What are some strange space marine chapters

Are there instances of spaces serving as space marines?

No. In order for a person to be accepted as a scout and later as a marine, he must condition himself mentally as well as physically. A blank could not be screened by the psykers and is therefore not eligible to become a Space Marine. In space wolf novels, we see a look at how to become a space marine. (Yes, they are not conventional) but the process itself couldn't be much different from other chapters.

The complete "standard" process is here.

The space wolves have another ritual called "Passing the Gates of Morkai".

In this test, the librarians take an aspirant's mind and judge it as worthy or NOT worthy. If other chapters have similar tests, blanks are not allowed to become Space Marines. You certainly can't become space wolves.

EDIT: We also see the effect whitespace has on Psyker in the Eisenhorn and Ravenor trilogies. Any aspirant trying after the Space Marines would be found out pretty quickly and either killed instantly or given to the black ships.


Unsure why this was refused, the author offers a good explanation with evidence. +1 from me


Space wolves have their rune priests, but what about chapters that psykers like Black Templars abhor? Wouldn't they find a use for a blank?


@svarog Abhor the Witch is part of the Black Templar Creed. So no! Anything touched from a distance in the warp is, by definition, impure in the eyes of the Black Templars.


How exactly are blanks touched by the chain? Spaces are completely invisible in warp and can injure Spyker if they are only a few feet away and do nothing. Spaces are valued by the empire. I can't understand why a chapter like BT doesn't go the extra mile and get a or two.


@ Varog Mutant, Witch, Alien. This is what the Black Templars loathe and they are fanatical in their hatred of these things. A chapter like the Black Templars or any other "conventional" chapter would never contain a space. A chapter like The Flesh Rippers, or some of the stranger chapters, might use spaces. There are some chapters that even use counterfeit Chaos weapons against Chaos. So it is possible. I say, based on the backstory and the cannon present, that it couldn't happen in a named chapter.