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What does the green dot on Instagram mean?

Without a doubt, Instagram is one of the most famous applications in the world, with more than 1,000 million monthly active users. That is why it is constantly updated, one of the newest It is found as a function of your direct messaging. But it has piqued people's curiosity to know what the green dot on Instagram means.

With this new update, the application aims to become a user for your users. For the fact of implementation different conditions of this type of tools. And so that you know the importance of that green dot that has caused so much intrigue, we are going to tell you more about it below.

Meaning of the green dot on Instagram

This new feature, which Instagram added to its direct messaging, and which consists of a green dot on the person's profile picture, wants to express that user You are currently active or online.

However, this feature does not show everyone who is online. So you can only see those who are following you or with whom you have had a conversation before. This tool is also available on the Direct Messages tab and on the friends list that appears when you share a post.

On the other hand, Instagram has also thought about the inconvenience this new feature can bring for people who want to keep their privacy. In this sense, by being included in the platform, He decided to do it willingly and voluntarily, However, it is enabled by default for all users, both iOS and Android. However, if you don't want this feature in the application, here's what you can do.

How to avoid appearing on Instagram with the green dot

First you have to go to your Instagram user profile and then hit the menu in the top right corner marked with three dots. In this way You get access to your account settings, Once inside, you need to go to an option in the list of features that says "Activity Status" Here you can see whether a user is active in the application or not.

It is important that you know the two characteristics that you should consider whether or not you want to tag your activity on Instagram. In this sense, on the one hand we have the "Activity Status" This indicates the last active status on the platform of the accounts that you follow and that you sent a direct message to at any given time. On the other hand, there is a more specific option that is indeed focused the action in chat,In this case, an alert may appear indicating whether you are talking, writing, or using the camera to reply with a photo.

Now all you have to do is to uncheck the option you want, as the first dot is the signature green dot that will now appear all over your profile picture. However, if you disable this feature, the activity status of your contacts will not be displayed. Since Instagram likes Facebook y WhatsApp ensures that this function cannot be used to overload communication.

If you are in the "Activity Status" configuration, you can therefore deactivate either or both of the options "Show activity status" y "Show activity in chat"

Uncheck both options

If you deactivate both options, Your Instagram will be the same as before If it didn't have these properties, it seemed more of a messaging tool than a social network. This will also help you avoid telling your contacts or people with whom you have exchanged direct messages about your activity in the application.

You can also choose to read and reply to a message later without generating a discussion about it. or even ignore it completely if you don't want to answer it. In addition, you avoid being reflected minute by minute whether you are online or not, with the phrase "make active ..." which we will talk about below.

What does active mean now?

Active Now is nothing more than just another feature that derives from the functionality Instagram built into its platform to make it more like a messaging tool. This is why this asset now means at this precise point in time the user is connected to the application and you can have a face-to-face conversation with them. This sentence will also appear under the username and profile picture., but always in conversation via direct message.

We can also see other sentences like "Active yesterday" and "Before active ..." which indicate how much time you have outside of the application. With that in mind, all of these new features are part of this new update designed to make the conversations within the platform more concrete. And of course, once you turn off activity status in chat, they all disappear that way The possible psychological pressure of having to answer can be avoided because it is active or because it shows how long you have left the platform.

The controversy behind the green dot on Instagram

After this new update on Instagram, opinions were always divided. On the one hand are the users who think it is an excellent idea and they are happy with the innovations in direct messaging. But there is also another group of people who are not satisfied with the new features of the chat. claim it is breaking into the privacy they had on this social network, that now thinks more like a messaging tool.

These two ways to view the update have been around since the first day this new feature was introduced. Given the controversy that has sparked on other social networks in response to this event, Instagram responds that the purpose of these new features is this "Create conversations that happen in real time" and in this way be able to bring all users closer.

However, not all users are comfortable with this new feature, not even because of the privacy it has been deprived of on Instagram. Several of them say that It was the only social network they could be quiet on without feeling obliged to reply to messages, and that did not reflect their activity, nor was there any trace of it.

But for those who are satisfied with these features in chat, they say that thanks to him The conversations they can have with a person are more direct and the fact that it is real time makes it more enjoyable. They also think that this way you can know when a person is ignoring or avoiding the conversation and that they can already close the topic.

Advantages and disadvantages of the green dot on Instagram

And since Instagram anticipates the wishes and preferences of its users, decides to make the feature optional to please all people You use the platform. That kept the balance between the opinions raised against their improvements in direct messaging.

But not all is bad, since the green dot on Instagram means a direct connection with another user, you can use it to have a direct conversation. At the same time, it also helps you know when to write And when can i answer you?

As a disadvantage of what the green dot means on Instagram, we clearly have to put aside the privacy that every user had in them. as its passage is reflected by the application Every time she has access and many people can see it. And as we can see this green dot in Instagram stories, we can also see it in the stories we upload.

What does the green dot in Instagram stories mean?

That signature green dot that you are online You can see it in the states too. In the same way that you can tell when a person is connected to Instagram direct messages in chat, you can do so in their stories too.

So the green dot in Instagram stories means: that the person is in that moment is the application. However, this does not mean that it does so with direct messages as the user may check their wall, other stories, publications, and everything that they have to offer on Instagram.

You should also keep in mind that this green dot does not appear in people's stories with whom you have never exchanged a private message.