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Elon Musk:
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There are voices who call Elon Musk THE visionary of the 21st century. With his stakes in PayPal, Tesla and the space company SpaceX, he has gained international fame and cemented his reputation as an innovative and idealistic entrepreneur.

Childhood and adolescence
Born in 1971 in Pretoria, South Africa, Musk emigrated with his brother to the USA via Canada shortly before his 16th birthday in order to escape military service in his homeland, which was shaped by apartheid. After a bachelor's degree in economics and physics, he began studying at Stanford, which he broke off after a few days in favor of his entrepreneurial activity.

Entrepreneur and visionary - PayPal, SpaceX and Co.
After the sale of Zip2, an Internet content company, in 1995, Musk was indirectly involved in the development of PayPal and held around 11% of the company shares in the sale of the online payment system to eBay. With this financial security, Musk started his most visionary project, the space company SpaceX. Under the banner of the idea of ​​reducing the cost of space travel and thus making it affordable for everyone in the long term, the first fully privately financed rocket reached orbit in 2008.Make the world a better place with Tesla.
With an awareness of the environment and sustainability, Musk invested in the electric vehicle specialist Tesla as early as 2004. The company received special attention when it released important patents for electric motors in 2014 to give the vision of emission-free driving a boost.