What does Flash

What does the expression "Flash" actually mean

Most of the visitors to Internet sites will have noticed the Flash technology from Adobe Systems mainly through more or less aggressive advertising banners. But it would be wrong to reduce flash technology to banner advertising only. Since the advertising industry has now also recognized the potential of the Internet, more and more importance is attached to the Internet sector in marketing product campaigns. And it literally suggests using flash technology for this. For example, products can be displayed three-dimensionally or films can be easily inserted into a scene. One can say: Flash technology leaves a designer's imagination free.

High prevalence

Flash files (SWF) are files that are displayed in your browser using a plug-in. These files are programmed and can contain from a few lines to thousands of lines of code. According to the manufacturer, 98% of all Internet users have the corresponding plug-in in their browser.

Rich Internet Applications

Since RIAs (Rich Internet Applications) are also gaining more and more importance, Flash technology is being used more and more frequently in this area and entire websites are being created in Flash format. Rich Internet Applications is understood to mean the integration of modern interaction techniques, faster reaction to user inputs through local processing, better control over the display, functionality also offline and, if necessary, access to the local file system and the peripherals.

Game design is also an important area. Flash technology enables games to be programmed without installing additional software on the user's computer.

Here some examples:

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