What changes would you like to make in marriage?

Planning the most beautiful day in life involves a lot of paperwork. Find out here that

  • You can register the civil marriage 6 months before the planned wedding date at the earliest.
  • In addition to the registry office, there are many special places where you can get married.
  • You need to have your name changed in important documents after the marriage, e.g. B. in the identity card and in the passport.

In Germany there is only that The marriage at the registry office is legally binding. It always precedes a possible church wedding. The appointment, d. H. the so-called Registration for marriage, takes place at the registry office of your place of residence. However, you are free to marry at any registry office in Germany. Or in a so-called Outdoor trust. These are extraordinary places such as castles, palaces, parks or even lighthouses.

The best way to find out more about the different wedding locations is on the website of your registry office. There you will find i. d. Usually also important contacts and answers to frequently asked questions about civil weddings.

You can make an appointment for the wedding in person at the registry office. Ideally together with your partnerin order to discuss any schedule changes on site, if necessary. If only one of you appears at the appointment, you must present a power of attorney from the absent

You can set the date for the wedding ceremony 6 months before the planned wedding date at the earliest Sign in. Attention: The summer months and days that contain schnapps numbers are particularly popular, e.g. B. 07.07. In order to get your desired date, you should be at the registry office exactly 6 months in advance. At some registry offices you can also book an appointment in good time. It is best to find out from the office responsible for you.

For the civil wedding, you and your partner need the following documents:

  • ID card or passport
  • Extended registration certificate of the main residence
  • Certified copy from the birth register of the city of birth

If you were born at the place of your wedding ceremony, you usually do not need a copy from the birth register. The information is then already available to the office. The registry office responsible for you may forward the documents to the registry office of your choice.

In some Special cases do you need further documents:

  • As a divorced person: marriage certificate with a notice of dissolution
  • If they have a common child: birth certificate of the child
  • If widowed: marriage certificate, death certificate of the deceased partner
  • In the case of minors: Declaration of consent from the legal guardian
  • If you are a foreign citizen: birth certificate and certificate of marital status

If you want, you can do one or more Groomsmen to name. However, since 1998 this is no longer mandatory. The best man must be of legal age and bring a valid identity card to the wedding ceremony.

Civil marriage: Procedure

The wedding ceremony at the registry office takes about 20 to 30 minutes. The following procedure is common:

  • Welcome by the registrar
  • Establishing the personal details of the bride and groom: Make sure you bring your valid identity cards with you.
  • Entering the bridal room
  • Address of the registrar
  • Declaration of marriage consent and marriage formula
  • Ring change
  • kiss
  • Marriage book entry: The marriage is entered in the family book of the registry office and the entry is signed by the bride and groom.
  • Marriage certificate: The registrar signs the certificate and then hands it to the couple.

Civil marriage costs

At the civil marriage there are costs for the following points:

  • Registration of marriage: 40 €
  • Marriage certificate (2 pieces): 15 €
  • Extract from the marriage register: € 10

You can decide individually about the following cost items:

  • Declaration on the use of a double name: € 17
  • Marriage at another registry office: € 20
  • Surcharge for an appointment outside of the opening times: € 60 to € 70
  • Family register: € 20 to € 30

After the marriage

There are also some formalities that you must observe in the time after the wedding celebration. If you have changed your name, you must apply to the municipal administration for a new identity card and a new passport with the new name. This is required by law. Traveling abroad under "false" names can be particularly problematic.

In addition, you are obliged to inform your vehicle registration office of your new name. This updates your vehicle registration document. At the Driver's license there are none on the other hand Change obligation. However, you should also have your new name entered there if you are driving abroad.

You should also give your new name to the following institutions:

  • Banks
  • Pension insurance
  • Health insurance: apply for a new health card.
  • Other insurances (e.g. car insurance)
  • Federal agency for work
  • employer
  • If you are studying: University
  • Unite
  • Telephone, Internet and electricity providers
  • Contribution service from ARD, ZDF and Deutschlandradio for broadcast contribution
  • landlord

Check your income tax bracket

As a married couple, you automatically become that Income tax class IV assigned. This is intended for spouses who earn roughly the same amount. If your earnings are very different, you should Tax class combination III and V consider. Carries z. B. Your partner contributes significantly more to the total income than you should he apply for tax class III and you should apply for tax class V.

You can change the tax class until November 30th. one year change. The change takes effect from the month in which the application is submitted.

In addition, when filing your income tax return you have to decide between the individual and the joint assessment of your income. The so-called applies to the latter Spouse splitting. It is a good idea if your incomes are very different. You can determine which form of assessment is more suitable for you with the help of tax software or your tax advisor.

Combine your insurances

Usually both partners bring their own insurance into the marriage. It is worthwhile to combine certain insurances. Then you benefit from lower contributions. These include:

  • Household insurance
  • Liability insurance
  • Legal protection insurance
  • Foreign health insurance

If necessary, adjust the amount of cover as well. For example, the sum insured for household contents insurance should always correspond to the total value of your household effects. It increases when you and your partner merge your household items and move into a new apartment or house.

Take out life insurance

You should also check whether taking out life insurance is an option for you. A Capital- or one Term life insurance provides financial security for your family in the event of your death. This is especially important when there is a main breadwinner in the family or when you are paying off a loan.

With life insurance, you put a certain amount insured and one or more Beneficiaries firmly. If you already have life insurance, you should check who you have specified as the beneficiary. Have you ever been married? Then don't forget to enter your new spouse.

You can find more information about insurance needs after marriage here.

Co-insure legally health insured persons free of charge

Be careful if you quit work after getting married and stay at home because of the children, for example. Then you lose your membership in the statutory health insurance.

If your spouse has statutory health insurance, you can insure yourself with his or her health insurance company free of charge. But if he is in private health insurance, that is not possible.

Are you on parental leave? Then stay with your health insurance.


There are a few things to consider when organizing your civil wedding. You can register this at the earliest 6 months before the church wedding. Inquire in advance at your registry office which documents you need to show in order to register for marriage.

If you have adopted your partner's name: Don't forget to change your name in important documents after the wedding ceremony. It is also important to consider your insurance needs. That can save you money.

Informed and secure in every situation
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