use the smartphone and the many different apps. It is hopeless: Annoyed, the two get into a taxi and let themselves be driven the 57 kilometers to Düsseldorf for a lot of money.

"It has to be done differently," says Heinrich during the journey. Thomas agrees: "Everything on one website and in one app, without being registered with each provider and having the app - that would be fantastic." The idea is born - over the next few months the two will work together with other fellow students on the implementation.

  1. The best free car apps
    Drivers have to find their way around an oversupply of car apps. We've put together a selection of the best free third-party car apps for Android, iOS, and Windows phones for you. Regardless of whether it is about navigation and travel planning, searching for a used car, breakdown assistance or the nearest car sharing offer - various providers such as ADAC, Michelin, Google and many others have the right car app for (almost) every purpose on offer.
  2. Car apps for travel & navigation
    Many cars now have a navigation system on board at the factory. So that you don't have to dive into analog primeval times if your car does not have an onboard navigation system, there is a wide selection of free navigation apps for Android, iOS and Windows phone devices.
  3. ADAC Maps for members
    The ADAC offers its members this free app, which enables Europe-wide route planning. Additional functions such as the display of POIs or traffic or congestion information make the app mandatory for ADAC members. In addition to membership, an Android or iOS smartphone is required.
  4. ADAC traffic jam scanner
    But even ADAC members with Windows Phone do not go away completely empty-handed. While the traffic jam scanner is already integrated in the "Maps for Members" navigation app for Android and Apple users, Windows Phone users get their own app. This analyzes the traffic situation in real time using anonymized vehicle data (speed, etc.). Nice bonus: if you release your data, you can take part in a monthly raffle for fuel vouchers.
  5. ADAC TourSet
    With this ADAC app, Android and iOS users get a free, interactive travel guide with zoomable maps and GPS functionality. The holiday guides are based on the classic, printed TourSets - a total of over 130 different ones are available. Once downloaded, the maps can also be used offline, which avoids expensive roaming charges.
  6. Alk CoPilot
    The CoPilot navigation app from Alk Technologies offers 3D map material, voice output, real-time traffic information and offline use. The crux of the matter: the app can only be used free of charge for 7 days. A map package can be downloaded free of charge during this period. If the test period has expired, 2D offline maps, route planners and POIs are still available. The app is available for Android, iOS and Windows devices.
  7. Easy park
    The Easy Park app enables drivers to pay for urban parking spaces quickly and easily. The makers promise "No more coins, parking costs or fines that are too high." Owners of Android, Apple and Windows devices can also access it free of charge.
  8. Google Maps
    For many users, online navigation and route planning are synonymous with Google Maps. The popular map service is also available as a free app for Android and Apple devices.
  9. Here maps
    For Windows phone users, the Here app is a must - if only because Google doesn't offer its navigation app for Windows phones. Here offers similarly extensive functions as Google Maps and is also available free of charge for Android and iOS devices.
  10. MapFactor GPS Navigation
    The free navigation app MapFactor uses maps from the Open Street Map project. This navigation app also offers offline navigation, 3D maps, day and night modes, route planning, voice output and POIs. MapFactor is available for free for Android, iOS, and Windows devices.
  11. Michelin Travel
    This app brings the Michelin travel guide to your smartphone. Michelin promises 85 countries and more than 30,000 sights - including photos, recommendations and information of all kinds. The Michelin Travel app is also available for Android, Apple and Windows devices.
  12. ViaMichelin route GPS traffic
    Michelin also has a navigation app on offer. The free application for Android and iOS devices offers the proven features of a navigation app: 3D maps, route planning, POIs, voice output and traffic information in real time.
  13. Navmii GPS world
    Formerly known as "Navfree", the Navmii GPS Welt app offers free online and offline navigation, real-time traffic information, POIs or the integration of Google Street View, for example. Windows, Android and Apple users are allowed to access.
  14. Route 66 Navigate
    The Route 66 navigation app uses maps from TomTom. However, the app is only free for a test period of 30 days. A special feature of Route 66 Navigate is the integration of Wikipedia. Owners of Android and iOS devices can download the app.
  15. Sygic GPS Navigation
    This navigation app from Sygic also uses TomTom maps. The app also supports offline navigation, POIs and route planning, among other things. The manufacturer makes its apps available across platforms.
  16. Waze
    According to the manufacturer, Waze is "the world's largest community-based traffic and navigation app." The principle is similar to that of Wikipedia: Every user can add information on POIs, traffic jams, speed cameras, etc. The Waze app is available for Windows, Android and Apple devices.
  17. Apps for searching used and new cars
    If you are looking for a new car, you can do it via the app. Various apps from different providers help identify the right model.
  18. ADAC car database
    With its car database app, the ADAC offers orientation and information aid for buyers of new and used cars. Numerous tests, technical data, but also information on follow-up costs such as insurance are available. The free app is only available for iOS and Android devices.
  19. ADAC used cars
    In cooperation with the Deutsche Automobil Treuhand (DAT), the ADAC offers - exclusively for members - the used car app for Android and Apple devices. This not only has technical data and information on many models ready, but also determines the (residual) value of your own car on request. If you are not an ADAC member, you can only access information on three vehicles.
  20. Autoscout 24
    At Autoscout 24 you can also find a huge selection of used and new vehicles via app. The free app is available for download to users of Android, iOS and Windows devices.
  21. AutoUncle
    AutoUncle is a comparison and evaluation portal for used cars that shows the offers of 19 different Internet car exchanges. The special feature of the free app for Android and iOS systems: the prices of the cars receive their own ratings from "great price" to "expensive".
  22. Mobile.de
    According to its own statement, Mobile.de is Germany's largest vehicle market with around 1.4 million offers. Nevertheless, only Android and Apple users can enjoy the free Mobile.de app, which offers all the advantages of the well-known web portal.
  23. Pkw.de
    The app of the used and new car portal Pkw.de offers a comprehensive database of offers - including an evaluation of the sales price. In addition, users can also use the app to sell their own car, among other things. The app is available free of charge for both iOS and Android devices.
  24. Trovit used cars
    Trovit also offers a free new and used car app for Android and Apple users and markets it as a "car search engine".
  25. Car sharing and rental car apps
    Not only those who own a car can use car apps. There are also plenty of digital helpers for occasional drivers who rely on car sharing or rental cars.
  26. ADAC rental car
    With its rental car app for Android and iOS, the ADAC offers users the opportunity to compare rental car prices from major providers such as Sixt, Hertz or Avis worldwide. The app has particularly attractive offers for ADAC members.
  27. Advice
    Android and Apple users can use the Avis app to book their rental car directly, make reservations or simply search for the next stop. If you have a rental car but don't have any accommodation, you can also use the app to book hotels via HRS.
  28. BlaBlaCar
    The BlaBlaCar car-sharing agency app not only offers a free platform to those searching with Android or iOS smartphones. If you don't like to drive alone or just want to save fuel, you can sell your free spaces digitally via the BlaBlaCar app.
  29. Car2Go
    The car sharing provider Car2Go is a joint project between Daimler and Europcar. Cars (Smarts) can be searched for, booked and paid for using the Car2Go app. The car sharing app is available for Android and iOS as well as for Windows Phones.
  30. CarJump
    CarJump offers Google, Microsoft and Apple users a cross-provider car sharing search. In addition, the app offers a radar function that keeps users informed about new cars arriving in their area.
  31. DriveNow
    DriveNow is the car sharing cooperation project between BMW and Sixt. Cars of the BMW and Mini brands can be booked - search, booking and payment run directly via the smartphone app, which is available for Android, Windows and iOS.
  32. Enterprise Rent-A-Car
    The app of the US rental company Enterprise offers station search, reservation and booking of rental cars at 7000 locations worldwide. In addition, the app connects directly to the breakdown service if required. The Enterprise Rent-A-Car app is available free of charge for Android and iOS devices.
  33. Europcar
    Europcar not only offers rental cars via app, but also vans and trucks for business and private purposes. You can also search for and reserve using the app.
  34. Quickest
    Flinkster is the name of Deutsche Bahn's car sharing service. The Flinkster app wants to stand out from the competition with a vehicle opening function. The app is available free of charge in the Windows Store, Google Play Store and iTunes Store.
  35. hertz
    Hertz is the US market leader among car rental companies and also offers an app for Windows, Android and iOS. In addition to a search function, this also offers the option of reserving rental cars directly.
  36. Sixt
    The German rental car institution also serves all relevant platforms with a free app. Sixt is exclusively marketing the app feature that allows you to secure your dream vehicle directly via this app.
  37. Skyscanner rental cars
    In addition to a search engine for flights and hotels, Skyscanner also offers a search engine for rental cars. The app offers a cross-provider search function. Providers with fair tank regulations are particularly emphasized. The app is available for Android and iOS devices.
  38. Refuel cheaply with the right app
    Many drivers would like to keep an eye on the price differences in fuel. These smartphone apps tell you where to refuel the cheapest - and more.
  39. ADAC fuel prices