Why do we have to be good

18 great reasons why you are great for who you are

Regardless of whether something went well or not - why is the inner critic always the first to answer? No more: from now on he has nothing more to say. Because you know yourself that you are great for who you are. For these 18 reasons for more self-confidence!

  1. They are there. And you are enough.
    No, you don't have to perform or represent anything special to be good enough. It is you. Just because.
  2. You went through difficult times
    ... Or you are still in the middle of one. Crises take a lot of strength, and you are facing or have already faced a crisis. Somebody has to imitate you: be proud of yourself. And please always come with a lot of self-confidence!
  3. They listen to your feelings
    Your feelings are so important because they send messages to you. Your feelings belong to you. Be aware of this.
  4. You have helped many people
    On a small or large scale. Do you remember?
  5. The others are no better than you
    No matter what they look like, what they have or where they come from, their status or the way they live doesn't make others more valuable than you are.
  6. You empathize with other people
    Many people appreciate this ability and are grateful to be heard and seen by you. You can be really proud of it. Being proud strengthens self-confidence!
  7. You've made a lot of people laugh
    Even if you forget it sometimes: there are people for whom you are sunshine. Do you remember the moments when you were solid as a rock, when you were the reason why others felt joy in you? What were those moments?
  8. Confidence: You have great power within you
    Sometimes it is buried, but it is there. And she's waiting to be woken up by you. You can feel this power and free it so that you can achieve goals that are very important to you.
  9. Old messages have fallen silent
    True, in childhood you heard a lot of messages that hurt you. But they are no longer relevant today. Because they were said by other people who may have heard the same thing. And you know today that in the end all that fuss has nothing to do with you, but solely with the others themselves. You are now an adult and you are able to tell yourself that you are good and important.
  10. They think other people are okay
    And that’s why you’re ok.
  11. You know that other people often mean themselves and not you
    That is why from now on you no longer relate to yourself everything that others say. Not even if it is directed at you. You now know that many people actually mean themselves when they criticize you openly or covertly.
  12. You were born with a specific purpose in life
    Even if you do not yet know and recognize them: They are there. Why not write down everything you enjoy on a piece of paper intuitively and without thinking. Things, moments and activities that make your heart laugh. Or that touch you so much that you can - and do - cry. When you get emotional, you have come a huge step closer to your life's work ...
  13. You love yourself for who you are
    And that is why from now on you no longer make your love for yourself dependent on others. No matter what happens.
  14. You yourself are No 1
    There is one person in your life who is the most important to you: that person is you. From now on, he or she will be at the point in your life to which he belongs: the first.
  15. You shine
    Even if you don't always make it shine. They know that some people don't like it when you shine. But that's no reason not to let your glow. Therefore, from now on, make yourself strong for the best in you - and for your unconditional radiance.
  16. You have many talents and skills
    And there are probably still some that you haven't even discovered yet. Set out to explore your potential. It is a wonderful and healing journey to yourself. Coaches and psychologists can professionally support you in finding and developing your strengths.
  17. You will still achieve a lot
    Life has many beautiful moments in store for you. And you will still master and achieve a lot in your life that you don't even know about.
  18. You are allowed to make mistakes
    Everyone is allowed to do this. Because we are humans and not robots. You can enjoy life, trust yourself and allow yourself to fail and make mistakes. You will learn and grow from it.

There is no reason to question yourself. But all the more to find yourself good! Get started right now.

Photo credit: (c) iStock.com/Martinan